AQI Service is a professional third-party quality inspection company in China, found in 2004. Today, it has more than 40 active quality inspectors, providing professional quality control service and laboratory testing agency in Asia, and production monitoring throughout the whole supply chain, from product development, sourcing, quality control to shipping and delivery.

We pride ourselves on providing much more than your typical third party inspection and quality control solutions offering a truly personal approach individually tailored to meet your needs.

AQI Service’s goal is simple: we strive to offer the most reliable, impartial, and flexible quality control services for our clients. Focus on serving importers, retailers, and trading companies of all sizes from all over the world, which have one thing in common: importing goods from China, even Asia.

Our QC coverage

To ensure the high-performance QC team and best level service, we focus our resources more in Asia, especially China area. Our network now already covers 30+ major cities in China. With 40+ professional and well-trained QC inspectors, we can meet with your business demand in quick, lowest-cost, and professional way.



  • Guangdong Province: Guangzhou/Zhongshan, Shantou, Yangjiang
  • Zhejiang: Ningbo, Yiwu, Taizhou
  • Jiangsu: Wuxi, Nantong, Huaian
  • Fujian: Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou
  • Shandong: Qingdao, Weifang
  • Hebei: Shijiazhuang
  • Henan: Zhengzhou
  • Anhui: Hefei, Wuhu
  • Jiangxi: Nanchang, Ganzhou
  • Others: Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing

We are also able to visit suppliers outside the main economic areas and throughout Asia and would be pleased to put together a bespoke quotation to meet your requirement.


  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Turkey
  • India
  • Taiwan

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Our services

AQI Service offers professional quality inspection services and quality control solutions to simplifying your sourcing business in China, reduce your sourcing risk in China & Asia. Here are our main services:

Service type Who (mostly) use it Reason for using it
Defect Product Service

(Full Inspection)

Luxury 80 %, Gift 70%, Technical 90% Need 100% check, 0% defective, brand image
Pre-Shipment Inspection Everybody Cost vs. value
Container Loading Inspection Product easily affected by the environment Witness quantity loaded

Claim to the forwarder when the container is improper

Laboratory Testing/Certification Importer, retailer every industry Witness safety and compliance of product
First Article Inspection Engineer,  people developing a product Avoid fail testing, avoid delay
Basic Supplier Audit Source, buyer Sourcing New suppliers
International Standard Audit Medium Enterprise Make sure the quality assurance and management. Secure the supply chain


Quality Inspection Standard

AQI Service performs product inspection in China & Asia according to:

  • Recognized international quality standard: ISO 2859-1 (ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003), also known as the AQL Tables as right.
  • Client's requirements, specifications, criteria and instructions.
  • Our team's expertise and experience in quality control.
  • Our Western common sense.

AQI China Inspection AQL Table


What Does the Inspector Check?

  • The quantity produced (semi-finished, finished and packed)
  • The visual appearance (cosmetic check of the mass production)
  • The product specifications (size, dimensions, colors)
  • The labeling and marking
  • The packing and packaging
  • All possible functions and possible tests (safety, abuse, printing, etc.)
  • Client’s special/extra inspection requirements

Download our sample report for reference


Our Quality Inspection Booking Process

How to book quality control services from a third party inspection company? You can get started with simple booking steps as follow:

AQI services

Service Prices

  • The table below indicates AQI's standard, all-inclusive prices for quality control and audit services in China.
  • All below quotation is based on payment via Escrow or T/T or PayPal but will choose the faster and cheaper payment way
Services / Man-Day Remark
Quality Control Services Contact us Quality inspection service and container loading                supervision
Basic Factory Audit Contact us 1 Man-Days are needed
Laboratory Testing Please contact us for the detailed cost:
Customized Repacking service Please send the requirements for a quotation.
  1. All-inclusive price includes service fee, traveling cost and accommodation fee,
  2. We also can contract with a customer for service fee as a sourcing assistant or quality controller


Quality Inspection Expertise


Because over the years we have been able to identify, qualify and recruit the best quality inspectors, factory auditors, and quality consultants specialized in some certain type of industry, we can cover a wide range of product by selecting the right resource for the right mission.

We inspect from the most complex industrial machine costing thousands of dollars each, to the simplest promotional item valued less than 1 USD.

Check more about the product Specialists


About Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing ensures that your importing products conform to international regulations with complete content testing.

Internationally certified independent Chinese laboratories perform all components testing and the prototype tests according to the strictest international and industry standards across all products, components, and materials (ISO, IEC, JIS, DIN, ASTM, etc..)

We focus on providing global testing, including RoHS, REACH, EN71, CPSIA, ASTM, FDA, LFGB, Oeko-Tex, etc., and certification services, like CE, EMC, FCC, BIS, INMETRO, ETL, SASO, UL, etc.

Laboratory testing can be started at the beginning of product development, also can be integrated with product inspection, as a critical element for inspection result. The sample is only drawn from the mass product, sealed, and sent by our inspector.

Our laboratory partner includes the popular international service like IntertekSGSBureau Veritas, and also with a lot of independent and accredited lab with CNAS certificate (ISO/IEC 17025) in China. and these labs issue reasonable price to AQI Service

AQI Service guarantees independence, fair and trustable for whole inspection procedure, and is committed to being responsible for the result of our lab testing



  • There are many Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methods. I want to introduce you to two methods so that when the supplier has quality issues you know where to begin to ask questions.



The 5 Whys method is a very simple yet effective problem solving technique. It was developed and fine-tuned within the Toyota Motor Corporation.

To illustrate how the 5 Whys method works, take a look at below example:

You Car Doesn’t Start (The Problem):

1. Why? - The battery is dead.

2. Why? - The alternator is not functioning.

3. Why? - The alternator belt has broken.

4. Why? - The alternator belt was well beyond its useful service life and not replaced.

5. Why? - The vehicle was not maintained according to the recommended service schedule.

When you have a quality issue for your product, you can use 5 Whys method to start to drill and peel each layer of the causes. Since you don’t know how the product is produced, the supplier needs to answer your WHYs and help you find the root cause.

Normally after asking 5 WHYs, you will find the root cause. Sometimes it takes multiple tries of 5 WHYs to get the root cause because if the answer varies, the root cause path will vary.

o Use a problem you are having at home as an example, practice the 5 Whys.



  • A fishbone diagram is a visual way to look at cause and effect. It is a more structured approach. The problem or effect is displayed at the head of the fish.

An Example Fish Bone Chart:







In the above example, there 6 categories of root causes: 4

If you have read the writing on HOW TO NEGOTIATE WITH THE CHINESE SUPPLIERS, you have learned the 5Ms Factors. Sometimes people separate Method from the Measurement, such as in the example above. It is more or less the same concept.

  • o Use a private labeled product as an example, when there is a defect, you can ask the root cause questions:

1. Is this problem likely caused by Man/People?

2. Is this problem likely caused by Machine?

3. Is this problem likely caused by Material?

4. Is this problem likely caused by Method /Measurement?

5. Is this problem likely caused by Environment?

  2. What CONTROLS you can put in place to prevent the “bad” things from happening?

After you have asked the 5Ms questions, you should begin thinking about what CONTROL you can put in place. You might argue that you are not in any control of what the supplier does. Sometimes you don’t but we you could TRY to prevent bad things from happening and try to minimize the cost of the impact.

Example, the supplier machine has broken down. Order is delayed.

Question to ask first: do they have a backup machine? If Answer is “No”.

1) Immediately ask the supplier to put your order in front of others because they are very likely running into a backlog situation.

2) If you have a penalty clause on your PO for late delivery (Sourcing Warrior’s PO template) the supplier very run your order first because otherwise they have to pay the late fee.

3) Perform 100% inspection on this lot or increase inspection sample size because this lot could potentially have a lot of defects due to the machine breakdown.

    1. 4) Find a backup supplier. This happened once, it could happen again. You cannot be hostaged by a supplier who has only one machine that breaks down often. Do this homework for long term business protection. o ISSUES FROM LOW QUALITY MATERIAL


Question to ask first: do you have a detailed material specification?

1) It is on you to have all critical materials specified in detail. Example, for a simple bag product, the specifications for fabric material, stitching

6pattern, zipper quality… all need to be spelt out. Reference Sourcing Warrior’s Inspection Check List to create your own product spec.

2) You cannot stop the supplier from cheating. But you can stop the shipment from leaving China. It is on you to inspect the product before final payment. You have to have a detailed specification first in order for the inspector to catch any quality variations to your specifications.


This problem happens often after each Chinese New Year because workers from the inland cities don’t return to work on time or dont return at all to the factory.

1) Pay extra attention to the batch produced before the holiday: they were rushing to get the order out.

2) Pay extra attention to the batch produced after the Chinese New Year: new workers might be introduced to the shift.

3) Get a new set of the samples from both batches.

4) Extra inspection before shipping, either 100% or increase sample size.


Example, one area of your product is often out of spec/tolerance.

1) Ask the supplier if they can make a fixture, a jig, a documented SOP… to produce the product consistently to specification.

2) Final inspection, increase the sampling QTY to check that specific area.


Example, it rained in the supplier city. A color pigment is contaminated in the supplier warehouse. Your pure white product all of sudden has dark spots. 7

1) It is hard to put a control in place for this kind of problem. Your supplier can, patch the leaked area; inspect the raw material before production.

2) Performing final Inspection is all your can do to catch these unexpected quality issues.





How to do the Electrical & Electronic Inspection


Global buyers awarded of their products quality in the trade business. If you are an importer that to do the inspect job for your goods under the standards is needed. If you are on the other side which far away from your manufacturers than choose a professional Quality Controller can protect your products. For trade business, there are variety products made in China and other Asian countries, like Hard Goods, Soft Goods, Electrical & Electronic Inspection and Industry inspections.

Especially for the E&E inspection, it’s the most complicated parts of other three categories. E & E inspection is more focusing on the testing part, and within the testing its include function check, critical tests, high pressure testing, rubbing test for color box, after waterproof test, waterproof test, dimmable function test, loading test, power on check, etc.

Back to the topic, why choose Sino Inspection? Our inspectors have specific industry skills that based all mainland China and Southeast countries. As the largest inspection platform in China we have served over 200 countries clients. Come to talk with our experts if you have any supply chain issues.


💶 How much does a quality inspection cost in China?

The price depends on the type of quality inspection, on average a Classic inspection costs 500 dollars, but for large projects up to 2000 dollars. The invoicing corresponds to the time/number of inspector on site to be checked.

📄 What are the different types of quality control?

1/ Random control, we draw lots of products in the batches and we take out a % of defective product. 2/ the 1by1 control, all products are tested, without exception 3/ the technical control and inspection, the supplier, the machines, the materials, the standards, everything is audited and scrupulously checked.

📹 In what form is a quality control sent?

Mostly in pdf format, but increasingly in video format, often on the WeChat application.

⌛ How long does it take to get an opinion on my products?

On average count 1 week, if your supplier is in central China, it will be longer.

👨‍🏭 Which company to work with for quality control?

If you are French speaking, Sino Sourcing is by far the best. They cover the whole Chinese territory and master the quality as well as the European standards.