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Shipping from China to Pakistan | Air, Rail, Sea Freight 2023

What is the best way to ship goods to Pakistan ?

Are you about to import (or export) products between Pakistan and China? You still have a doubt regarding the regulation or transport method? This is because it is very difficult to find decent information among the ton of online advice that SINO Shipping has done its “country guide”.



What is the best method to ship your goods from China to Pakistan?

At SINO Shipping, we facilitate your international business, and assist you with tactical and procedural aspects of exporting such as logistics, packing and labeling. Thanks to our know-how and our decade of experience, we will give the best solution for your conveyance for any means of transport.

Let’s see the best transportation methods according to the nature/volume/weight/class of goods

Overview – Ocean cargo from China to Pakistan

Remark SINO : Bear in mind, the 3 most important criteria for sea freight are the price, the time of transportation, and the security.



Ocean freight will be the best deal for you if :

Your suppliers are located near a major Chinese port
Your goods are bigger than 2 CBM
You’re not in a hurry to receive them

Contact us now ! Your personal SINO advisor will find out customized solution for your import process from China to Pakistan.

Overview – Ocean cargo from China to Pakistan

Remark SINO : Bear in mind, the 3 most important criteria for sea freight are the price, the time of transportation, and the security.

Pakistan is located in South Asia with more than 1,000 kilometers coastline along the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman in the south. The country is bordered by China in the far northeast, India to the east, Afghanistan to the west, Iran to the southwest. For this reason, shipments of goods between China and Pakistan can be done by sea, air, rail & road. 

China and Pakistan started special relationship in 1950. Recently, Gwadar, Pakistan’s port has been developed by China plans to be “Next Dubai” as part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.  Currently, the value of this corridor reaches $62 billionwith the aim to develop Pakistani infrastructure, create several energy projects, and set up special economic zones.

Moreover, regarding the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report, quality ratings of Pakistan port facilities raisedfrom 3,7 to 4,1 in 2016. Concerning the means of transport by sea, if you are in a hurry to ship your products from China to Pakistan, shipping is not relevant.

Ocean freight is optimal for individuals’ customers or smalls enterprises which don’t make the time of transportation a priority. On the other hand, this means of freight is economically interesting. Indeed, the cost and high volume are the principal advantages.

*In short, sea freight is recommended for regular traffic.

Remark SINO: If you’re interested to know more about sea freight from China, check our dedicated article on the topic: Sea Freight China.

Shipping company offering services from China to Pakistan ports

Port of Karachi

The port of Karachi is the busiest port of Pakistan. The harbor deals with about 60% of the nation’s cargo which represents annually, 1.563 million TEUs. With its 8 wharfs, the port is one of the biggest ports in South Asia.

Port of Qasim

Port Qasim is the second main port of the country with in average, annually 681,000 TEUs. It is located on the Arabian sea. Another important point is that 80% of the car’s industry is situated at this harbor.

Port of Gwadar

Began operational in 2016, the port actually handles 200,000 Deadweight tonnage (DWT) vessels by year.

Gwadar port is a key element of the he China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) plan and is considered to be a link between “One Belt, One Road” and Maritime Silk Road projects.

Should I ship by consolidation or full container from China to Pakistan?

LCL – Consolidation

LCL (less than container load), Packages are potted (grouped with other customers) in a container. At destination, the container is unbundled by a service provider. All these operations are not without risk for the goods. Packaging and rigorous palletization are essential. There are two types of groupings. The groupage made by the shipping company and the consolidation of freight forwarder made by the provider.

*The billing basis in the maritime LCL is the W/M (Weight/Measurement). The W/M considers the volume or weight to the benefit of the company. The ratio between weight and volume is 1000 Kg / 1 m3

Info SINO : LCL is recommended for a volume between 0-15m3. However, it may vary depending on the port of departure. Please contact us for more information.

FCL – Full Container

FCL or Full Container Load it is the most used solution. The goods travel alone, in a closed steel box. It is possible to load the cargo in bulk to optimize the full space of the container.

SINO Shipping provides three types of full containers:

  • The 20 feet which has an internal capacity of 33 cubic meters;
  • The 40 feet which is able to carry up to 66 cubic meters;
  • The 40 feet HQ, which has an internal capacity of 76 cubic meters.

SINO Plus : We can handle any kind of shipment, whether it be LCL or FCL. Get in touch with us for further information.

TOP 5 – Shipping line


How long does it take to ship from China to Pakistan by sea freight?

Karachi Qasim Gwadar
Tianjin 22-24 days 22-24 days 25-27 days
Dalian 22-23 days 22-23 days 23-25 days
Shanghai / Ningbo 21-22 days 21-22 days 22-24 days
Guangzhou/Hong Kong 18-19 days 18-19 days 19-21 days
Qingdao 22-23 days 22-23 days 23-25days

*Please keep in mind that those transit times are just indicative timing between China and Pakistan

How much does it cost to ship a container from China to Pakistan?

Regarding to your requirement, the shipment varies in price: storage, packing services, license agreement… we adjust our proposal to your projected spending.

The cost of operation will be inconstant, related to your needs. For instance, door-to port shipment and port-to-port don’t have the same fare.

SINO Advice : Contact our SINO Maritime Specialists now, to see what is possible between China and Pakistan. We will give you precise rates and transit times after, as we decided to quote each demand individually. It permits to avoid surprises, because the total costs are depending on all the different services you ask us to provide.

Special sea freight services

Reefer container from China to Pakistan

Reefer container or refrigerated container is a container capable of maintaining a certain temperature whatever the external conditions.

At SINO Shipping, we offer temperature-controlled shipments from all mains Chinese ports, if you want further information, feel free to contact our SINO experts.

Roro/Bulk/OOG from China to Pakistan

For any oversized conveyance, we provide different services such as Roro (Roll on / Roll off) devoted for heavy good vehicles or trailers. Moreover, we offer other service like bulk shipments or OOG (Out of Gauge) for parcel with dimensions exceeding those of the container



Overview – Classic vs Express air freight

We propose 2 method of transport air freight shipping and Express air freight.  It will depend on if you are in a hurry or not. Classic may include stopovers whereas “Express air freight”, “as its name indicates, it will send as fast as possible. As you might expect, Express air freight is more expensive due to less transit time.

*if you don’t give priority to the transit time, you can flavor your conveyance with one or several stopovers.

Air freight will be the most efficient solution if :

Your goods are smaller than 2 CBM and 200 kg
You’re in a hurry to receive/send the goods

Remark SINO : Naturally, if your need to get your goods delivered as fast as possible, air freight is the best option for you.

What is the difference between volumetric and gross weight?


*Your products will be charged with another method for our express services. The volumetric weight will be calculated with this ratio: 1 CBM = 200 kgs.

As an example, let’s take the following situation :

You need to ship the following parcel: W: 132, H: 90, L, 55, for a total volume of 0.653m3. 0.653 * 167 = 109 kgs. (rounded). The volumetric weight of your parcel is thus 109 kgs. If this weight is higher than the real weight of your shipment, we have to consider this one when quoting for it.

Please, bear in mind that the weight is not the only factor affecting the quotation.

Should I choose a Classic Air freight from China to Pakistan?

Which airlines company should you ship with?


Pakistan International Airlines is the national carrier of Pakistan. The company has cargo flights to several cities in the Middle East, Asia and Africa for a set of 28 international destinations in 28 countries The company has codeshares agreements with China Southern Airlines.

Info SINO : You want further information about their services ? Check directly the official website: PIA Cargo.

China cargo airlines is the cargo subsidiary of China Eastern, and it represents the first all-cargo airline operating dedicated freight services.

Info SINO : You want further information about their services ? Check directly the official website: China Eastern Cargo (website in Chinese).

SINO Plus : Our good partnerships with international cargo airlines enables us to propose you interesting rates for great air freight services between China and Pakistan. We can plan both regular and courier air freight and add trucking services to deliver your goods everywhere you are. With SINO Shipping, China and Indonesia have never been so close !

How long is the transfer from China to Pakistan by air freight?

Here is a table that summarizes the different transit from Chinese airports to Pakistan airports. Of course it is only indicative transit time and it may be a bit longer:

Jinnah International Airport Benazir Bhutto International Airport Allama Iqbal International Airport
Beijing 1-3 days 1-3 days 1-3 days
Shanghai 1-3 days 1-3 days 1-3 days
Guangzhou 1-3 days 1-3 days 1-3 days

Remark SINO : It is hard to estimate as it mainly depends of the budget: a direct flight available within a day is possible, but will probably be more expensive. Also, please note that the transit time doesn’t not include the whole process (pick up & delivery, customs clearance…). In average, you can expect 6/9 days (export/import process included).

How much does it cost to ship a parcel from China to Pakistan ?

Price for Air freight rely on various criteria. Regarding to your requirement, the shipment varies in price:  the arrival and departure, the nature of your goods, customs clearance…

SINO Plus : Each customer has different needs, that’s why, at SINO Shipping will determine your quote on a case-by-case method.

Should I choose an Express Air freight from China to Pakistan ?

Express service – Perfect solution for small package

Express freights are handled by companies such as DHL, UPS or FedEx. These companies manage the entire shipment lifecycle, with door-to-door service. Most of the time, compared to the normal air freight, these shipments are smaller. In average, they don’t exceed 1 cubic meter and 200 kilograms.


How long does it take for a package to be shipped from China to Pakistan?

It only takes a few days. It is fast as courier has an internal customs department. Indeed, the speed of delivery is one of the assets of this service; it usually takes between 2 and 4 days for small parcels and between 3 and 5 days for large ones.

How much an Express service costs from China to Pakistan?

We can’t provide prices for Express service. Regarding to your requirement, the shipment varies in price: the nature of your products, packing services…. Thanks to our partnership with these companies, we have very attractive fares.

Major airports to ship in Pakistan

In addition to the sea freight, Pakistan is linked through its airports. The ccontry has 139 airports but only 3 are relevant for international shipment.

Jinnah International Airport

Jinnah International Airport is the main airport serving Pakistan. Situated in Karachi, the aiport is the hub for the Pakistan international airlines (PIA). In average, the airfield handles more than 120 000 million tons of cargo.

Allama Iqbal International Airport

This airport is the second busiest of the country in terms of cargo handled but third largest civil airport. It is located in Punjab province, near Lahore.

Benazir Bhutto International Airport

This international airport is located in in the area of Chaklala in Rawalpindi. It is the third busiest airport of the country for shipment.

Info SINO : As you probably know, air freight is the most efficient way to carry your products. But naturally, this effectiveness has a cost.



Overview – Rail freight from China to Pakistan


Pakistan has 11,881 kilometers (7,383 mi) of rails.  China–Pakistan Economic Corridor aims to develop railway network, improve efficient and speed of trains. The second phase of this project is on process and will be done by 2021. In other words, Pakistan’s railway network will be extended to link to China with high performance, this will significantly ease trade between the two countries.

This means of transports should be a very interesting solution for importers/exporters who want to benefit from these infrastructures. Moreover, because rail freight is much faster than sea freight, this mode of transport can be a good alternativebetween ocean freight and air freight. Indeed, shipping by rail is less expensive than air freight.

Remark SINO: For further information about our rail freight services, take a look on our dedicated page: rail freight service. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us, we will find you the best option for your shipment. Fill our online form in a minutes and get your quote within 48H !

Air freight will be the most efficient solution if :

Your goods are smaller than 2 CBM and 200 kg
You’re in a hurry to receive/send the goods

Remark SINO : Do not waste time ! Fill our form and get a price within 48H !



Overview – Door to Door

Door to Door service, also known as house to house service, ensure direct flows of products from the point-of-origin to the point-of-sale. This kind of service is the most convenient means of shipment for the client. Indeed, it has several advantages with a significant saving in time.

However, as you probably know, a door-to-door service will obviously be more expensive than a door-to-airport.

Remark SINO: For further information about our Door-to-Door service, take a look to our dedicated page: Door to door service.Otherwise, please feel free to contact us, we will find you the best option for your shipment. Fill our online form in a minutes and get your quote within 48H !

Air freight will be the most efficient solution if :

Your goods are smaller than 2 CBM and 200 kg
You’re in a hurry to receive/send the goods

Why door to door service is necessary?

For instance, importer have to pass the customs authority.  We can manage this process and prove that all applicable customs duties have been paid. As forwarder, we are able to handle this step among others.

*Therefore, as you may have understood, it is largely easier to let us do everything so that you have to worry about nothing.

SINO Shipping – Door to Door specialist

Thanks to our know-how and our experience, we’ll provide you the most fitting solution for tour shipment at the best price.

Remark SINO : Do not waste time ! Fill our form and get a price within 48H !

LTL and FTL Trucking

For both countries, China and Pakistan, we have at ours’s disposal a fleet of trucks. That’s why, we are able to manage trucking service, LTL as well as FTL.

As container, LTL or less than Truckload, is referred to load stands for less than the capacity of lorries. Naturally, the price will be correlated with the space used. On the other hand, FTL or Full Truckload shipping refers to when customers has enough goods to fill the truckload. In reality, some clients use it to save time, because the shipment will be delivered faster.


Remark SINO : SINO Shipping proposes both services according to your volume and budget. Sometimes it’s even better to select an FTL solution even if you can’t fully fill the truck, it allows you more flexibility and the benefit to have one truck for you and only you (which means that the truck will follow only one way, yours…)



Historically, Pakistan was a hub of the ancient route of Silk. Nowadays, with the ‘One Belt One Road’ and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor projects, these initiatives launch a new area of partnership for both of them.

How much duties and taxes will I pay?

Calculate applicable tariff with the HS code

The Harmonized System (HS Code) is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers that aims at classifying traded products in order to determine tariff barriers. It was implemented in 1988 and today; it gathers more than 200 member countries, including Pakistan.


The HS code is the identification number attributed to goods through the HTS. Here is all the information contained in a HS code :

If you didn’t determine the HS code of your goods yet, we advise you to find it on this valuable website: Find HS Code. You can also find it on the official Pakistan customs website just here: Tariff Number. Finally, you should be able to find it directly with your supplier.

You just need to enter keywords that are describing your products. If you have the opportunity, you can also find the HS Code directly with your supplier. In the case of a “pineapple”, you will find the HS code 0804.30 as a result.

You found or know already the HS Code of your products? You now have the necessary information to find the duties and taxes that you are liable to. Reach the dedicated and official PDF of the Pakistan customs: Pakistan Customs Tariff (please keep in mind those tariff haven’t been updated since 2009, contact our experts for details)

Let’s continue with the “pineapple” as an example, it will provide you these rates :


Different taxes existing for your goods

Imports duty rates will depend on your products. For some goods such as laptops, importing will be free of charge.

Recently, with Pak-China Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Pakistan has offered zero duty on almost 6,000 tariff lines from China.

Info SINO : Bear in Mind that The tariff structure is subject to frequent changes.

Customs duties on vehicles

New vehicles can be imported free of charge, under the generally applicable import procedures and requirements.

Used vehicle but not more than 3-year-old model can be imported, just take a look to the Taxpayer’s Facilitation Guide.

Info SINO : For more information about the procedure of Motor vehicle Unit, please check this official PDF: Import Of Vehicles (not updated since December 2010).

Does Sino Shipping charge duty?

We won’t charge any further shipping costs to our customers.  More accurately, you will be asked to pay only customs duties, taxes and others import charges related to customs clearance in your home country, as per local regulation.

Customs contact in China

Official name: General Administration of Customs of China

Official Website: Chinese Customs Website

Customs contact in Pakistan

Official name: Federal Board of Revenue

Official Website: Pakistan Customs Website

Customs process

The Import clearance procedure in Pakistan starts with the entry of your shipment in the country, whatever the means of transport. Once the products pass the customs port, the customs authorities make the IGM, the Import General Manifest for your load.

The clearance process begins when the shipment is unloading from the boat or ship. At this point, importers can use a clearing agent to ease the process of customs clearance.


Remark SINO : You still have a doubt regarding regarding the whole process ? You still have some questions about the taxes you may have to pay? Feel free to contact our experts ! They are at your disposal to answer every single question ! Fill our form in a minute and get an answer within 48h !

Necessary documents

The Bill of Lading or Airway bill (BL)

The Bill of lading (or airway bill) represents the basic contact between importer and shipper which authorizes the shipping company to transport products to the byer’s destination and also serve as the importer’s receipt and proof of title for purchase of the products.

Here we’re detailing you how is built a BL:

1 = Shipper
2 = Consignee
3 = Notify party
4 = Vessel No.
5 = Port of loading / discharge
6 = Place of receipt / delivery
7 = Containers No.
8 = Goods description
9 = Net weight
10 = Dimensions / volume


A packing list

This document is essential for the customs and should detail the HS code(Harmonized System of Tariff Nomenclature)

A Certificate of Origin (CO)

This document is the official document, given by the government, also called as “birth certificate” of the goods, showing country where the product originated.

A commercial invoice

The commercial invoice is the actual demand for payment issued by the exported when a sale is concluded.

Insurance certificate

It is the document which protects the imported goods against damage, loss and sometimes delay.

Shipper’s export/import declaration

This document refers to the contact information of the exporter and buyer, which contains a full description, declared value, and destination of the products being shipped.

Remark SINO : Some documents are not mentioned above as it is just an indicative list, please feel free to check what will be the requirements with our SINO Customs experts.



Remark SINO : If you have one of the following item, you should check directly with our SINO Experts. Some of those items are restricted or even totally prohibited, it is important to anticipate such shipment to avoid any problem.

Drug Contraband
Counterfeit Notes

Trade relationship

China is the second largest exporter destination of Pakistan with a share of 7,7% of total export of the country which represents $1.94B.

A large part of this share is concentrated in cotton and rice, though.

Business between China and Pakistan is rising year by year, especially thanks to China–Pakistan Economic Corridor and to The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

Moreover, these projects, would be very welcomed for importer/exporter because it will facilitate trade between China and Pakistan, and will reduce duties and taxes.

SINO Remark : Because the entire procedure must be done quick, and it will be a headache for a novice, you can fully trust on our efficiency with Pakistan customs procedures. We are based since decades in Asia which allows us to service the best between those 2 countries: China and Pakistan. Don’t waste time, contact us and check it by yourself !

Additional shipping services

Our warehousing services

Storage service in China

Thanks to our network, we have warehouses in all major cities of the country.

Info SINO: You want further information about our warehousing services ? Check directly our dedicated page: Storage services.

Storage service in Pakistan

We can put into storage your products both North and South of the country.

Our packing/unpacking services

Packing is essential for convey products under optimal conditions all along the logistics process.

Info SINO : Packing is essential for convey products under optimal conditions all along the logistics process.

Packing material

The cheaper option makes by the simplest packing materials.


Benefits of Palletized goods are tremendous, for instance they reduce risk of temperature abuse for fruits or vegetables or increase maneuverability of transport tools. Furthermore, there are different kinds of pallets.

Wooden boxes

The crate in wood, is a large container used to convey heavy items. the material guarantee security and protection for your goods, and wooden crates can be manufactured locally.

On the other hand, you can opt for wooden boxes which are smaller than wooden crates. They can be used to carry perishable products for example.

Others: bubble wrap, tape, wrapping paper…

According to your requirements and your products, we will provide the perfect packing with the aim to transport them under the best conditions.

Why packing is important for the insurance?

In some cases, the insurance could reject the refund if they consider the packaging was inadequate. For this reason, we urge you to pay attention to the types of materials and the container used.


Freight insurance

As you probably aware, the freight insurance is a document used to cover against risks during the transportation. Regarding to your international commercial agreement, you can know what is covered by it. SINO shipping highly recommends ensuring your load, whatever it is.

How much does a freight insurance cost ?

According to the value of your load, take precaution to protect your goods against risks. We advise you to find a happy medium in terms of expenses that you want to devote for it.

SINO Info : You can go deeper, to know what freight insurance will suit the best to your cargo by consulting our dedicated article Freight Insurance.

Supplier management in China

Control quality in China

In order to avoid any issue during the freight, we check all the process in accordance with the international trading standards. Our aim is to ensure that everything goes as planned. We start close relationship with your supplier to retain your load secure.

Relationship with supplier

Among our manpower, we have Chinese’s native speakers, thereby facilitating discussions with suppliers.

3PL Services in China

Order fulfillment/Packing & labelling in China

At SINO Shipping, we manage order fulfillment for e-commerce. In this process, we handle all the steps from receiving, until delivering orders to the clients.

Last mile delivery

We are able to provide last mile delivery for our customers, especially for small package.

Shipping personal effects from China

Excess baggage

We propose service for excess baggage by air freight at a reasonable price within a short period of time.

Moving service from China to Pakistan

We also offer relocation services. In order to get more information about them, please go on our dedicated website and do not hesitate to contact one of our moving department experts: SINO Relocation.

Free regulation advisor

Bear in mind that you will need a lot of documentation for your shipment. Feel free to get in touch with us, at SINO-shipping we deal with all the documents, refers to the official forms and others paperwork required for shipping and customs services.

More than 10 years of expertise in Asia, enables us to deliver tailor-made freight solutions at hyper competitive prices. Do not hesitate to contact our dedicated staff for more information about your transfer, we’re always happy to serve and spread knowledge! 

FAQ – For 1st time importer from China

FAQ – Regulation

Pay attention to get accurate paperwork and shipping documentation. we remind you that several documents are required at your border country such as Bill of Lading for the carrier, Packing List, Commercial Invoice, and other optional documents for the Customs. All these documents are used in every kind of import.

No, today there is no license required to import, and even export goods in Pakistan.

Yes, obviously, you need a customs broker in Pakistan.

FAQ – Shipping budget optimization

In some cases, air freight is less expensive than sea freight. In average, if your load has a volume less than 1CBM and weight less than 100kgs, Air freight should be cheaper.  
We strongly advise customers to pay insurance whatever it is.  It is not mandatory, it’s at your own risk.
We urge you to declare the right value of your shipment, don’t try to underestimate it.
We urge you to declare the right value of your shipment, don’t try to underestimate it.
Please refer to the customs according to your product.

FAQ – How SINO will help you?

Yes, we can assemble several shipments in our warehouses.  Please keep in touch with us for consolidation services.
We handle all the process until the place of delivery. Your satisfaction is essential for us that’s why we attach great importance to our services. Our strength is that we understand perfectly the needs of our customers and establish a win-win contract with them.  
We handle all the process until the place of delivery. Your satisfaction is essential for us that’s why we attach great importance to our services. Remark SINO: our strength is that we understand perfectly the needs of our customers and establish a win-win contract with them.
Obviously, we never disclose confidential information about our customers.
Yes, you have just to inform us about the change.


At SINO-Shipping, our experience in every stage of the supply chain is an important asset.

We are leveraging our expertise in the field to offer and develop services which are tailored to suit our customers’ requirements and always adaptable according to their specific needs.

Recurrent questions regarding the shipping from China to Pakistan

LCL: 100 USD /cbm FCL: 500 USD /20’: 150 /40’ Express shipping door to door (10kg): 700 USD
Average transit time by sea: 22 days Average transit time by airfreight: 2 days (daily direct flight) Average transit time by truck: 15 day Average transit time by rail freight: 10 days Express shipping door to door (10kg): 2 days
There are 4 options, by sea, air, road or truck, it depends on how big the volume and the weight are, and then you will decide which shipping methods is more adequate. You must calculate the ration time/cost.
The Harmonized System (HS Code) is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers that aims at classifying traded products in order to determine tariff barriers. It was implemented in 1988 and today; it gathers more than 200 member countries, including Pakistan.
No, they don’t immediately open your package without any reason. … They will only instantly check what’s inside of your package if: Your package has been damaged when it reached the Customs office or desk. The damages can include broken seals or plastic or any cover of your package.
When you make a shipping request, you’ll have to declare the value of your shipment. The value you enter on your request form is the value that will be declared at customs, so it is important that you declare accurately. If you declare too high a value, you may be assessed more taxes than you want to pay! If you declare too low a value, your declared value may be considered unreasonable and adjusted upward.
-Negotiate with multiple carriers -Get suppliers to use your shipping account number -Use packaging provided by your carrier -Consider a regional carrier -Use online shipping -Invest in prepaid shipping -Buy insurance from a third party -Factor in all shipping fees before billing customers -Consider hybrid services -Ask about association discounts

Interested in our logistics services? Need further assistance & dedicated information?

Our SINO experts answer within 48h !