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Why Sino Shipping is the best logistics provider in China ?


Sino shipping congratulate you that you made it to this point, where you can find quality services to ship goods from china.

Our team is happy to help you with any queries, we provide full assistance for more accurate research and understanding better what we provide for you and your Business.

As a business person you know that the key to success is planning, preparation and thinking ahead.

That’s what we are here for.

“We are here not only to guide you, but to be close business partners”

As an international freight agency, Sino shipping serve Chinese businesses and businesses around the world. We have been on the Market for years.

Sino shipping Knows its customers and their demand, when a request is made we give our customers special attention and we anticipate issues before it truly happens.

In the past we have had some problems, but with time and patience we gained and learned a lot. We have many partners specialized in logistics to help you with all your queries.

“If you are seeking for success and growth of your business, Sino Shipping is the place to start with”

Our Main mission is to provide international logistics and all kind of transportation services, the aim is to save time and money of our future partners and let them focus on their development.

This blog will cover the newest industry trends, hot topics and practices regarding international trade. Whether you are new or an expert this is your place.

Sharing is caring, that’s why this website exists to share our Knowledge and practical experiences about the international shipping industry, more specifically for China import-export.

We hope that we can provide all the information that you will need for your business and help those who are like us; interested in international logistics and transportation.

“Our team wishes you all the best of luck”


Who we are?

SINO Shipping by FS International was established in Hong Kong in September 1989. In over years of service to international shippers, the Company has become one of the most trusted names in global logistics and transportation in its region. Headquartered in Hong Kong , the company has branch offices in major cities in the Far East. Together with our agents in over 50 countries worldwide, we are able to extend our logistics, know-how and experience in serving our clients.

Through recognition of consolidated strengths to benefit our global client SINO Shipping by FS International founded together with its long years business partners an international network namely EUROPE ASIA ALLIANCE (EAA) back in 2007. Over the years EAA has grown to a medium sized freight forwarding network with remarkable success due to its binding rule “exclusivity” which is the key to make ourselves distinctive from the other networks. Click EAA to know more.

SINO Shipping provides a full range of logistics and transportation services with particular emphasis on efficiency and reliability at a competitive rate and, of course, the assurance of personal service. Our tactical services include import/export freight-forwarding, ocean and air transportation, overland transportation, custom brokerage and regulatory compliance, project cargo services, warehousing and distribution, supply chain management and information management.

SINO Shipping’s business philosophy focuses on the principles of honesty, integrity and complete dedication to our clients. Our operations and management staff adhere to these principles with much enthusiasm and professionalism. In addition to providing superb customer services to our clients, we commit ourselves to know what matters most to our clients, by listening, by learning, by comprehending and by delivering tailored solutions. Cross-functional teams of professionals from every unit in our organization work with every our clients closely, continuously seeking opportunities for process improvement and savings. Ready to deliver attention to every detail, on every shipment, every time is our promise.

Our intense customer focus is well complimented by a strong, mature global network of agents enable us to meet our clients’ most complicated shipping challenges, delivering even greater bottom-line value to their supply chain.

At SINO Shipping, we’ve been helping customers grow for years by never losing sight of two basic values: We care. And we keep our promises.


What we can do for our customer?​


  • We will take care of all of your paper work, administration, time differences, logistics, language barriers, currency differences, and customs procedures effectively and professionally and in a timely manner.
  • We pay close attention to the details to make sure nothing has been missedthat could cause a delay for your shipment.  Every country has different regulations that need to be understood to ensure the speed and safety of your goods.
  • We take on all of that for you. Let us work with the customscarriers, and local agents.
  • We are in the business of serving you and you can rest assured that we know you and your business and will work for you with personalized service and high quality attention to your shipments.
  • We will do everything in our power to quickly solve any issues that arise.
  • We will optimize your global transportation to make sure the carrier chosen is most suitable for your business, with the best possible route and the best and lowest price possible.  If we need to consolidate smaller shipments into larger cost-effective ones we will because we are always looking out for your bottom line.
  • We will take care of all the paper work, packaging, customs, insurance, and transportation to and from the warehouses etc.
  • We will always find you the most suitable logistics solution that perfectly balances both economy and speed. 
  • We want to be your long-term partner so that together we can improve your margins and grow your business.
  • We are professionalhardworkinghonest and transparent. You will never wonder what’s going on when you work with us.
  • We require the top standards for all of our processing facilities; carriers, warehouses and partner companies and you can rest assured knowing that we will fight for you.  Without you, there is no us.

We are local and We are global


Freight forwarders can save you all sorts of time, money and energy.

It’s usually worth the extra expense to hire one of these outfits to take some of the hassle off your plate. You’ve got enough to worry about already.

Keep in mind, some forwarders will usually work with local agents since many of them don’t have offices in China and will add an agent’s fee on top of the margin, which can make things less efficient and more costly.

If you are going to use a forwarder, we highly suggest you work with one who is based in China and has offices there.

Of course we recommend us but you are free to compare and to decide who’s the best for your business.

That way they can effectively keep in close touch with your supplier and keep you up-to-date with the most recent information about your goods and your packages.

By being local as well, if a problem arises they are able to quickly take care of the issue and work to solve your problem.

We are happy to take on this role for you. We are great at what we do and we know how important your business is to you and how much you value efficiency.

Shipping Container from and to China


Generally, sea freight is the most popular choice for international cargo transfers.

Tens of thousands of tons of cargo are transported daily by sea due to its flexibility and affordability.

As a leading sea freight forwarder in China, Sino-Shipping offers dependable, safe and secure worldwide cargo transfers.

We are recognized as an affordable and reliable sea freight forwarder and we take pride in providing customized and cost-effective solutions across all market sectors.

In our move to render support and encourage the growth and sustainability of small and medium sized businesses, we have developed special rates to lessen the burden of their transportation costs.

Our extensive experience in managing all sorts of commercial logistics services ensure a smooth, flexible and cost-efficient flow of goods.

Clients stand to benefit guaranteed top-notch sea freight services that are offered at competitive rates as well as our extensive working relationship with major shipping liners – MSC, Maersk and many more.

Sea freight departure arrangements can be made anywhere in the world, as full containers or part of a consolidated load (for cargo below 15 cubic meters).

The size of our containers varies, from 32, 64 to 71 cubic meters and we have a dedicated team of experts to help you identify bespoke sea freight solutions to meet your transportation needs.

At Sino-Shipping, we manage all the logistics procedures related to your cargo.

We provide suitable and international standard packaging services to minimize the risk of damage or loss to your cargo and our professional and reliable export agents are highly adept at providing hassle-free customs clearance.

SINO Tips: We understand the whereabouts of your cargo are of paramount importance to you, so we strive to assure safe, reliable and on-time delivery all the time.

Our resourceful and helpful team of multilingual staff, fluent in English, French and Chinese are committed to fully assist you every step of the way.

Being a reputable freight forwarder company, all our services are fully insured and conform to the international standards for cargo shipment.


Air Cargo from and to China


SINO-Shipping is a well-established and dynamic air freight forwarder, with a solid reputation built on delivering a wide range of cargo – large or small – promptly and securely.

With our offices based in China, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other Chinese cities, we provide fast and efficient customizable freight-forwarding services in China through our extensive network of highly reliable and trusted shipping agents.

Whether you are in China, the USA, Australia, India, Germany, Mexico or any other country, we are the expert to secure the movements of your cargo wherever you need it to be.

Since 2006, our air freight service has been duly recognized by our clients for its speed, timeliness and accuracy. 

We offer prompt, efficient and cost-effective solutions through our close working relationships with leading global and regional air cargo carriers – Air France, Etihad, Emirates and many others.

Our air cargo specialists ensure your cargo is given preferential treatment and transfers can be made from all custom airports on a day-to-day basis.

As compared to sea freight, the rate for air freight is relatively more expensive.

However, air freight offers the fastest, safest and most cost-efficient way to move cargo, especially for smaller packages that weigh less than 300kg and/or a volume of less than 2 cubic meters.

At SINO-Shipping, we offer highly reasonable and competitive air freight rates and small and medium sized businesses stand to benefit more as we have devised special rates for them.

This is our way to assist budding entrepreneurs in the the growth and sustainability of their businesses.

Through our full range of services and dedicated team of professionals, we are committed to meet all your needs and requirements from a wide variety of quality packaging services, to smooth and quick customs clearance transactions.

Our services are fully insured and has your international shipping covered for transfers in any custom port across the globe.

Our diverse team of experts – multilingual and multicultural – are dedicated to provide exceptional personalized services and ensure your cargo arrive at its destination promptly and securely.

SINO Tips: Rates are calculated based on the taxable weight of your cargo.

Please refer to the following for exact rates: 1 CBM = 167 Kilos


Customs clearance for Chinese goods


Customs Clearance is usually regarded as a complex, difficult and time-consuming process, often leading to unnecessary delays or added cost.

At SINO-Shipping our specialized Custom Clearance Service is designed to avoid or minimize these problems from occurring. Our service ensures all imported and exported goods in China and other parts of the world are promptly delivered at cost-efficient rates, without any disruptions.

We know that each cargo requires a different approach in terms of dealing with the customs as well as the rules and regulations. Food regulations for example differs from electronic goods.

The same goes for furniture and so forth. In our line, we made it our mission to be well-versed with every rules and regulations for every custom.

Our professional and experienced export agents are located throughout the world and are adept with the rules and regulations of the land.

Each of them have developed close working relationships with the local custom authorities, enabling smooth custom clearances at all times.

False, or incorrect documentation, even if provided unintentionally will not be taken lightly by the custom authorities and can often lead to hefty fines and/or confiscation of the goods.

As professionals in this field, we take our Customs Clearance solutions very seriously and ensure acute scrutiny and care is conducted throughout our operations to avoid such incidents from happening.

Clients can engage our Customs Clearance service on its own or as an integral component of our comprehensive freight forwarding solution.

Our broad range of solutions include freight forwarding by sea freight, air freight, a combination of both, express delivery, door-to-door delivery and a reliable packaging service.

The extent of our services also include a strong team of experienced and dedicated staff, conversant in English, French and Chinese, and are always ready to provide excellent service and support to our clients.

SINO Tips: If your cargo is awaiting custom clearance and you require your cargo to be delivered as soon as possible, contact us for a quote and we will revert to you with the best solutions within 48 hours.


Packing for Amazon FBA shipments


In the freight forwarding business, the promise of fast and secure delivery of goods are of great importance to our clients.

As part of our broad range of freight forwarding solutions, we offer a professional Packing Service to ensure every single cargo is well-protected against potential damages and able to arrive in pristine condition.

This service can be provided at affordable rates due to the low labor charges and rental cost facilities in China.

Our Packing facilities (mainly our warehouses) in China is uniquely designed to meet and exceed our customer’s’ expectations. During discussions with our clients, we provide advice on the best possible solution to suit their needs and requirements. We offer standard packing options as well as customize solutions.

Our standard array of packing solutions include the bubble-wrap, simple boxes, boxes with strapping, wrapped boxes, wooden pallets, wooden crates and metal cases.

SINO Tips: We also provide – very – specific packing services for – very – specific project : antioxidant active food packaging or others dangerous goods for example.

We are supported by a team of dedicated and experienced packers who are well-versed with a wide range of packing materials and techniques. They are committed to safeguarding your cargo throughout the freight forwarding process while simultaneously providing excellent services at all times.

Our Packing Service is an integral part of our comprehensive freight forwarding services. With experienced and knowledgeable staff who are able to communicate effectively in English, French and Chinese, they will ensure all of your distribution needs will be managed accordingly.  

All our services are offered at affordable rates and fully covered by a comprehensive insurance plan. Our services comply with international carrier standards, enabling us to conduct worldwide transfers. Special rates and packages are made available for small and medium sized businesses

SINO Tips: The packing is probably one of (or the) most important step during an international shipment. Indeed it will affect the shipment safety during the whole logistics chain. If you have any doubt about your current packaging, feel free to contact our experts.


Shipping small parcel from China


SINO-Shipping has a long-standing reputation in providing professional freight forwarding services between China and other countries.

Operating from our offices in China China, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, apart from the traditional air freight, sea freight and multi-modal freight forwarding services, we also provide swift and efficient fast shipping services for cargo weighing less than 100kgs, inclusive of small boxes, bags, cartons, metal cases and suitcases.

Our delivery services are customizable to meet the specific needs and requirements of each of our clients and deliveries can be commissioned under short notice.

For small and medium sized businesses, we have designed attractive packages offered at competitive rates.

Through Express Shipment, clients are assigned a dedicated professional from our team to manage all details related to their cargo.

Our vibrant team of professionals are fluent in Chinese, French, English, enabling a smooth and effective flow in communications.

As an added feature, we offer a highly effective tracking system that enables our clients to monitor the progress of their cargo in real-time.

To ensure swift deliveries to any country in the world, we have established close working relationships with major freight carriers – China airlines, Etihad, Emirates, TNT, DHL and Fedex.

We have developed an extensive network of export agents, all committed to provide excellent and professional services to ensure your cargo successfully get through the customs with minimal delay.

As part of our comprehensive freight forwarding services, we provide up to standard packaging services that ensure goods are transported securely and in pristine condition.

All goods are insured and our company is internationally recognized to conduct shipment all over the world.

SINO Tips: Express shipping is a dedicated service for small parcel. We used to advise our customers to use “classic” air freight when the weight is above 150/200 Kgs(depending on the departure/arrival)


Door to door shipping from China


With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Ningbo and Dalian, SINO-Shipping remains to be one of the leading freight forwarders in China.

An integral part of its wide range of services is Door-to-Door Delivery – a personalized freight forwarding service that covers the movement of your cargo from the start till the end.

We take full charge and responsibility of your cargo, from your doorstep until it gets delivered to the intended destination anywhere in the world. Regardless of the size and whether you are shipping from your home, retail outlet, factory or warehouse, our Door-to-Door Delivery service ensures your cargo is delivered securely and in a timely manner.

Our Door-to-Door Delivery service covers the entire freight forwarding process, from making arrangements to pick-up cargo from your door, to preparing and processing required paperwork, securely packing the cargo, overseeing transfers, loading and unloading between ports and terminals, managing swift and smooth customs clearance, and ensuring onward delivery to the end destination.

Supported by our diverse team of professional and reliable international freight forwarders and export agents, we take pride in providing excellent services to our clients.

Our clients’ satisfaction are our utmost priority and we strive to provide professional, hassle-free, safe, secure, dependable and timely deliveries each and every time.


Sourcing Agent In China


Are you looking for the best sourcing agent in China ? If YES you must Read : How to find the best sourcing agent in China ?


Our Promises to You​


If necessary, we will also work with a forwarder in both the export and import country and we will work hard to make sure everyone is on the same page and working for the good of your shipment.

We want to get a shipping solution in place for you that is reliable, efficient and can work almost like clockwork.

We know how much you already have going on and adding any more stress is not something we advise.

Allow us to take that stress from you so that you can focus on more important things.


Our commitment​


We are committed to our business as well and love to form long-term partnerships that will benefit us both. You have our guarantee that we will always fight for the best pricing from all pieces of the logistics puzzle for you.

We want you to put your money into building a business and offering amazing products and not wasting your money in unnecessary logistics or labor costs.


Why choose us? Because we are a local Chinese freight forwarder!


We have lower exchange rates, lower labor costs, lower expenses and lower fees.

We also promise to adjust our processes to fit your needs. We know things can change quickly and we will adjust with you to keep you moving forward. We offer flexibility in how your shipments are handled and we are always sourcing the best solutions for you.

We know the routes, the options, the rates, the fees and the best way to ship your goods.