Courier Services from China: Rates, Transit times and procedure (updated 2020)


Do you want to Ship small or medium size package from China, but you don’t know how to do? You really want to get best rates and conditions to ship box or envelop smoothly and safely.


We wrote this page as an ultimate guide for sending package from China to Worldwide.



Different Delivery Methods Available


When you are shipping goods from China, there are a couple of situations that require a courier:

  • A sample or small shipment needs a courier
  • Original shipping documents transportation require express transportation

One of the best options is express courier services because with this service you can get hand delivered packages worldwide within one week.

This is a handy way to go because you can save a bundle on shipping and freight charges for these smaller packages and if the value is under $2,000 for U.S. imports then you don’t have to personally clear the shipments.

These rates for small packages are cheaper than LCL sea shipping. You must compare before taking any decision.

A lot of sellers located in China from eBay or Aliexpress are still using Hong Kong post or China post for their first global delivery options.

However, those shipping times can pose quite a problem for buyers who are eagerly awaiting their packages and must wait. This can particularly pose a problem when you are waiting for original documents like Certificates of Origin and BL for customs clearance.

Many other sellers have found that using one of the top four couriers in the world like FedEx, UPS, DHL, or TNT can offer faster delivery times and they are all comparable with each other. 

Not only that but they all have very strong brand recognition all over the world and they have become trusted couriers that people rely on, trust and know will come through for the delivery of their goods.


What is the weight of your package?

A country may consider placing a value on printed matter, such as legal documents, when it is over a certain weight break. In most cases value will be placed on any packages weighing over 150 lbs. Be sure to check the specific weight regulation for your destination country.

Example: When shipping documents from the China to Germany, any packages containing printed matter must follow these weight restrictions or value will be added, and the packages will be considered dutiable.


  • Maximum weight: 70 kg (150 lbs.) per package
  • Maximum length: 270 cm (108 in.) per package
  • Maximum dimensions: 419.10 cm (165.0 in.) per package Length and girth combined


Are there any materials that should be removed?

Office supplies such as staples or paper clips may hold up your shipment in customs and also may be levied with VAT and Taxes. It is best to purchase your office supplies in that country to avoid any delays.


Documentation requirements for non-dutiable items

When shipping non-dutiable items, you may be required to provide a Customs Declaration Letter* (also known as Proforma Commercial Invoice) describing the items being shipped, and its intended purpose.

Not every country requires the Proforma invoice, but you may want to include it just in case. The letter should be prepared on your company letterhead, and signed by the person that is preparing the shipment.

1) Include a description of material, for example, “This shipment contains legal documents in CD format. These documents are to be used for our firm’s internal purposes only. These samples have no commercial value and are not for resale.”

2) For customs purposes only, place a nominal value of $5 per box or $1 per CD

3) Describe in detail the contents of your shipments

4) Include the details of who is shipping the package and to whom it is being shipped to. (Shipper and Consignee)

5) Correctly list the value of your shipment --3 boxes of documents would be valued at $15 (3 boxes at $5 each)


Completing a Commercial Invoice for dutiable item

If you have determined that your shipment is considered “dutiable”, you will need a Commercial Invoice (see example on page 11). The Commercial Invoice is the official transaction record between an exporter and an importer.

It is the form that customs officials use to clear your shipment.

1) Place the full name and address for both Exporter/Shipper and Consignee on the invoice. Include a contact name, telephone number and fax number

2) Include a complete description of the items being shipped. - More shipments are held due to an inaccurate description of goods than for any other cause. The description, along with the country of origin and the harmonized tariff code, helps brokers determine how your product should be classified for import control and duties calculation.

You can look up the harmonized tariff code online at . - When describing your items, be sure to include what it is, how many units there are, and intended use.

3) Sign and date the document in blue or black ink. Print the document on your company letterhead.

4) Be sure to add a destination control statement to your invoice. - A Destination Control Statement is required for all products being exported out of China. These statements should be printed on the commercial invoice, packing list and bill of lading. - The Destination Control Statement is as follows, “These commodities, technology or software were exported from the China in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations.”

5) Make copies of your required documents. - Each country will have different requirements for the amount of copies necessary to ship internationally. Be sure to have the correct amount of copies in order to avoid unnecessary delays.



• Non-document shipments to Brazil must include 3 original, signed commercial invoices. The consignee phone number must be on the commercial invoice (it is mandatory).

• Non-document shipments to UK must include 1 original and 2 copies of an invoice. Every shipment requires an invoice, which shows the realistic market price of the commodity. Shipments with unrealistic low merchandise value may be delayed by customs.

6) All shipments must have the consignee’s Tax ID number written on the waybill and the invoice. Non-compliance will result in customs holding the shipment until the number is obtained, which will cause delays.

7) Include a signed Quick Bill of Lading and place inside each package.


Let’s compare rates !


How to get courier quote from China?

So, let’s just focus on the cost. If one is cheaper, we can take it as our first option. We’ will compare rates from the 3 official websites (ENG version), to get a better understanding of pricing.

All these companies have a strong share of the market and a worldwide shipping network that can save you time and money. Either way, you aren’t going to make a wrong choice with any of these companies.

*We suggest comparing prices and choosing the one that will be the most cost effective for you.


Courier from China to United States


DHL from China to USA


dhl price china usa parcel

20 Kilos cartons from Shanghai to NY, Door to door services / Box price: CNY5777 (USD824)

From :


To :

NEW YORKNew York 10000
United States of America



BOX #8 - 1 Piece - 20 kg (54.1 X 44.4 X 40.9 cm)

FedEx from China to USA

5 Kilos Parcel from Shanghai to NY, Door to door services / Envelop price: CNY1676 (USD245)

20 Kilos cartons from Shanghai to NY, Door to door services / Box price: CNY2608 (USD381)

TNT from China to USA

5 Kilos Parcel from Shanghai to NY, Door to door services / Envelop price: CNY1411(USD206)


20 Kilos cartons from Shanghai to NY, Door to door services / Box price: CNY3942 (USD576)


To sum it up

Courier to USA ==> Shanghai – New York

China – U.S. DHL FedEx TNT
Documents in an envelop 46.69 53.53 55.14
Samples in a carton 210 200.29 259.45

Courier to UK ==> Shanghai – London

China – UK DHL FedEx, TNT
Documents in an envelop N/A 286 66.06
Samples in a carton N/A N/A 121.05

Courier to India ==> Shanghai – Mumbai

China – India DHL FedEx TNT
Documents in an envelop N/A 286 N/A
Samples in a carton N/A, 770 N/A

Courier to Canada ==> Shanghai – Montreal

China – Canada DHL FedEx TNT
Documents in an envelop N/A 62.50 54.50
Samples in a carton N/A 312.80 282.05

Courier to Australia ==> Shanghai – Montreal

China – Australia DHL FedEx TNT
Documents in an envelop N/A 223.12 N/A
Samples in a carton N/A 465.04 N/A



Everything you need to know for send packages from China


You will want to find a trusted shipping company (like us) to act as your courier agent. We are in it to be the best company in the business and with us you will always know that your goods, documents, packages and parcels will be well taken care of and handled with care.

International shipping is not as complicated or expensive as most people assume.  Let’s talk through your shipping needs and you have our guarantee that we will find you the best rate. There are all sorts of different postage options and courier options that you can choose from.  We will find the option that is right for your shipping needs and your budget.


10 tips to become a master for courier shipping from china

  1. Remember, you will always want to prepay instead of collecting at time of delivery because prepaying will always save you money on courier shipping expenses.
  2. DHL vs. UPS
  • <5kgs, DHL win
  • 6-21kgs, UPS win
  • 21-100kgs, DHL win
  • >100kgs, UPS win
  1. From China to Southeast Asia, FedEx is the Master, always cheaper and faster, small and big shipment.
  2. We don’t recommend TNT if you are out of Europe or Middle East.
  3. If you are running huge volume business, you can create an account, and become VIP customer for courier company. Then you will enjoy better rates and many advantages.
  4. Oil (BAF/CAF) price impact price, don’t be surprised to see 10-25% rates variation. So, our quote can valid till the end of the month.
  5. The total length (length+width*2+height*2) should be less than 330cm. And the weight should be less than 70kg per package for the best available rate.
  6. Use reinforced cartons and take care of the packing quality.
  7. The trade term between you and your supplier should be FOB, which is for your best interest if other shipping methods, but EXW for courier shipments.
  8. There are special lines for some specific destination and specific weight. Such carriers are not so famous, but also reliable and more cost-effective.

Express shipping from China Step by Step


Let’s get your shipping process started. We have tried to keep the process as easy and painless for you as possible. Below are a few steps that will be required to get your goods shipped:

  • Allow us to give you a quote for your shipping
  • Quotes can be changed based upon your shipping needs and desires. Again, we will custom make a shipping solution for you
  • Fill out the booking form and submit it
  • We will work with your supplier and double and triple check all information before we book a spot with a carrier
  • We will work to get your goods to our inland warehouse to prep the shipment for shipping
  • We confirm all information and chargeable weight
  • You pay for your shipping cost as agreed
  • We get your shipment to the courier that you/we have chosen together based on your shipping needs
  • We handle the rest of everything that is needed to make sure your goods are delivered to the destination

Again, as stated we will monitor your shipment to make sure it’s safe, delivered on time and on budget. We will track it and keep you updated every step of the way. We will always take the time to understand your needs and your business so that we can always give you the best options that will improve your experience, minimize delays or unforeseen circumstances, reduce uncertainty or confusion and reduce your costs. We understand you are trying to maintain as much profit margin as possible and we want to help you reach your business goals. We know that choosing the best shipping and freight options for you will vary on your unique business and shipping needs. There are a lot of different options so it will be important to think through which shipping method you want to use and which party will manage your shipping needs.


Why choose SINO Shipping?


Our Network

We also have partnered with some of the best-specialized expresses, EMS and Post services in addition to the four great companies mentioned above.

You can very effectively book delivery services out of China to forward your packages to the destination once they have been received at a port.

We have put together an amazing network of couriers and forwarding services that have partnered with us to ensure your packages reach any destination in the world at the best rates and on time.

We are constantly updating our partner network and negotiating the best rates for you so that you don’t have to worry about that.  Let us do the hard work for you.  We are determined to make your shipping experience as easy, economical and stress-free as possible.

Tailor-made logistics solution for e-commerce- drop shipper or any other related business

No matter what your shipping needs are, we have a solution that will accommodate.  We are great at tailor-making a solution that will fit your budget, your transfer time and will hit the entire important requirement list for a safe and seamless shipping experience.


Keep You Up to Date – Track your shipment

With us, you will never have to wonder where your goods are in transit or what is going on with your packages.  We will always keep you up to date with what exactly is going on with your goods and where it is at all times.

If for some reason, there is an unexpected delay we will let you know and you can rest assured that we are diligently working to fix the issue and get your goods back on their way to make it to their destination in the quickest amount of time possible.

*With us, you will never feel like you are in the dark. Some of our company values are transparency, honestly and amazing communication.


Express freight – rapidity and efficiency


The large range of services proposed by SINO shipping provides you a lot of different choices for the shipping of your goods transport. Besides air and sea freight, an express transport service has been created to respond to your expectations and needs as soon as possible. The express service offers quick and efficient deadlines transit between China and the country chosen.


Main assets of the express service


The express service permits to the companies and individuals to respond to logistics needs as soon as possible. These are the main assets of this service, which permit to the companies to reach a better competitiveness:

  • Speed of delivery (5 to 7 days)
  • Reliability and respect of delivery dates
  • Tracking system (real-time control)
  • Rapid clearance
  • Competitive tariff for some destinations

Beyond the main requirements of reliability and efficiency of the express freight, SINO Shipping provides you the possibility to follow your shipment in real-time. Thanks to a tracking number attributed for each shipment, you have the possibility to know the smooth functioning and the evolution of your goods transfer between China and the country of your choice. This system of tracking in real-time is available for each client until the final shipment of goods.

As part of this express shipment offer whose duration never exceeds seven days, all customs clearance are assumed by a clearance expert team dedicated.

Air Freight VS Express Transport


Express transport from China

It is imperative to understand the nuance between air freight and « courier » before starting your shipment procedures. For that, SINO Shipping provides you this article with some advices to help you in your choice.  


Difference between air freight and courier


The courier

The courier, also known as « express delivery », represents a « door to door » service where the delivery company will remove your goods at the agreed pick-up address (usually your supplier or your consolidator in your country of origin) and will deliver your shipment at the delivery address (at your residence or client’s address for example).

As part of these deliveries, teams in charge handle all the necessary different steps for the expedition of goods from point A to point B, namely: the removal, the transport/freight, customs clearance at the origin and final destination, payment of fees and customs duties but also the whole administrative formalities required.

Air Freight

At the opposite, air freight is about the expedition itself. Namely, contrary to the door to door service, it does not include annex services like the removal, customs clearance etc. Air freight concerns only shipments from airport to airport whereas courier services are deliveries “door to door”, which ensures the complete care of transport, from the pick-up address to the final destination.

Chinese post and its services


China post represents the official postal service of China. It offers different services for the expedition of couriers and packages as well as national and international. With the quick development of online purchase, an important amount of packages are sent by postal service, from China to worldwide. Please find below several deliveries of international shipping and the different options you can choose.

For further information about the national courrier in China, please feel free to reach the official website: Chinese Post 

3 modes of transportations can generally be distinguished:


  1. By AIR: the package is sent directly by plane and the reception is effective between 7 to 15 business days. It is a quick service but also expensive.
  2. Surface Air Lifter or SAL, namely that in different countries of departures and arriving, the package is sent by boat or truck with an air freight for the relay between destinations. Rail and sea freight could be useful in the absence of any available flights. (best alternative). By sea freight, the deadline of the shipment of goods is between 28 and 35 days, and about 40 days in door to door service. For the rail freight, from China to Hamburg, count 14 days. For the door to door service, count 1 or 2 days more.

SURFACE: The package is sent by sea and rail freight. The difference is that the delivery cost is less expensive than “SAL” and “AIR”. However, depending on the place of destination, the receipt of the packaging is longer: between 40 and 70 business days.

SINO SHIPPING offers the following services:


Packages shipment services are split between the Small and Large Parcels. Each parcel is affected by a tracking number which permit to the client to follow the whereabouts of their shipment on the website of la Poste. 


The Small Parcel (less than 2kg)

It is appropriate for items, which do not exceed 2 Kg and which length, width and height of the outer packaging do not exceed 60 cm and 90 cm. Its price is very competitive, in particular for international shipment. The shipment is easy to do from any post office.

It is a safe shipment we can follow on line. If you deliver it in Asia, count from 5 to 10 days, and in America and Europe from 7 to 15 days. For the rest of the world, count between 7 to 30 days. The tracking number starts usually by “R”, “P” or “V” and end by “CN”.


The Large Parcel (from 2 to 30 kg)

Used for items with bigger scale, between 2 to 30 Kg. 3 modes of shipments can be identified.  From the more rapid to the less rapid (Air, SAL and SURFACE) with prices much less expensive than those of EMS, DHL and other express transporters.

As the Small parcel, it can be sent worldwide; the shipment is easy to do from any post office. From China, the delay of a casual delivery is usually between 10 and 20 days, if you chose AIR and SAL modes of shipment. If you choose for the “Surface” mode, count between 1 to 2 months. The tracking number starts with “C” and ends with “CN”.


EUB service

Sellers passing by « Ebay » platform are using frequently this service to send their products to interested people located in France, Belgium, Switzerland or also Quebec. It is perfect for goods which do not exceed 2kg and which length, width and height of the outer packaging do not exceed 60 cm and 90 cm. You have to count 7 to 10 days for the delivery of this type of parcel. The tracking number start by “L” or “A” and ends by “CN”. 


EMS service

Express Mail Service or EMS is an express courier service present in all post offices worldwide and used in China. The maximum weight for a parcel does not have to exceed 30-40 kg, depending the final destination. It is a quick service compared to other deliveries but it is quite expensive. The delay for the shipment is about 7 business days. The tracking number for the parcels starts by “E” and ends by “CN”. You can find the whereabouts of any shipment on the website of EMS.

Express shipping, step-by-step applied on E-commerce.

e commerce logistics express

5 advices given by SINO Shipping


1/ China Post do not has the Monopoly on the postal shipping in China. There are also express services offered by TNT, DHL, FEDEX or also UPS. China Post offered shipping less expensive but it takes more time to be delivered. If you want to buy an article in China, it is up to you to judge which service is the more consistent according to your order (price/delay/safety).

2/ The postage applies according to different characteristics of your parcel (weight, height…) but also according to some additional options if needed (insurance and others). Usually, the shipping of Small Parcels by the China post is considerably less expensive than you wish sent it by EMS. Use a air freight will cost double of the price of a surface freight. Air freight is more interesting for parcels which weight more than 60 Kg.

3/ It is possible that the shipping arrives with delay in delivery due to customs clearance no provided, bad weather etc.

4/ For individuals used to purchase online, we advise you to use a postal service recognised and safe with the possibility to pay your order after the reception of this one.

5/ It is unlikely that your parcel get lost. According to real statistics, a parcel sent from China, should arrive on final destination between 5 and 7 days. As a consequence, all shipments are delivered correctly at the right home address.

How to calculate air freight and express costs?


We noticed that importers, including experienced ones, are confused by the way that air freight and express transport are calculated. When a « courier », a forwarder or a supplier give you a price by kilo, has to refer usually to the cost of “taxable weight”.

Taxable weight is based itself on the real weight of goods or the volumetric weights of goods, the higher value of both. The calculation of volumetric weight is different between air freight and the company of express transport.

As the volumetric weights exceeds the real weight of the cargo, fees are based on 320 Kg by express way and on 267 Kg by « classic » air freight.

How do some Chinese sellers to offer fees defying any concurrence for a 10.000 km shipping delivery?


China offers an important amount of destinations for users of micro computing, addicted to electronic or all kind of gadgets. With very low prices and references that cannot be found in Europe, a lot of tourists worldwide are going to Asia to discover these products. Most of them do not resist to the temptation to buy, other or more informed.

Between the Customer service and shipping, it is normal to be afraid to buy these sorts of products. This article will help you to get a clearer view of the global operation of delivery services. One can ask, for example, why sometimes the delivery is faster than others, why delivery charges sometimes are free.

We can build on these two points:

Chinese government sponsors local freight charges because he is conscious that he will win money anyway. Tariffs quotas are very low with China Post, State Enterprise. It is an essential tool for the foreign trade of the country.

Sellers group their shippings from Asia

Your parcel from Shenzhen is not introduced in the courier service like a postal card. It exists different shipping services on the market directly in competition with the China Post, obliged to find solutions for not lose their customers. So, they established alternatives: gather their shipments to a global tariff much more competitive for the resellers than ship a low number of parcels at a time.

It is enough to optimize as well the space in the mean of transport of each forwarder. The most common technique the less expensive is to use a sort of a big bag, robust, that can be filled at most of small parcels. Senders do not pay for weight but regarding the place it takes to in the means of transport.

To give you an example, sometimes in some shops you can find products sent with low prices with any link with the rest of the shop. These are the kind of products that will be added in the delivery bag if expeditors need to fill the vacuum. By the addition of these products, the bag fills easily and some centimes of margin that they bring back are enough to pay the global cost of postal charges.

It is possible that some resellers group their shipping with each other to fill the bag. They simply share the total cost by dividing the price of transport by the quantity of shippers.

The bag is a good alternative because they can be crammed together, not taking space in width. So, they are sort out before being oriented in different destinations: it is important to not mix all the parcels.

However, the technique of bags works for small shops. For bigger stores, pallets and containers are used but the principle is the same.

That system generates some consequences


As an example, we can imagine that items taking a lot of space are ordered at regular intervals but rarely daily in large quantity. The trader will integrate its orders on a pallet with other parcels that do not have any link with his order, which permit to amortise the price and the make delivery cost-effective.

A problem will occur if the seller has a strong demand of goods taking a lot of space and with a certain weight. Indeed, the container will be full rapidly and will be heavy. As a consequence, the shipping will not be cost-effective.

The solution for the trader is to find another provider with delivery price that correspond with the content of the container. The shipping freight will be less expensive but on average will take twice the time allocated because it is not simple to find a provider ready to go quickly.

The obstruction of that system

Changes of means of transports cause a lot of consequences. The delivery deadline will be longer, and sometimes the client is worry to not receive his order after few weeks. Moreover, with that system, online tracking can show you the real location of your packages.

The tracking of thousands of parcels takes a lot of time and cost money, this is why, sometimes, the follow-up is not insured anymore. 


Deadlines and imperfection in delivery

The last step before receiving your parcel is the local distribution. When your parcel arrives in a local agency to be delivered at your home, the tracking online is not insured anymore. A problem or a delay can happen easily on the unloading dock or on the European sorting platform. It is possible to not have any news of your parcels during few days without any reason.

Some traders decided to set up premium free services for the shipping from Asia


We can raise services like those of DHL, FedEx or UPS which had to adapt towards competitively of postal services like PostNL, ChinaPost, etc. To continue to be competitive and obtain notoriety on the market, they set up a similar system.

More and more merchants offer shipping costs for premium shipping and provide an excellent parcel tracking, transported by the same company all along the process. ….

So, large companies allow to make these flights cost-effective integrating their parcels with low prices and with other packages, which transport has cost classic prices to shippers who do not have large contracts. 

But be careful, carriers with the premium service do not bypass the margins. They somehow have massaged the process and make pay the delivery via “management fee” and other “customs clearance costs”.

As an illustration, take the example with a 300 parcels sent with a premium service by plane based in Asia. In this plane, we add some parcels with a classic service.

To make the 300 premium parcels cost-effective, we ask to the carrier a computerised listing of all clients with: address, phone number and e-mail. With that listing, it is simpler to generate in one click the number of bills corresponding to the number of parcels. These bills correspond to customs clearance cost and management costs.

However, none of packages will be presented and inspected by the French customs clearance, it means that any fee is invoiced.


Technology used by courier


In this video of DHL, you will see how some important companies are innovating over and over to optimise the quality of the service: 

Courier vs. Air freight – What to choose?


What to choose between express transport and air freight?


By continuing the example just above, suppose that you are importing goods from China to France and that the price is to $5/Kg by express transport service and $4,5/Kg by air freight. You costs will be:

Suppose that in both cases, you bought your products with an EXW Incorterm. In that case, by air freight, you will have to pay:

Imagine that all these ancillary costs are assessed at $300 in China and $450 in France, what represents a total of $750. The arrival in France, the agent of the Express Company of transport will contact you to pay customs duties ($300), final costs will be the following:

This scenario clearly shows you the difference between a courier and a “classic” air freight service. SINO Shipping offers you those two services at a very competitive price. You have the possibility to choose an express service with caring of the entire shipment or for an air freight where you will look after the removal, administrative formalities and others procedures in line with your shipping.

express shipping from to china

Air Freight risks – Damage in transit

During the sending of goods by air freight, it is essential to avoid all damage during the transit. To this end, the packaging of your goods is a key step.  

SINO Shipping crew advice you on the best way for the packaging of your goods and give you the best services (wood box for fragile products for example).

When this could happen?

During the different operations of logistic handling, some fragile product can be damaged despite the indication of the fragility of products.

The importance of the volume


It is possible that some suppliers do not communicate the right information according to the weights and volume of your goods. In that case, the forwarder, receiving the wrong information, will invoiced you according to the information communicated by the supplier. It could be the consequence of an increase of logistic fees and disrupt the advance of your project.

How to reduce your costs during the import by air freight?


Optimise the space

If the packaging is realised by you supplier, make sure that the packaging is done in an optimal way, for cost and security. We advise you to avoid to use unnecessary packaging (that can increase the volume of your goods and so the price.


The importance of the packaging

When you pack your goods, it is essential to optimise the space you use. To this end, it is better to solicit professional packing service. Thus, you do important logistic savings.


Stagerred tarif

The air freight price of industry is essentially based on freight cost. The latter fluctuate a lot depending on the volume. It is an element to be taken into account. Considering the last example:

If you sent this four in one shipment, you will beneficiate of a reduction thanks to your volume that is more important. Final price will switch between $5/Kg and $4,5/Kg.

Note: If your cash flow permits it, this is the more wisely strategy to rationalise your logistic costs.


EXW Incoterm, the best choice


You want to confide all your process transport to recognised and reliable professional? You envisage complete care of your shippings between China and France? SINO Shipping advises you to choose complete logistic benefits thanks to the EXW Incoterm. The team handled for your file take care of the entire shipping, from the removal to the final destination.

To know the price of your future transfer of good, ask a free quotation in line and mentioned the Incoterm of your choice.  


Contact SINO Shipping !


Choose the best mode of transport for your commercial activity is essential to reduce your logistic fees in order to have the best profitability. The international logistic, inseparable of an important amount of activities is a success key factor for numerous companies. Each mode of transport correspond to different needs and SINO Shipping expert, understanding of your trade issues and your aims.


What could we exploit of these information?


Now, you understand why the delivery of your parcel from Asia could be longer and why, during some purchases, you will not have to pays any transport fees. We hope that this article helped you in the understanding of the process of shipping and the lass of tracking of numerous packages.

To optimise your time in your future shipping, you can also confide the packaging part to our specialists who will handle to give you an adapted service for successful the transfer of your goods.

For more information, you can contact an advisor you will respond to your question and will handle to give you an optimal and adapted logistic solution combining safety, reliability and rapidity.


🤔What is the best and cost-effective company for express services in China?

For us, the best one depends of the country of destination. 🌏For Asian countries, SF is the best 🇺🇸For USA UPS is the most competitive. 🇪🇺For Europe, DHL is the best option.

✅ Express shipping vs Air freight, what’s the difference?

One of the main differences between standard and express shipping is the delivery time. In standard shipping, the regular delivery time ranges from two to eight days, while in express shipping it is around one day. In some cases, the shipment may even reach the recipient on the same day

⏱️How long does standard delivery take?

In most countries, Standard delivery takes between 3-5 working days (Monday-Saturday).

👨‍💻How can I track my shipment?

Look for your tracking number in the shipping confirmation. Scan the body of the email until you see a long string of numbers. Most tracking numbers are between 10 and 30 digits long, and each one is uniquely generated for a specific order. You'll use your tracking number to keep up with the status of your shipment.

🇨🇳How long does it take for China Post to deliver to us?

It is safe and can be tracked if registered. It takes 5 – 10 days to reach other Asian countries, 7 – 15 days to America and Europe, and 7 – 30 days to other countries. Air mail takes about 15 working days, SAL mail takes about 30 days, and surface mail takes one to two months.

⛑️Are orders from China safe?

China Post has reiterated that it's safe to receive postal items from China. As an added precaution, last week it said it was disinfecting postal offices, processing centers, and vehicles to protect postal staff and to further mitigate risk of transfer.

🤑Why is shipping from China so cheap?

Chinese products are inexpensive due to mass production and low labor costs which get shipped all around the world. ... They are focused on mass production which reduces their overall cost significantly and enables the products to be made even cheaper.

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