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🥇Shipping from China to Jordan | Sea & Air Freight [2022]

China and Jordan have developed a strong business relationship through trade and cooperation, for both regional and worldwide businesses.


In addition,Sino Shipping provides services for automobiles, refrigerated items and hazardous products. We ship both large and small cargos. Having said all that, we handle your shipment by organizing pick-up and delivery services to any shipping destination.

In this guide we will explain all you need to know to begin the process of shipping from China to Jordan.



If you’re looking for a company to help manage your shipping between China and Jordan, whether it is by air, land or sea, then look no further, as Sino Shipping can handle all your logistics and freight forwarding needs.Our team brings years of experience to our role in making sure that your transportation needs are met professionally.
Our years of experience brings with it not only the expert knowledge about the best routes and methods of shipping freight, but has also given us key relationships with carriers, meaning that we can and will work to give you the best possible price on the market as well as being able to gain priority space on carriers.


Whether you are choosing to ship your goods via air or ocean freight, we help get your cargo from A to B.
Our services include – Picking up your goods from the factory/retailer in China.


With your authorisation we’ll take care of the transit between the factory or retailer in China and the sea or airport of departure.

shipping from china to jordan


Packaging of your goods

Packaging is an important yet often forgotten part of the international shipping process. Good packaging can save you money if things are packed snugly, not to mention preventing the risk of damage.
We have experience in shipping goods across the world and we know how to pack your goods to give them the best possible chance of making it to your address in one piece. Also, when you’re shipping goods across borders, the labelling of packages is very important.
Customs officials need to know what is inside the packaging. Mislabelling can be very costly in terms of possible fine and also delays to your shipment. We work with you to make sure your goods are packaged and labelled correctly, so your goods can travel smoothly across borders.

Documentation and Paperwork for customs clearance and duties

As well as the correct labels, you’re goods will also need to come with the correct documentation according to rules of both exporting and importing countries.
Navigating the waters of customs documentation as well as arranging for your goods to be transported in the most cost and time-efficient way can be a daunting task for importers.
That’s why it makes financial sense to utilise the services of a freight forwarder, who will not only take care of the details but also bring their wealth of knowledge and contacts to negotiate the best deals for your transportation needs.
If you’re transporting goods from China to Jordan, then choosing the right freight forwarder can make a huge difference to the success of your business. You’ll save not only money but time as well, which can be just as important to businesses.
We make it our business to be familiar with the ins and outs and the fine print of importing laws and regulations. Of course, each country has different regulations and expected standards when it comes to importing.
By using a freight forwarding service, you save yourself the hassle of having to learn all the different contexts and required documentation. That’s our job and we’ll be able to make sure your goods’ journey is as smooth as possible while you can devote your time to better serving your bottom line elsewhere.


Loading and unloading cargo

When your goods arrive at ports, they need to be loaded and unloaded into the transport. This can be a bit more complicated than simply checking in your luggage at the airport.
When it comes to cargo and commercial goods, especially large amounts, loading and unloading goods can require some assistance and communication with the port authorities. This is a key part of our service.


Warehousing and Consolidation

If you’re transporting goods from a variety of retailers, then having a warehouse available that can hold your goods while they wait for the rest of the consignment to arrive is essential.
Our service from China to Jordan also includes warehousing your goods as they await consolidation. Warehousing may also be an option if you are waiting for a specific time to ship out from China.


Advice on Shipping Strategy

One of our most important services is offering our expert knowledge and depth of experience. Our success depends on the success of our clients.
Therefore we have very strong motivation in ensuring that your shipping strategy is one that is economical for your business needs and allows you to be sustainable.

Get in contact with us for a quote and advice on how best to ship your goods and we’ll help you make the choices that are right for you.


Wide service across China

We work extensively with the most important ports in China, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Xiaman, Tianjin, Hangzhu, Ningbo, Dalian, and many more.
This means in practice we reduce the time it take for your goods to be transported to ports or alternatively we can help select the port that makes the most economical sense for your goods to be shipped from China to Jordan.

We’ll take care of your goods all the way from China to Jordan, and our regional knowledge of China, helps give us an edge when it comes to knowing the best ways to get your goods to you without a hassle.Seasonal events and cultural differences can cause delays, but we’ll be able to keep you well-informed so you can stay one step ahead.
air cargo from china to jordan

Air Freight Cargo from China to Jordan

Air freight brings many advantages for importers. Firstly, the speed of air freight is much quicker than shipping by sea. This is not just a question of getting goods quicker, but it’s also near-essential if you’re shipping certain goods that may spoil if transported for lengthy periods of goods.
Air freight also allows much more precision when it comes to scheduling your transport logistics. Air travel is rarely delayed meaning your goods will mostly arrive when they are scheduled to. Furthermore, with the higher frequency of flights, you have a much wider choice when it comes to shipping at your convenience.
Another reason for favouring air freight is that it could mean lower insurance premiums as the transportation time is quicker than other methods and thus there is less overall risk of goods being damaged. Airports also tend to have high levels of security, which means that your goods tend to be less at risk of being stolen or tampered with.
Warehousing costs may also be reduced if you choose air freight. As air freight is quick and regular, you may not need to keep items stored in regional warehouses or warehouses close to ports to await consolidation with other goods. Instead, you can transport your goods instantly and in smaller quantities.
Air freight is also more accurate and up to date when it comes to tracking your cargo. We know that once you’ve placed an order, you might want to keep an eye on where it is. This is especially true for business where accurate timing is all part of the service.
For example, if you’re ordering a specific item for a client or customer, it makes you look professional if you can tell them exactly where their goods are and give an accurate estimate of the time it will take to arrive.
With air freight, and especially express delivery, you can track your goods as they move across the continent. Most express delivery services will have a tracking application on their website. You’ll simply need to enter your order number and then you’ll be given a live update on the status of your goods as well as an estimated time of arrival.
A final benefit is that with air freight you don’t need to package the goods as thoroughly as you would have to with sea freight. This means you’ll be able to save money on packaging. While the costs of packaging may not be much for each item, if you’re a business that is shipping regularly, the costs will add up.
There are some disadvantages to air freight. Air freight can be expensive, especially when you are transporting goods in bulk. As well as high prices, there are also limits when it comes to the type and amount of goods you want to transport.
Certain items are prohibited by air freight and you won’t be able to have them transported by air no matter how much you pay. Other items, particularly large and bulky goods, including machinery and vehicles are simply too big to be transported by air.
When you’re planning your shipping strategy. Make sure you note the transport regulation on the goods you are shipping.Air freight can also be a less environmentally friendly method of shipping. The cost of air freight if you are shipping large amounts of goods, then sea freight will be your most economical option as it is much cheaper by weight.
However, if you are shipping low quantities of high value goods such as electronics, jewellery, etc. then air freight could be useful for your needs. Air freight is also essential if you are shipping goods that are perishable or time sensitive.
As the fastest means of travel, air freight will get your goods to you as quickly as possible. Finally, air freight can be delayed when it comes to unplanned events such as bad weather.

Service from China to Jordan includes

  • Air Charter- shipping from China to Jordan
  • Intermodal-shipping from China to Jordan
  • Time Definite Products- shipping from China to Jordan
  • Consolidation- shipping from China to Jordan
  • Hazardous cargo shipments-shipping from China to Jordan
  • Door to door, the airport to airport services-shipping from China to Jordan


DOOR-TO-DOOR SERVICE from China to Jordan

A door-to-door service means that your freight or logistics partner takes care of your goods throughout the entire journey. If you have a retailer or factory in China that you are buying from, the freight forwarder will pick up the goods from them and then courier them all the way to your address in Jordan.

All the steps along the way will be taken care of by the freight forwarder: transit in China, packaging your goods, labelling, warehousing, consolidating, loading at the port, unloading at the port of arrival, handling of documents and customs regulations, transit from the port to your address.

This is a freight forwarding solution that is popular with those businesses who want their freight forwarder to take care of most of the shipping details. We find that our customers appreciate how this service allows them to concentrate their own energies on their core business functions in Jordan, while not having to worry too much about the shipping details.

When we work with our clients we form strong relationships with them, relationships forged out of a mutual interest in shipping goods across the world as cheaply and economically as possible.


Airports in Jordan


Location IATA Airport Name
Amman AMM Queen Alia International Airport
Amman ADJ Amman Civil Airport
Aqaba AQJ King Hussein International Airport
Assab H-4 Air Base
Azraq Muwaffaq Salti Air Base
Dafyanah Prince Hassan Air Base
Mafraq OMF King Hussein Air Base


Transit Time from china to Jordan


The question of time is often just as important as the question of price, as both these factors impact on your business’ model. The ability to receive goods quickly or to have accurate information about their status can be a premium value for your business.

There are so many factors that go into the exact time your delivery will take, so without knowing the calibrations of individuals deliveries, we can estimate that regular air freight between China and Jordan will normally take around 7-12 working days, whereas express delivery (also know as courier) can take around 3- 7 working days.


Express shipping from China To Jordan


With express delivery (also known as air courier) you pay a courier company to transport your goods from one address to another. With ‘regular’ air freight, we refer to port-to-port cost of transporting your goods. After they reach the port of arrival, it is your (or more likely, your freight forwarding partner’s) responsibility to ensure they pass through customs and are delivered.

While this is obviously more work and documentation, it is the cheaper option compared to express delivery via courier, even when taking into account partnering with a freight forwarder/logistics company.

With air freight, you need to keep a track of the different additional prices involved for handling your goods after arrival, nevertheless, if you’re shipping larger quantities of goods, air freight will be a more economic choice for your air shipping needs.

Of course, if you’re shipping much larger quantities of goods, and time is not a problem, then you may want to look into sea shipping.

sea freight from china to jordan

Sea Freight from China to Jordan


Cost-effectiveness of shipping by sea from China to Jordan


Shipping by sea can be a cost-effective way to get your goods from one country to another and it is certainly possible to ship your goods via ocean shipping from China to Jordan.

As a freight forwarding service, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to shipping by sea. We’ll be able to guide you through the different options available so that you can come up with a strategy that works for your business.

If you are transporting your goods via sea freight, then we offer the following services:


    • Door-to-door delivery services


just as with air freight door-to-door, this service means that we’ll pick up your goods from your supplier or retailer and courier them all the way to your address in Jordan.

Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) Shipping

We can transport your goods in both ways. If you require LCL, then we consolidate your goods as well as deconsolidating them on arrival. For FCL shipping, we’ll rent you a full container for your goods and ensure they are packaged correctly.


    • Documentation and customs information


When you’re shipping by ocean freight, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct customs and transit documentation. You’ll need to be aware of the rules and regulations in both China and Jordan. However, as freight forwarders, we will take care of the majority of this for you.
We’ll ensure that your documents are all in order and have been filled out correctly. This will help your goods pass customs as both ends of the journey.Our unique network helps us both to bring down the price
As a freight forwarding company, we know that price and time mean a lot to business. We also know that our own success is dependent on the success we bring to businesses like yours.
We have developed strong relationships with shipping companies, which allow us to gain discounts and special priority shipping placements. This means we have the networks that can give you the best possible service when it comes to shipping from China to Jordan.

FCL or LCL term for your ocean freight from China to Jordan


Ocean shipping is based on containers that you rent from the carrier. The standard container sizes are 20 foot and 40 foot. A 40 foot container will gold 22 pallets while a 20 foot container will hold 10 pallets. When you are shipping via sea freight, there are two major terms you should be familiar with, FCL and LCL.

FCL stands for full container load and refers to an arrangement where you or your business rent the entire container for yourself. LCL, also known as groupage, stands for less than container load and refers to an arrangement where your goods share space in a container with cargo and freight from other companies and shippers.

Depending on the size of your cargo, you may not have to choose between FCL and LCL, as the quantity will make it obvious which one you should select. For instance, If you have enough cargo to fill a container, then FCL is the obvious choice. Or if you’re only shipping one pallet, then LCL is likely to be your selection.

However, in certain cases you may need to decide whether to ship via FCL or LCL and this choice could save you money in the long run.

There are many advantages to FCL. Firstly if you’re renting a full container, while obviously it will be more expensive than sharing one, it can make economical sense at scale. In fact, even if you don’t have enough goods to completely fill a container, FCL shipping can still be the most economical option, especially due to the other advantages it brings.

FCL shipping brings its own unique advantages with regards to logistics. One of the most obvious is security. When your goods are occupying a container that solely belongs to you, then you have much greater control over what goes in and out.

There is less chance for your goods to be stolen or lost when they are transported in one container without mixing with other companies’ goods. When you ship with LCL, you have little control over what other goods may share the container with yours.

Most of the time this won’t be a problem, as all goods shipped via container have to follow the regulations, but some importers prefer to have all their goods together without having to share with others.

The other great logistical advantage of FCL shipping is the time it can save. Loading and unloading cargo at ports is a time consuming process, and part of the reason why your overall shipping time is much longer than the port-to-port transit time.

When it comes to LCL shipping, your goods will need to be consolidated and grouped with other goods in a container. This process can take a long time. On the other hand, if you’re shipping via FCL, then the process is much quicker, as it’s a simple case of loading all your goods into one container without the need to organise the sharing of space.

When goods arrive at the port of destination, they also need to go through a process of deconsolidation, which, in the case of LCL shipping, means emptying out the containers and taking the time to separate the different pallets out according to the customer.

Such a process involves quite a bit of logistics and document checking too. With FCL shipping, this process is not needed and you can even get your full container delivered to your address to be unloaded there.

Therefore with FCL there is a lot of time to be saved with your shipping. And as we know time is a value all itself. Therefore, FCL shipping could also save you in the long run if you can establish quicker shipping patterns. It also works out as more economical per cubic meter of space than LCL.

On the other hand, LCL might be preferable if you are only shipping small quantities of goods. If your business has a relatively quick need to get certain goods within a few weeks, then shipping via LCL can be a more attractive opportunity, as it allows importers to ship with only a few pallets.

If your business involves placing small orders from a variety of suppliers and those suppliers have differing schedules, then shipping via LCL may be preferable if you don’t want to wait for warehousing and simply want your goods as quickly as possible. LCL shipping is good for cheap transport of small quantities of goods.

If you’re transporting very large goods, or goods too bulky for a container there are other specialised options available for you for sea shipping. Please get in contact and we can discuss with you the options for large cargo shipping.

Ocean freight ports in Jordan for shipping by sea from China


Port of Aqaba in Jordan


Port Aqaba is run by the Aqaba Ports Corporation and is located in Southeastern Jordan by the Guld of Aqaba and the Red Sea. It features fully modern facilities and infrastructure, meaning this is a modern port that suits international trade.

Aqaba Port also has round the clock security and assistance. This port is equipped with up to date technical facilities that allow it to process many types of cargo, including large goods.


Our ocean freight services to Jordan from China

Sino Shipping can connect you and your business to international trade around the world:



Incoterms for shipping from China to Jordan


Incoterms refer to the agreements between buyers and sellers related to the transportation process. They are normally recognisable as three letter acronyms such as FOB or CIF.

There are many different calibrations of responsibilities along the way and incoterms help both buyer and seller have a clear agreement in place about who is responsible for the goods at a certain step of the journey.

When you’re importing from China to Jordan, make sure you are fully aware of the incoterms in order to avoid any breaches of contract or disputes with the seller that may arise.

Below are some of the common Incoterms used in trade:


EXW incoterm for shipping from China to Jordan


EXW stands for Ex-Works and is a term used in international trade to designate a situation where the buyer is responsible for the cost of transport from a designated location where the seller has made it available.

In short, this means that when you buy a product from a retailer, no transportation is included.In terms of shipping from China, EXW means that the buyer is responsible for the shipping costs and transportation from the factory/sales point to the port in China.

This means that you essentially have to cover three steps; from the factory to the port: from the Chinese port to the Jordanian port;from the Jordanian port to your address. In these cases, a Chinese freight forwarding company can help you immensely.

When you’re dealing with a supplier, EXW will generally be the cheapest option. Although obviously you have to pay yourself to transport the goods.


  • Export custom clearance from China to Jordan: No
  • Transport to Port of Loading in China for shipping from china to Jordan: No
  • Sea Freight charges for shipping from china to Jordan: No
  • Port of discharge charges for shipping from china to Jordan: No
  • Inland transport for shipping from china to Jordan: No



FOB (Free on Board) incoterm for shipping from China to Jordan

FOB refers to an arrangement where the seller is responsible for delivery of goods to the port of departure (port of loading). If you’re shipping from China to Jordan, for instance, this means that the seller will arrange transportation from their factory or retail outlet all the way to the port where it will be loaded onto a ship.
Once the goods are on the ship, the responsibility is then transferred to the buyer, who will be responsible for unloading the goods at the Jordanian port. From there you may pick up the goods and pass them through customs yourself, or you can hire a freight forwarder to assist with this stage.

  • Export clearance from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Transport to Port of Loading in China for shipping from china to Jordan: Yes
  • Sea Freight charges for shipping from china to Jordan: No
  • Port of discharge charges for shipping from China to Jordan: No
  • Inland transport for shipping from China to Jordan: No


CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) for shipping from China to Jordan


CIF stands for Cost, Insurance, and Freight and is paid by the supplier to cover against the risk of damage while the goods are in transit to their destination port, for example from a Chinese factory all the way to the port in Jordan.

Therefore under a CIF arrangement, the buyer is responsible only for transport from the domestic port to the business address. The Chinese supplier takes responsibility for the goods all the way up until they reach a designated inland or gate terminal in Jordan.

While a CIF arrangement can remove some of the hassle from the shipping process, they can be more expensive than alternatives. Your supplier will likely be using a freight forwarder of their own in these arrangements.

Thus you might want to consider whether it could be a better business strategy to simply invest in your own freight forwarding partner who will take care of the logistics at what will likely be a cheaper price than paying for the CIF arrangement.

The main difference between FOB and CIF is that under CIF arrangements the seller is still responsible for the items while they are on board.


  • Export clearance for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Transport to Port of Loading in China for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Sea Freight charges for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Port of discharge charges for shipping from China to Jordan: No
  • Inland transport for shipping from China to Jordan: No


DAT (Delivered at Terminal), incoterm for shipping from China to Jordan

With this incoterm, the seller is responsible for the delivery of the goods after they have been delivered to a terminal, but before they have passed through customs.
If you are using this incoterm, make sure you know exactly where the goods are being delivered to in the port, as terminals can be big places and you want to be sure you can find your goods.


  • Export clearance for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Transport to Port of Loading in China for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Sea Freight charges for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Port of discharge charges for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Inland transport for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes (To port/terminal only)


DAP (Delivered at Place) incoterm for shipping from China to Jordan

Under this arrangement, the supplier is responsible for shipping the goods all the way to a named place (such as a warehouse or business address) within the destination country.
However, the buyer is still responsible for customs clearance. Be sure to consult with your freight forwarder on this option so you can fully understand your precise obligations.


  • Export clearance for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Transport to Port of Loading in China for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Sea Freight charges for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Port of discharge charges for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Inland transport for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes (To your location)


Prohibited items to Jordan from China

Different companies have different rules and of course different countries too have prohibited items. Please make sure you check these before making an order as it is better safe than sorry.
Remember, if you are in doubt about whether your package is safe or legal to ship, then make sure you consult with one of our expert staff. It will cost a lot of money in the long run if you organise a shipping strategy only to find out that the item you want to ship is prohibited.
Do not try to subvert the rules as all parcels are scanned before shipping and if you are found to be trying to ship prohibited items, the package will be returned to you at your own expense.
Below we have listed some of the items that are prohibited by Jordanian law to be imported into the country.

Acids items Ice,Dry shipments
Batteries,Haz shipments Ice,Wet items
Bearer Documents items Infectious Substances cargos
Bio Products, Haz shipments Synthetic Marijuana (K2) goods
Chemicals, Haz shipments Liquids, Hazb items
Communications equipment Liquor,Haz
Corrosives goods Liquor,Haz and Non-Haz items
Cosmetics,Haz items Magnetized Materials shipments
Drugs,Non-Prescription item Medical/dental supplies & equipment shipments
Flammables items Oxidizers shipments
Gases items Paints, Haz goods
Herbal Products shipment Perfume, Haz cargoes
Herbal Tea items Phones/modems goods
Telecommunications equipment shipments Poisons (Toxics) shipments
Textile articles goods Radar equipment shipments
Toiletries, Haz shipments Radio equipment shipments
Seeds shipments Radioactives
Spice goods


Custom Clearance in Jordan for shipments imported from China


When you’re importing from China to Jordan, you will need certain documents to process the goods correctly. These are:

An invoice that shows the description and quantities of the goods, including their weight, value, and the customer and seller’s names in China and Jordan.

Bill of lading

Air Waybill paper (if you are transporting by air) or transport’s certificate for land based imports.

A certificate of origin paper for the goods.

A value declaration paper.

If your goods are warehouses in free zones, you will need an exit paper.

If your goods pass through Arab countries not neighbouring Jordan, you need a declaration of Arab transit.

All Jordanian trading companies must either get an importer’s card from the Ministry of Industry and Trade for customs clearance purposes or pay a Customs fee similar to five percent of the imported goods’ value.

You should also be aware that you can use a single administrative document fir import declarations coming from China. This means the seller in China can submit their declaration through the Jordanian Asycuda system. The system will then be able to confirm the entry and decide whether to pass the goods through customs or inspect them and the documents.


REGULATIONS AND CUSTOMS IN JORDAN for imported shipments from China


Non-Tariff Restrictions