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Necessary documents

The Bill of Lading or Airway bill (BL)

In international trades, the Bill of Lading is on top of the list of the most important import documents. The Bill of Lading is testifying about the information of the shipment, like the Manifest is witnessing on the data of the whole container. Also, it testifies that the Carrier received its payment from the freight forwarder or the importer. After the BOL, the Letter of Credit will be released. As it name says, the Bill of Lading is attached for a sea or rail freight, while the Airway bill is inherent for an ocean freight. 

Here below is an example of a Bill of Lading, explaining the information contained on it:

1 = Shipper
2 = Consignee
3 = Notify party
4 = Vessel No.
5 = Port of loading / discharge
6 = Place of receipt / delivery
7 = Containers No.
8 = Goods description
9 = Net weight
10 = Dimensions / volume

A packing list

The HS code of each good you’re importing should be mentioned on the packing list. The MSDS document and the international code must be attached to the packing list if you’re aiming to import chemical or hazardous products.

A commercial invoice

The original invoice serves to customs as a base to verify if the goods you’re importing are matching your declaration.

The Manifest

The customs manifest (or cargo manifest) is describing all the cargos that are shipped on the vessel. It is used to determine if the containers present when the ship/train/plane leaved China are still present when arriving in the United Kingdom.

The manifest serves as passport of the cargo. It is witnessing the origin of the container, if they’re legally shipped and the identity of their owners.  Sometimes, the manifest is not separated from the Bill of Lading because both documents are serving a similar use.

Import & Export declaration

It allows specific goods to cross the border of UK. The quantity of goods allowed to move is detailed on each license. Import and Export licenses are used by countries as a levy to secure their national markets and companies from strong international competition. It is also meant to protect the natural environment and population from potential harm originated by the items.

Our customs broker inform you

Prohibited & restricted items

Remark SINO : If you have one of the following item, you should check directly with our SINO Experts. Some of those items are restricted or even totally prohibited, it is important to anticipate such shipment to avoid any problem.

Drug Contraband
Counterfeit Notes

Trade agreement

As detailed before both parties are still strengthening diplomatic relations, before considering establishing an Agreement.

Trade relationship

As Xi Jinping says we’re in the “Golden Era” of the Sino-British relations. Historically the two countries have been opposed numerous times, like for Hong Kong and British previous colonial ambitions, and in World War 2.

UK is the 9th export partner of China with a value of 56 billion of USD of goods traded. It is the 7th import partner of China, with 16 billion USD of UK products sent to China. In the other way, China is the second import partner of UK after Germany, and its 7th export partner. These are the latest statistics of the World Bank for the year 2017.

Additional shipping services

Our warehousing services

Storage service in China

We will store your goods in our warehouses in China before they leave to UK. We’re positioned in every big city of China, both in terms of warehouses and collaborators. The transfer from your supplier’s facilities to our warehouse will be easy and smooth. Our full warehouse network is equipped with CCTV gears and constantly watched, 24/7 by security staffs with trained dogs. All the movements inside and around our warehouses are always taped and seen.

Info SINO: You want further information about our warehousing services ? Check directly our dedicated page: Storage services.

Storage service in UK

We’re also able to store goods in our UK warehouse before delivery to your address. The same security conditions are applied as all our warehouses in Mainland China. Also, we have very competitive rates for our warehousing services, so don’t be afraid to ask us!

If needed, our international network of warehouses is also well developed in the UK. The same security standards are constantly protecting your goods from misfortune, like in China. Also, our storing rates in UK are amongst the lowest in the country, so don’t be shy of asking us!

Our packing/unpacking services

Because it is the best security to protect your goods from any eventual damage, the packing of your goods must be highly considered and carefully handled. We’re giving you below some pro advices if you want to manage it yourself. Our packing teams are fully skilled to kindly wrap all your products, without regarding their type.

Info SINO : Packing is essential for convey products under optimal conditions all along the logistics process.

Packing material

Carton box is the most basic and the most used packing material worldwide. Despite its age, it is still very efficient to protect goods nowadays. We’re using only the most qualitative carton boxes to wrap your goods and we have them in all different dimensions to suit all your objects.


It is necessary to put the cartons on pallets, in order to protect them and to ease their handling. If your supplier can’t ensure this procedure, we can also do it. We have all types of pallets adapted to all kind, sizes and weight of goods. Our moving teams are skilled in the use of pallet truck, ensuring a smooth flow of your goods.

Wooden boxes

These materials are generally used for <strong>large furnitures and machineries.</strong> Two techniques are existing, the wooden crate and the wooden case. The wooden case is mostly used when your objects can be manipulated no matter where they are headed. The wooden crate is used for goods that have a very important direction of use.

Our teams are only using <strong>quality wooden boxes, fulfilled with great polystyrene</strong> to protect your goods during the transit.

Others: bubble wrap, tape, wrapping paper…

We’re fully equipped to provide a tailor-made packing of your goods, no matter how tiny or big, fragile or heavy they are. You can trust us for this very important step of the import/export process

Why packing is important for the insurance ?

Packing is a step that must be handled with the highest precautions. A good packing will save your goods in most cases.

Info SINO : You want further information about our packing services ? Check directly our dedicated page: Packing services.

Freight insurance

How much does a freight insurance cost?

The price of the freight insurance you might subscribe to is directly linked with the declared value of your personal belongings. That’s why we’re advising you to not declare a “too low” total value of your goods, as in case of damage you will be incompletely refunded. Also, not a “too high” value as you will end paying a too expensive moving.

The price of your insurance will be calculated based on 2-3% of the value of your freight + items.

SINO Info : You can go deeper, to know what freight insurance will suit the best to your cargo by consulting our dedicated article Freight Insurance.

Supplier management in China

Control quality in China

As a responsible freight forwarder, it is our duty to control the quality of your goods and packing. It will ensure the longevity of your business and it is very important to avoid any possible issue. In this objective, we’re establishing close relationship with your supplier to keep your freight secured.

Relationship with supplier

Our polyglot team, fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese is a guarantee of no misunderstanding in terms of freight management with your suppliers. We will perfectly arrange the pickup, the packing and licenses needs, to keep your goods flowing smoothly. Even if you’re requiring us a FOB (Free on Board) transfer, we will check the volume, weight, the class, the HS code of your goods to let no place to randomness.

3PL Services in China

Order fulfillment/Packing & labelling in China

We’re proud to announce to all our e-commerce entrepreneurs, that we’re able to take fully in charge their order fulfillment, packing and labelling in China. We know how the e-commerce supply-chain is complex, and we can handle all the steps for you, like the warehouse organization, the order management, the packaging, the shipping and the customer communication.

Last mile delivery

Without regarding the size of your shipment, from a small parcel to a complete container, we’re able to do the last mile delivery, no matter where you are situated in Hong Kong. We’re fully proficient on Hong Kong geography.

Shipping personal effects from China

Excess baggage

From China to Hong Kong, we do ship excess baggage via Express Air freight, a fast and cheap process. On your choice, you can directly pick it up at the Hong Kong International Airport, or we can deliver it to your address.

Moving service from China to Hong Kong

We also offer relocation services. In order to get more information about them, please go on our dedicated website and do not hesitate to contact one of our moving department experts: SINO Relocation.

Free regulation advisor

Our 10 years of expertise on the Chinese freight/relocation market, gives us a full view of what may be required depending on the type, volume and weight of products you’re shipping. Don’t hesitate to ask our professional point of view, we will advise you for all your administrative or paperwork issues.

More than a decade of good services in Asia permit us to provide tailor-made freight solutions at ultra-competitive prices. Do not hesitate to contact our Expert collaborators for precise information about your transfer, we’re always happy to serve and spread knowledge!

FAQ – For 1st time importer from China

FAQ – Regulation

Manifest; Import / Export license or removal permit; Bill of lading or airway bill; The original invoice; Packing list; Import / Export declaration. All the documents are detailed in the necessary documents subsection.

It depends on the type of goods you’re importing, the answer is detailed in the Import license paragraph

Of course, a professional customs broker like us is required to handle the customs clearance process

FAQ – Shipping budget optimization

Air freight will be more advantageous for shipment smaller than 2 CBM and lighter than 150 kgs, in all other cases, sea freight will be more advantageous.

It isn’t mandatory, but we strongly recommend it to you if you can’t run out of supplies for your business.

We strongly recommend to not underestimate to customs the real value of your goods, as it can result in penalties that you should pay. Always put the right value, or a reasonable one if you don’t have the exact one.

Hong Kong being a free port, you will probably have zero tariff to pay for your import.


It depends on the habits of your supplier, but most of the Chinese suppliers are selling EXW or FOB. It doesn’t matter as we’re fully proficient for all these kinds of situations.

Yes, shipment sent on these periods will probably end up on a delivery delay. Ensure yourself to ask a delivery before or after these Chinese national fests.

We advise you to use Telegraphic transfer (T/T), Letter of Credit (L/C), Ali Baba Trade Assurance, Cryptocurrencies or PayPal.

HS Code, weight and dimension of the goods, the packing list, the pickup and delivery addresses.

Hong Kong being a free port, you will probably have zero tariff to pay for your import.

First, for the web platform, check its online reputation. For the supplier, ask him what are the countries where he exports the most. His quality of goods will certainly be a lot better if he is exporting to the US, Europe or Korea than Africa or the Middle East. If the supplier has a long track record on internet, of 5 years or more that’s a plus. On the company website, look if there is a common thread of products sold, like wooden phone case, wooden band watch… then it’s probably a factory. You can see more about it here : China importal.

FAQ – How SINO will help you?

Yes, we can arrange a consolidation process in our warehouses in China, to send you all your goods in one single shipment.

We will follow up with you until the final delivery of your goods and keep in touch until you’re fully satisfied of our service. Our strength is that we understand perfectly the needs of our customers and establish a win-win contract with them.

Contact one of our SINO Advisors, you will get a well detailed answer in less than 48 hours.

Of course, we’re not communicating any data about our customers. Your goods transfer will stay between you and us.

Yes, you can, but the sooner you inform us the better it is to modify the freight process.


Are you searching for a great supplier in Ali Baba or in TaoBao? Are you unsatisfied of your actual freight forwarder and you want to try the services of another one? Do you need to relocate your life in China from UK or in UK from China? Without regarding your situation, you can entirely trust our complete scale of shipping, sourcing and relocation services in China. As we have plenty customers in the UK, we’re used to manage transfer between the two countries. Contact us and try our services to fully appreciate our professionalism!

Our Advantages

SINO Shipping, we understand perfectly the needs of our customers and establish a win-win collaboration with them.

“respect is earned. honesty is appreciated. trust is gained. loyalty is returned.”



Make a request and you will be contacted within 24 hours maximum


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Dedicated customs service

Do not hesitate to contact us for customs or administratives information

Multilingual team

We speak English, French and Chinese to avoid any communication issues

Tailored service

Small or big shipment, we can manage every request


We ensure and secure all our shipments, safety is our priority !

Recurrent questions regarding the shipping from China to the United Kingdom

LCL: 150 USD /cbm FCL: 700 USD/20’: 1400 USD/40’ Express shipping door to door (10kg): 490 USD

Average transit time by sea: 40 days Average transit time by airfreight: 7 days (daily direct flight) Express shipping door to door (10kg): 2 days

There are only 2 options, by sea or by air, it depends on how big the volume and the weight are, and then you will decide which shipping methods is more adequate. You must calculate the ration time/cost.

Your goods will not be released by customs until you’ve paid all duty and UK VAT. You might be able to claim duty charges and VAT back or delay payments for some imports from outside the EU, for example if you are temporarily importing goods with the intention of moving them to another EU country. After paying the duties and VAT applicable on your goods, they will be released by customs. If your situation requires it you can ask for a delay payments or duty charges and VAT back.

No, they don’t immediately open your package without any reason. … They will only instantly check what’s inside of your package if: Your package has been damaged when it reached the Customs office or desk. The damages can include broken seals or plastic or any cover of your package.

When you make a shipping request, you’ll have to declare the value of your shipment. The value you enter on your request form is the value that will be declared at customs, so it is important that you declare accurately. If you declare too high a value, you may be assessed more taxes than you want to pay! If you declare too low a value, your declared value may be considered unreasonable and adjusted upward.

-Negotiate with multiple carriers -Get suppliers to use your shipping account number -Use packaging provided by your carrier -Consider a regional carrier -Use online shipping -Invest in prepaid shipping -Buy insurance from a third party -Factor in all shipping fees before billing customers -Consider hybrid services -Ask about association discounts

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