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Shipping from China to Israel | Sea & Air Freight Rates

Sino Shipping provides air freight service from China to Israel.

We have professional international air freight between China and the world.

Airports we operate in China: ShenzhenGuangzhou, HongKong, Shanghai, Beijing, etc.

Our Advantages:


Our Freight Service Specification:

  1. Steady rate air cargo freight from China to Israel
  2. Daily tracking report.
  3. More than 50% discount from express.
  4. Door-to-door delivery service (DDP)
  5. Consolidation
  6. Customs clearance
  7. Export license
  8. Documentation
  9. Commodity inspection
  10. Document works
  11. Dropshipping.
  12. insurance

Special services on request:

  • We offer export licences


Below is a list of information we need for exact quotation:

  • Name, weight and volume of your parcel;
  • Loading port from China and Discharging port;
  • Trade term,EXW or FOB;
  • Parcel value


The Processes of Working With Us:


One: Review the delivery offers and choose one, then you make payments and wait for the courier. Our online shipping platform has thousands of international and local carriers, you can send shipments of any size. Security is an important aspect of shipping, thus all shipments are covered by insurance.


On our website, you can check the price and method of payment for the shipping your parcel.

Then, you input your destination, the weight and size of your parcel. Then, the prices will be displayed. We also provide express delivery services but it costs more.


However, we have a cheap courier that takes three (3) days to deliver parcels.

In addition, due to international regulations, there are some goods that can not be shipped.


Sino Shipping doesn’t ship dangerous materials and substances such as ammunition, weapons, acids, mercury, bacteria or viruses since may damage other parcels.

Besides, we don’t accept parcels that include prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, perishable goods or original works of art.


Lastly, it is better to check the customs regulations of the destination country to get familiar with them before shipping as your parcel can be checked at the border and if there is a prohibited item, your parcel will be returned. So, when you decide what to ship, you place your shipment order.



Send a Parcel From China to Israel


Why Choose Sino Shipping?

  • 24 hours of online feedback
  • Ability to carry parcels from any city in china: With networks in various main airports (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Beijing, Qingdao, Tianjin)
  • Transparency,Trustworthiness and Professional
  • Reasonable costs and best support services
  • Taking responsibility of shipping.Help you coordinate with suppliers,customs,shipping lines,trucking,inspection agent).
  • Different schedule choices
  • Enough spaces and containers even in peak season


China Estimated Delivery Time from China to Israel


  • The estimated delivery time is the total number of days it takes for a parcel to be delivered
  • The estimated delivery time is automatically calculated by the system.
  • From the data, you can compare and decide which courier offers the best shipping services
  • The estimated delivery time is just for a reference and may differ from the actual one. So it is recommended to choose based on the actual conditions.

Door-to-door Shipping From China to Israel


Door to door delivery service has a high cost and there are many intermediate links between the factory in China and you. However, Sino Shipping takes full responsibility for delivering your goods to Israel.

Sino Shipping offers the best services for the delivery of your goods, in a fast, secure and safe way. Also, our website provides the most cost-effective transportation program.

Services Include

  • Express Courier Service (FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT)
  • Air Freight Service
  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less Than Container Load (LCL)
  • Shipping to Amazon FBA
  • Freight Consolidation
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Import & Export Services
  • Document Preparation
  • Customs Clearance




Warehousing services


STORAGE IN CHINA: We provide storage solutions based on your needs.


You can choose customised and unique warehouses made for your company using suitable equipment and technologies.


Now, we offer a complete range of warehousing and delivery services. In addition, we utilize an online storage software that gives you a clear overview of your ongoing projects and lets you match your logistics needs.

Advantages of Warehousing Services


You need a warehouse with enough space, secure storage units and CCTV if you want to store your goods. Some factors must be considered according to the level of security, space. So, list your needs to match your storage requirements and the warehousing solutions.


Choosing a warehouse located near your end-customer lets you save money. Our warehouses can be a significant economic benefit for your company, because of the efficiency of our operations, storage capacity and various locations

The Cheapest Courier Service from China to Israel


We provide the cheapest way to ship your parcel from China to Israel. Everyone wants a fast, secure and reliable courier service. We offer free pickup and packaging in China and proper documentation consisting of secure transit before making prompt delivery to Israel.


Also, you can track your cargo online. Sino Shipping is one of the best courier services. We provide a secure and cheap way to ship your goods to Israel from China. We also provide free pick up service from home with packaging material in China.


Prohibited and Restricted Items for shipping to Israel

Not all items can be shipped to Israel from China. Below is a list of items that are under restriction from shipping.

  • Fake currency
  • Cordless phones, ranges of 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz
  • Gambling equipment
  • Counterfeit documents
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Pornographic material

A permit is required to import some restricted items. For more information, please visit this website:


Air Freight Transit Times from China to Israel:

Below is a table of standard air freight between China and Israel.

Transit  TimeTelavivHaifaJerusalemNetanya
Shanghai4 days2 days4 days3 days
Shenzhen2 days2 days2 days1 day
Guangzhou3 days1 day3 days3 days
Beijing4 days3 days1 day4 days
Ningbo5 days2 days3 days2 days

Air freight transit time from China to Israel


Air freight Cost From China to Israel (Shipping cost):

It is worthy of mention that the cost of sea freight is based on weight and volume of the parcel, the airline used, the time it will take to ship the parcel, and finally, the insurance. Below is a table that shows the cost of shipping from different cities in China to Israel:

Transit  Time22KG+100KG+300KG+500KG+1000KG+
Air freight from Shanghai to Israel43.5321.5
Air freight from Guangzhou to Israel32.52.121.7
Air freight from Beijing to Israel432.421.8
Air freight from Ningbo to Israel543.732
Air freight from Shenzhen to Israel64321.5
Air freight from Chongqing to Israel43.5321.5
Air freight from Chongqing to Israel32.52.121.7
Air freight from Chengdu to Israel432.421.8
Air freight from Nanjing to Israel543.732
Air freight from Wuhan to Israel64321.5
Air freight from Dongguan to Israel43.5321.5
Air freight from Foshan to Israel32.52.121.7
Air freight from Qingdao to Israel432.421.8
Air freight from Dalian to Israel543.732

Air shipping cost from China to Israel


What is the best sea port in Israel for shipping from China?


You can have the best experience in sea shipping with us since we have many services from different ports in China to the ports of Israel. Based on your cargo, volume, size and shape of your goods we provide different containers


The ports of Israel:

Sea port AshdodSea port JaffaSea port Hadera
Sea port AshkelonSea port Tel-AvivSea port Haifa

Main seaport in Israel

Sea freight transit times from China to Israel (sea freight ):

Differences in the cost of sea freight shipping depends on distance, volume, weight and insurance. Below is a table to help you choose better.

Shanghai11 days12 days
Shenzhen10 days11 days
Guangzhou11 days15 days
Beijing12 days13 days
Ningbo14 days15 days

Sea Shipping Cost From China To Israel (sea fright cost)

ShanghaiUSD 700USD 600
ShenzhenUSD 550USD 700
GuangzhouUSD 600USD 660
BeijingUSD 460USD 870
NingboUSD 660USD 760

Sea freight cost from china to Israel – Price for 20-foot container


Door to Door Shipping Cost and Transit Time From China To Israel


For information on door-to-door shipping cost and the time it takes to ship from China to Israel, please send your documents to Sino Shipping and we calculate the shipping cost and give you the final price and time it takes to ship.

  • Proforma Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Seller Adsress in China
  • Your Shipping Method( air or sea freight)
  • HS Code
From/to22kg+100KG+500KG+1000KG+Transit Time
Door to Door Air from Shenzhen to Israel432.3210-15 Days
Door to Door Air from Shanghai to Israel54.32.151.510-15 Days
Door to Door Air from Guangzhou to Israel631.5110-15 Days
Door to Door Air from Beijing to Israel432110-15 Days
Door to Door Air from Hongkong to Israel654310-15 Days

Door-to-door ( DDP ) Cost from China to Israel

cargo from china to israel

What Is The Cheapest Way To Ship From China to Israel?

Over the years, there has been advancement in shipping services that has made it possible to ship from continent to continent.

Although, this service can be expensive, but the price will vary according to different factors such as:

    • The type of product you want to ship. Before shipping your parcel, you will have to check the rules, regulations and limitations of the shipping company. If your product requires specific needs, such as being transported under cool temperatures, then maybe the price of the shipping will be more expensive.


    • The size and the weight of the parcel. Shipping a package that is huge and heavy will increase the cost.


    • The delivery time. You may use express services if you really need to receive your parcel within the shortest time possible. However, these services are generally more expensive than normal services. Try to find a fast delivery for a fair price.


If you need fast shipping from China to Israel for a cheap price, you make sure that the weight of your parcel is less than 2 kilos. For this, Ship24 will be the best option for you. The company works with 4 different fixed-price bands:

For parcels weighing up to 500g, the shipping cost from China to Israel is ¥99 (approximately $14.50).

For parcels up to 1kg, shipping from China to Israel costs ¥149 (approximately $21.80).

For parcels up to 1.5kg, you will have to pay ¥199 (approximately $29.10) for your shipping to Israel from China.

For parcels up to 2kg, the shipping price from China to Israel will be ¥249 (approximately $36.40).The service “Ship from China” of Ship24 is one of the cheapest delivery services you will find on the market, and they offer short delivery times.


Is Delivery from China to Israel Fast?


Time taken to ship from China to Israel varies depending on your company and service of choice.


For example, if you choose express courier service, the delivery time from China to Israel would take a maximum of 5 days. But this would incur more cost.


Nowadays, you can find a good compromise. Ship24 for example, ships to more than 35 destinations around the world and has an average delivery time of 8 days for all of them, including Israel.


At times, unpredictable events like meteorological issues could arise, thus can extend shipping time by a few days. However, the opposite of that happens when all Israeli border controls work fast to allow the passage of the parcel.


How Can I Send a Parcel From China to Israel?


If you’re shipping from China to Israel for the first time, it could be stressful and complicated.

You may have questions to ask and wonder where to start from. With Ship24, you can gain clarity on everything, online:

    • Order your delivery to Israel from China
    • Make payment on the website
    • An agent will come and pick up your parcel at your place.

Bare in mind that your parcel must not exceed 2 kilos, which includes labels and packaging. To get started, follow these easy steps:

    • First visit the homepage.
    • Select the “Ship from China” option located on the top right.
    • Then, select the “send parcel now” option.
    • Fill in some necessary information (your name, your Chinese ID card number or passport number, your email address, your home address, etc.)

This information is necessary for the pick up of your parcel.

    • After that, you will fill in the recipient information.
    • Then, you will make a secure payment for your shipping.
    • Finally, you will have to wait for the pick up partner in China to reach you via calls to schedule a convenient pick up time.

Can My Parcel be Tracked from China to Israel?


Yes, and that has been made possible by Ship24. On ship24’s website’s homepage, you will be able to track your parcel. Every courier company has a tracking company.

Ship24 works as a universal tracking company and is able to follow any parcel that is being shipped. To track your parcel, you must provide the following information:

    • The status of the order.
    • The real-time location of your parcel.
    • The details of the transporter shipping your parcel from China to Israel.
    • The steps involved in the delivery
    • The date you would receive your parcel.

By having these details, you won’t have to bother about the current location of your parcel.


To do so, you just need to go on the Ship24’s homepage, input in the search bar – the tracking number you received in the confirmation email after your delivery purchase. Finally, click on the white and blue arrow to enter.


You should receive all the tracking details related to your parcel delivery after that. But if you see the sentence “not found”, it could be the result of two different reasons:

    • The first reason could be that you must have inputted the order number instead of the tracking number in the search bar. You can double-check in the confirmation email you received after making your delivery purchase for the tracking number. Both numbers often look very similar and people confuse them sometimes.


    • The second reason could be because sometimes, it is better to spend more time on the system to receive all the tracking details. Waiting for the day after you made your delivery purchase, or at least a few hours after you’ve tried tracking your parcel would be better. The system will have had time to receive all the tracking information.


If you’re still unable to get your tracking number, then you can leave a message and an agent will give you feedback within the shortest time.


What Is The Import Tax in Israel?


It is required that you pay an inport tax to the Israeli authorities if the total value of your parcel exceeds a certain amount. For Israel Authorities, the threshold is $75.


Note: The courier company is not responsible for any tax that could arise, it is the sender’s responsibility. Care must be taken to make sure that there is no increase in price, so that there wouldn’t be additional costs.


Now, it is the receiver’s responsibility to cover all costs if you are doing international shipping from China to Israel.


What Payment Methods are Available for Shipping from China to Israel?

There are different payment methods l on the Ship24 website. You have many payment options via cards:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Diners Club
  • Americans 6 Express
  • Discovers
  • JCB


Ship24 will also provide a means for customers to make payments via WeChat and Alipay.


“Stripe”, a reliable payment processing software used by Ship24 to ensure the most reliable payment experience possible to its customers.


What Can Be Shipped from China to Israel?


You can ship any item, but they will have to be scanned if prohibited items are with them. Each courier company has its own rules and regulations.

For example, with Ship24, you will not be able to ship the following products:

    • Liquid, powder and paste (liquid cosmetics, toothpaste, drugs, etc)
    • Perishable products (food, plants and live animals except properly packaged beef)
    • Magnetic products (speakers, products with strong magnetic field, etc))
    • Electronic products with batteries (mobile phones, computers)
    • Weapons (hand weapons, ammunition)
    • Hazardous goods (compressed gas products, erosive, toxic gas, flammable, erosive,…)

More details about prohibited items can be found on this page.

All parcels are scanned for prohibited items. If any prohibited items are found, they will be returned at your own expense.

Two things that must be considered when shipping your parcel from China to Israel are: Size and Weight of your Parcel.

    • The weight of your parcel must not exceed 2 kilograms, this includes labels and packaging.
    • The length of just one side of your parcel must not exceed 50 cm
    • The total length of the sides of your parcel must not exceed 110 cm.


About SINO

SINO Shipping is a trusted international freight forwarder with over 35 years of experience, offering a full range of logistics and transport services. With a strong presence in China and a commitment to efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, SINO Shipping ensures stress-free and cost-effective logistics solutions for businesses worldwide.