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Shipping from China to Belgium: Sea, Air & Rail freight | Transit time and rates | 2022

Shipping can be a daunting process, but don’t worry, we at SINO Shipping will make everything easy for you. We’ll take you through the different methods of shipping and tell you everything you need to know so you can start your shipping process from China to Belgium worry-free!

Shipping Methods from China to Belgium


Modes of Shipment and Estimated Delivery Time

Mode of ShipmentEstimated Delivery Time
SEA FREIGHT20 to 37 Days
AIR FREIGHT3 to 12 Days
RAIL FREIGHT17 to 30 Days
FEEDEX DOOR TO DOOR2 to 6 working days
DHL DOOR TO DOOR2 to 6 working days
DHL DOOR TO DOOR2 to 6 working days
TNT DOOR TO DOOR2 to 6 working days

There are three main ways of shipping from China to Belgium: Air Freight, Sea Freight and Rail Freight.

There are also numerous factors you will need to take into account , such as the time you need your goods delivered, the type of goods and the volume.

Depending on your specific consignment, you might wish to choose a different method for each time you ship.

We’re here to explain the differences and make things simple and show you how to calculate cost and time as well as familiarise you with the types of document you need.

Door to Door shipping from China to Belgium


We’re a professional freight forwarder and we provide DDP shipping from China to Belgium. We use LCL shipping, by air, rail, sea and truck. We offer door-to-door delivery or shipping to businesses and Amazon FBA Warehouses.


About DDP shipping from China to Belgium



DDP shipping can be done in three ways: Air Freight, Rail Freight and Truck Freight. You send your goods to our warehouse in Shenzhen or authorise us to pick them up from your factory.


DDP air freight from China to Belgium

  • First Leg: Air freight
  • Shipping Type: LCL (default)
  • Shipping Time: 10-15 days
  • Export Declaration: Your factory may declare themselves as exporter.
  • VAT & EORI: We use the VAT and EORI of our business partners as importers for import declarations.
  • Destination: Business and Private addresses, or Amazon FBA warehouse.

DDP rail freight from China to Belgium

  • First Leg: Rail freight
  • Shipping Type: LCL (default)
  • Shipping Time: 30-35 days
  • Export Declaration: If the total weight is more than 100kg, your factory could declare themselves as the exporter.
  • VAT & EORI: We use the VAT and EORI of our business partners as importers for import declarations.
  • Destination: Business and Private addresses, or Amazon FBA warehouse.

DDP sea shipping from China to Belgium

  • First Leg: Sea shipping
  • Shipping Type: LCL (default)
  • Shipping Time: 30-35 days
  • Export Declaration: Your factory may declare themselves as the exporter.
  • VAT & EORI: We use the VAT and EORI of our business partners as importers for import declarations.
  • Destination: Business and Private addresses, or Amazon FBA warehouse.

DDP truck freight from China to Belgium

  • First Leg: Truck freight
  • Shipping Type: LCL (default)
  • Shipping Time: 20-25 days
  • Export Declaration: Your factory may declare themselves as the exporter.
  • VAT & EORI:We use the VAT and EORI of our business partners as importers for import declarations.
  • Destination: Business and Private addresses, or Amazon FBA warehouse.

Item Rules

  • We don’t accept items that break IP rights.
  • We don’t accept illegal and controlled substances and items such as drugs, cigaretes, alcohol and arms.
  • Packaging and SCU labels must have “Made in China” marks and on the outer carton.
  • Outer packaging/cartons must be sturdy and new and not have misleading labels or info.
  • Outer cartons should be sealed with clear tape, not coloured tapes.
  • The maximum length should be 120cm at the longest side and 75cm at the second longest side. Maximum size in CM: (Width + Height)*2 + Length<300.

Weight Prices

  • The minimum weight charge is 10KG for Air, 13kg for Rail, 12KG for sea and 12KG for Truck.
  • Waybill minimum charges are 11KG for Air, 13Kg for Rail, 21kg for Sea and 21 KG for Truck.
  • The maximum weight for one carton is 30kg.

Amazon FBA Items Requirements

  • Each item needs to have a unique FNSKU label.
  • Two Amazon shipment labels must be attached to each outer carton, one on the front and one on the back.using clear tape or stickers.

Final Delivery

  • Door to door.
  • By UPS or DHL.

Our Free Premium Services.

SINO Shipping can offer a number of free services when you select us as your freight forwarder. Not only do we have a professional team with expert insight, but we also have a number of additional services that we provide to you absolutely free of charge. These include

  • Free warehouse for goods in transit
  • Free cartons for re-packing
  • Free photography service for your goods before sending
  • Free quality assurance service of goods before sending

Air Freight Shipping From China to Belgium


Air freight shipping is by far the quickest way to ship your goods across the world, and is much quicker than sea freight, for instance.

There are many reliable airlines that support your shipping from china to Belgium. Here are some of them.

  • Brussels Airlines
  • China Airlines
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Air China Cargo
  • SF Airlines
  • YTO Cargo Airlin

Flights from China to Belgium are between 10 and 12 hours, so you can get an idea of the timeframe for air freight.

However be aware that the whole process normally takes around 3-5 working days.

As well as being quick, Air Freight is also the most secure method of transport and there is less risk of damage or theft.

Brussels Airport is the main airport of call for cargo and since 2019, Sichuan Airlines has been running a dedicated cargo flight from China to Brussels 3 times a week.


Important Belgian Airports

We have collected some important Belgian Airport names for your convenience. These will help you during shipping from China to Belgium.

  • Brussels International Airport
  • Brussels South International Airport
  • Liege International Airport
  • Ostend International Airport
  • Antwerp International Airport


How do I calculate the cost of Air Freight Cargo Shipping?

We’ll try to make this as simple as possible for you! Your charge weight will come down to two different but related ‘weights’: gross weight and volume weight. Volume weight is calculated by width×length×height of your package. Gross weight is the physical weight. In short, if you have very heavy materials, you will be charged according to the physical gross weight. If you have light materials, you will likely be charged by volume.

Express and Door to Door Delivery from China to Belgium.

Express and Door-to-Door delivery means that we will pick up your goods directly from the warehouse and take it to the port or airport as part of the service.

This is highly recommended to save you time and hassle organising additional delivery logistics.


What happens in case of delays?

If there is a delay, SINO Shipping will keep your goods securely in our warehouse without any extra cost.

Port to Port Shipping

With our port to port service we’ll pick up your package from the warehouse and then deliver it to the port where it will be transported to Belgium. You’ll be able to pick the goods up from the port or use our express delivery service.


Which items are suitable for express shipping?

Express shipping can handle, letters both large and small as well as your important documents and parcels.

This is a door to door service and your goods are insured and able to be tracked 24/7.


Express providers:

Companies that we work with include DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS shipping. Each company has a lot of experience and offers high quality service.

There are slightly different requirements for each service, including documentation needed.

There are also some differences in prices too. If you’re unsure of which to use, please let us know and our experts will help you make the right choice.

Sea Freight from China to Belgium.


Sea freight is a popular choice for large consignments and/or you aren’t in too much of a hurry. The key words here are low-cost and high-volume.

What’s the difference between FCL and LCL?

Ocean transport involves transport via containers, and importers can choose whether to import by renting a container solely for their use (FCL) or sharing container space with others (LCL).

These containers can also be transported from the port onto railways, making them multimodal methods of freight transportation.

Less than Container Load (LCL): This is suitable for small quantities of goods and when air freight is too expensive.

Because the quantity is less than a container, it will cost less than full container shipping. However, there might be a small additional time to wait LCL delivery involves the consolidation (packing) and deconsolidation (unpack) of your goods from the rest of the container items prior to departure and after arrival.

Full Container Load (FCL): As the name suggests, this method of shipping uses the full shipping container and is thus suitable for loads that are at least that quantity.

If your individual quantities are less than the container, you could LCL or employ a strategy of bundling multiple orders into one container. Flat-rate pricing makes FCL shipping a good deal.

When you’re choosing between LCL and FCL, some points to consider are:

  • Are you ok with your goods sharing a container with other goods from a different company?
  • How many pallets is your order? If it’s over 6 pallets, you should compare the prices of FCL and LCL, as getting a full container may be a better deal, even if you can’t fill it completely.
  • Exporters should know that there are two types of pallets: Standard (1.2m/47 ¼” X 1m/39 3⁄8”) and Euro (1.2m/47 ¼” X .8m/31 ½”). It‘s important to know what pallets you will be using and whether you can stack your cargo.
  • How important is time? FCL will be a bit quicker.
  • Can your business create 12 pallets of orders, enough to fill a container in a timeframe that makes sense to ship them together?
  • Do you wish to seal the container throughout the transportation process? FCL is your choice.


Ocean freight ports in Belgium


Port of Antwerp

The Port of Antwerp is one of the largest ports in the world and is run by the Antwerp Port Authority.

It is located at the mouth of the Scheldt River.

Other Belgian ports:

  • Brussels
  • Brecht
  • Ostend
  • Belgrade
  • Neil
  • Liege
  • Ghent
  • Genk
  • Aalst
  • Gosselies
  • Kessel
  • Pittem
  • Feluy

Shipping by Train from China to Belgium.

Rail can be a good ‘middle way’ between air and sea freight and is growing in popularity.


What are the advantages of Train Shipping?

Railway shipping can have a high degree of security and protection. There are low rates of damage associated with train freight. Train freight also makes sense for bulky loads, including raw materials such as metals and coal and is convenient for destinations located far inland from sea ports.

How is China connected to the Rail Freight and by what cities?

Since the early 2010s the Chinese government has attempted to make overland routes more accessible and has invested heavily in the rail network. In 2017, a cargo train service between Zeebrugge in Belgium and Daqing City in China was launched, followed by services from Antwerp to Tangshan and Liege to Zhengzhou.

What does it cost to ship from China to Belgium?

Of course it is not always easy to predict prices and there are many variables at play. However, we can say that on average, Air Freight costs $4-7 per kg, Rail 0.20-0.25 per kg, and sea $3.4-5 per kg.

How long does it take to ship from China to Belgium?

On average, air freight takes around 3-12 days, rail freight, 17-30 days and sea freight 20-37 days. Express services such as DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx may take between 2-6 working days.

What airlines ship from China to Belgium?

Brussels Airlines, China Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Air China Cargo, SF Airlines, YTO Cargo Airline.

What are some of the Major Ports in China?

DalianTianjin, Nantong, Ningbo, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Shenzhen are all important sea ports in China that you can plan your shipment through.

Important Belgian Sea Ports:

Brussels, Brecht, Ostend, Belgrade, Neil, Liege, Ghent, Genk, Aalst, Gosselies, Kessel, Pittem, and Feluy are Belgian ports that can receive goods from China.

FAQ for international transport from China to Belgium.


What Duties, Tax and Customs fees do I need to pay when shipping from China to Belgium?

Your fees will depend on local VAT/GST as well as the category of your item and its declared value. Belgian tax is calculated using CIF, meaning the cost, insurance and freight.


What documents do I need when shipping from China to Belgium?

There are many documents you need, While the list may seem daunting, please contact us and we’ll endeavor to make it as simply as possible for you and take care of some of this with our service.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Battery Statement
  • Tax Documentation
  • Shipping Labels
  • Custom value declaration
  • Bill of lading
  • Road waybill
  • Air waybill
  • ATA Carnet
  • Freight Insurance
  • Packing list
  • SAD (Single Administrative Documents)


Which is the cheapest way to ship from China to Belgium?

There are many factors involved, one of the largest is whether you choose to ship by air, rail or sea, with sea being the most economic.

You also need to take into account the volume of your package.

If you’re receiving something relatively small, then air freight may be the most suitable method for you.

Whatever your needs, contact us at SINO shipping and we’ll make sure you get the best method and best deal for your needs.

Can you collect goods from different factories or suppliers and combine them for me when shipping from China to Belgium?

Yes we offer this service, meaning we’ll collect all your goods and package them together to arrive at your door.

Do I need to insure my goods?

It’s always a good idea to insure your goods. Accidents can always happens. If you receive damaged goods, just let us know and our legal team will assist you in filing your claim.


When do I need to pay?

You don’t need to pay in advance, simply pay when you are ready and satisfied.


Which Payment Methods does your company support?

PayPal, Western Union, Cash in RMB, T/T Transfer


Can you pick up goods from my supplier factory?

Yes SINO shipping can do this for you and work with you on every step of your journey.


What items cannot be sent to Belgium?

Each courier has its own specific restrictions, but in general, we prohibit the transportation of hazardous materials, including arms, weapons, acid, mercury, bacteria, virus, as well as drugs, alcohol, perishable goods and original artworks.