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Shipping from China to Ireland | Sea & Air Freight

If you’re imported from China to Ireland, then SINO SHIPPING is your number one choice. We’ll deliver to Dublin, Galway, Cork, County Kildare and any address in Ireland via Air, Sea, EMS, Express, Rail; whichever type of freight service suits your needs.

We have a network of contacts within China meaning we can get you the best deals on importing and provide you with the best information so you can choose the service that suits you and your company’s needs. Not only do we deliver your freight, but we also offer a customs service, making the often arduous process of customs checking more smoother for you.


The best freight forwarding service from China to Ireland

  • Door to Door Delivery:
  • If you have a need for speed, then we offer a quick air freight service, with direct flights from ShenzhenGuangzhouShanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang to Ireland
  • Our team will facilitate all your logistics needs, helping make customs clearance smooth and assisting you with insurance and delivery services
  • We can also arrange shipping of items such as batteries from China to Ireland if needed

What are my freight options for shipping from China to Ireland?


Air freight China to Ireland


The quickest method. We offer direct and indirect air shipping service arriving at Dublin, Shannon and Cork, based on your timeframe and the consignment’s place of origin.


Sea freight China to Ireland

We offer port-to-port and door-to-door services via sea freight services from China to the ports of Dublin, Bantry, Galway and Cork. An economic method suited for medium to large consignments. 

Port of LoadingPort of ArriveTransmit Time



Express shipping China to Ireland

Using couriers such as UPS, DHL, EMS, and FEDEX, this is a quick and efficient door-to-door delivery service. 


DDP shipping from China to Ireland 

Our DDP shipping service is a LCL service by rail, truck ot air freight and can be delivered door-to-door, or direct to Amazon FBA warehouse.

This takes around 10-15 days via air, 20-25 days via truck and 30-35 days via rail.DDP shipping can be done in three ways:

Air Freight, Rail Freight and Truck Freight.

You send your goods to our warehouse in Shenzhen or authorise us to pick them up from your factory. 


DDP air freight from China to Ireland

  • First Leg: Air freight
  • Shipping Type: LCL (default)
  • Shipping Time: 10-15 days
  • Export Declaration: Your factory may declare themselves as exporter.
  • VAT & EORI: We use the VAT and EORI of our business partners as importers for import declarations.
  • Destination: Business and Private addresses, or Amazon FBA warehouse.

DDP rail freight from China to Ireland

  • First Leg: Rail freight
  • Shipping Type: LCL (default)
  • Shipping Time: 30-35 days
  • Export Declaration: If the total weight is more than 100kg, your factory could declare themselves as the exporter.
  • VAT & EORI: We use the VAT and EORI of our business partners as importers for import declarations.
  • Destination: Business and Private addresses, or Amazon FBA warehouse.

DDP truck freight from China to Ireland

  • First Leg: Truck freight
  • Shipping Type: LCL (default)
  • Shipping Time: 20-25 days
  • Export Declaration: Your factory may declare themselves as the exporter.
  • VAT & EORI: We use the VAT and EORI of our business partners as importers for import declarations.
  • Destination: Business and Private addresses, or Amazon FBA warehouse.

Item Rules

  • We don’t accept items that break IP rights. 
  • We don’t accept illegal and controlled substances and items such as drugs, cigaretes, alcohol and arms.
  • Packaging and SCU labels must have “Made in China” marks and on the outer carton. 
  • Outer packaging/cartons must be sturdy and new and not have misleading labels or info.
  • Outer cartons should be sealed with clear tape, not coloured tapes.
  • The maximum length should be 120cm at the longest side and 75cm at the second longest side. Maximum size in CM: (Width + Height)*2 + Length<300.

Weight Prices

  • The minimum weight charge is 10KG for Air, 13kg for Rail, and 12KG for Truck. 
  • Waybill minimum charges are 11KG for Air, 13 Kg for Rail, and 21 KG for Truck.
  • The maximum weight for one carton is 30kg.

Amazon FBA Items Requirements

  • Each item needs to have a unique FNSKU label.
  • Two Amazon shipment labels must be attached to each outer carton, one on the front and one on the back.using clear tape or stickers.

Final Delivery

  • Door to door delivery.
  • By UPS or DHL.


Drop Shipping China to Ireland

Do you use ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Ebay or Wish? We’ll help you with your Drop Shipping with a one-stop service for your logistics getting products from China to Ireland.


Insurance China to Ireland

If you’re shipping high value goods, it makes sense to have them insured. We have an insurance service to make sure you are protected in case of damage or loss. 


China to Ireland via Express Shipping.

If time is of the essence and you need a product ultra-quick, then our express service is for you. We partner with express companies to get your package from China to Ireland in 3-5 working days at the lowest possible price.

There are different options available:

  • DHL from China to Ireland is very fast and there’s no need to provide an EORI number
  • FedEx shipping can be cheaper and faster in off-peak seasons 
  • EMS parcels can be delivered fast and pass through customs quickly. EMS parcels should not be over 30kg and the height should not be over 1.5m while the circumference should not exceed 3m.


Why Choose SINO Shipping to send from China to Ireland?

  • With SINO SHIPPING you can enjoy discounts on Express delivery through providers such as DHL, UPS FedEX and more. 
  • We make things simple for you. Even if you’ve never used a shipping service before, we can guide you through the process with ease. 
  • Professional packing services: We know the standards and we’ll be able to assist you in your product packaging to ensure that you meet the international standards, meaning your consignment can be transported without hassle.
  • Speed and Security: We’ll deliver your parcel as soon as we receive it.

    Pick-up Service: Do you need a door-to-door service? With your authorization, we can pick up your consignment directly from the factory and we can also liaise with local delivery companies to ensure a smooth door-to-door service. 


China to Ireland: Air Freight

There are many air routes from China to Ireland. Major Chinese airports that fly into Ireland include Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, which arrive at Irish airports such as Dublin, Cork and Shannon. Our services can make sure your air freight arrives at your door after arrival in Ireland.

Calculating Air Freight by Weight:

  • Most calculations are done in Kilograms (kg) and Centimetres (cm) 
  • The minimum billed weight is 45kg
  • Volume Weight refers to a calculation of length × width × height /6000. Alternatively volume weight can be the cargo volume in cubic metres × 167kg
  • Actual Weight refers to the physical weight of goods after weighing
  • Billed Weight is the larger of either the Volume Weight or the Actual Weight.
  • Heavy Goods refer to goods where the Actual Weight is heavier than the Volume Weight
  • Light Goods refer to goods where the Actual Weight is lighter than the Volume Weight

Items prohibited or restricted by Irish Customs:

Weapons and offensive items.

Articles with false trademarks

Hay, straw, including products made of straw.

Living plants and animals.


Tobacco, cigars or cigarettes


Procedure for Air shipping to Ireland

When contacting us for a quote, make sure to give us the details of your product name, the packaging information and the destination airport in Ireland. 

  • On confirmation, we’ll give you or your supplier in China an air freight booking form which you’ll need to complete and then our operator will arrange the Shipping Order for you so the goods are delivered according to our instructions.
    Our warehouse will check the goods when they arrive, including cargo information such as size, weight and packaging before sending out. A Bill of Lading will be made after the goods leave, which will be sent to you after payment is confirmed.
    When the good arrive at the airport, you will be contacted to arrange customs clearance and delivery/pick-up.


Import tax from China to Ireland


Irish customs use a CIF (cost+insurance+freight) method to judge the value of goods. Duty is Free if the FOB value is less than 150 EUR or the Duty needed to be paid is less than 10 EUR

VAT is not required if the CIF value is less than 22 EUR or the total VAT is less than 6 EUR. VAT also varies according to the type of good, with up to 23% for some goods and 0% for others.


What is the Shipping time from China to Ireland?

By International Express it will take around 3-5 working days. Air freight will be 2-5 working days. Sea Freight: around 30 working days. EMS will be 507 working days.


What is the shipping cost from China to Ireland?

Cost is dependent on many variables, such as the type of product, the size of the package, the dimensions, your terms with the shipping company, and most importantly, the method of transport you choose.
Let us know your needs and we’ll work with you to get the best possible price. 


What documents do I need to import goods to Ireland?

You will need a commercial invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin, packing list and any special documents such as quality or inspection certificates relevant to your product. 


What is the cheapest shipping from China to Ireland?

Sea Freight is the cheapest method, but is also the longest. So take if you have enough time, it makes economical sense. If on the other hand you need your consignment more quickly, then other methods such as rail or air make more sense.



Can I ship a pallet from China to Ireland?

Yes we offer pallet shipping service from China to many destinations, whether you are a business or individuals. Our expert staff are here to answer all your questions 


Do you ship luggage?

Yes, whether you are an expat, a student or a business traveller, we can help you ship your luggage, in case you want to avoid the steep fees from airlines. It’s recommended that you put your luggage freight into cardboard boxes, which makes the transportation process easier. 


Do you ship small packages?

Yes we can ship your small packages from China to Ireland. Our team works with delivery services to negotiate the best possible prices and services. We’ll sort out all the logistics for you. Just contact us for the best deal.


Do I need to pay customs fees or duties when shipping from China to Ireland?

As China is outside the EU, there may be customs duties that apply. These need to be paid by the receiver to the logistics provider. 


How much is insurance to ship from China to Ireland?

Like the general cost, insurance fees depend on a variety of factors, including the service and the type of produce you are transporting. SINO shipping offers an insurance service to help keep your goods protected.

Please contact us for details and a quote. 


About SINO

SINO Shipping is a trusted international freight forwarder with over 35 years of experience, offering a full range of logistics and transport services. With a strong presence in China and a commitment to efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, SINO Shipping ensures stress-free and cost-effective logistics solutions for businesses worldwide.