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Shipping from China to Morocco: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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International trade is an important means of keeping countries sustainable. China is known as the new ‘workshop of the world’ meaning that it has developed immense productive forces to develop and build much of the world’s most essential goods and commodities.


China is thus one of the world’s largest exporters and its relation to Morocco is no different to many other countries in the world, as Morocco imports goods from China.


If you’re wanting to import goods from China to Morocco, and want to get answers to some of the most important questions, then this FAQ is here to help you.


Which Express Shipping Companies send goods from China to Morocco?


Express is the fastest means of transport and often the simplest when it comes to shipping relatively small quantities of goods. A door-to-door service means you’ll get the goods shipped from the point of origin in China all the way to your business address.


Express delivery refers to delivery via air by specialised courier companies. Of course, this speed and service comes with a higher price and express is not suitable for larger, bulkier goods. If you’re not sure whether your goods qualify for express then get in touch.


As well as express delivery, there is regular air freight. This will take a little longer than express delivery, but is still much quicker than sea freight. The price, as expected, reflects this, being slightly cheaper than express, especially for larger quantities, and more expensive than sea.


There are also companies that can deliver your goods to the port of Casablanca via sea shipping. Sea freight takes a longer time but can be much more economical than air freight, particularly if you are shipping large quantities of goods or goods that are bulky.

Is shipping permitted between China and Morocco?


Yes, Morocco is open for trade with both China and the European Union, meaning that importing into the country is standard practice. Imports from China into Morocco have contributed to the growth in the Moroccan economy.


However, do be aware that like most countries, Morocco has restrictions on certain goods. So make sure to check the regulations before you ship. 

What are the Costs of shipping from China to Morocco?


This is the all important question for importing businesses and there is no easy answer. The cost of importing goods relies on a variety of different factors such as the means of transportation, the weight and bulk of your goods and even the time of year you are importing.


However, it is possible to calculate the overall cost of your goods.With express delivery, medium sized parcels will cost around 5USD per Kg. The price will vary according to the size and you may be able to get more value with larger packages. Courier websites will have a tool for you to be able to assess the different weights and prices of your parcel.


With a freight forwarding company, such as Sino Shipping, we can put our resources to work in getting you the best deal by utilising our networks and expertise. 

How much does FedEx shipping from China to Morocco cost?


When shipping by air, weight is important when measuring the final cost. According to weight, if you are shipping up 10kgs, then the cost of shipping will be $100-130. If the weight goes up to 25kgs then you can expect to pay around $200-220.


With express services such as Fed-Ex, the price may be a little higher. However, there is scope and potential for getting cheaper deals. Get in touch with us and we’ll find the best offer for your express and quick shipping from China to Morocco.

How long does it take to transport goods from China to Morocco
using express shipping, air freight, and sea freight?


We know that time=money for many businesses and so, knowing how long shipping takes can be a vital element to your business plans. The length of time all depends on the means of transport and the service you choose.


The quickest service is express delivery, which should take around 7-8 days days from China to Morocco.Following that method, regular air freight takes around 10 days.However, be aware that different couriers offer different prices based on services and requirements of importers.


There are many different options for you in this and it pays to work with your freight forwarding company to arrive at a strategy that makes sense for you and your business. The slowest method (although it’s the most economical for larger goods) is sea freight, which can take from around 30 days.


Sino Shipping has many different options for you and your goods, and we’ll consult with you on the best strategy for your business.

airfreight from china to morocco

What are the advantages of shipping by air freight when transporting goods

from China to Morocco?


Air freight brings many advantages for importers. Firstly, the speed of air freight is much quicker than shipping by sea. This is not just a question of getting goods quicker, but it’s also near-essential if you’re shipping certain goods that may spoil if transported for lengthy periods of goods.


Another advantage is that air transport is normally a more safer and stable mode of transport for fragile or goods that could break. This is due both to the reduced time in handling and to the means of transportation itself. With both rail and sea, there is a small risk of water or damage due to bumps, etc. 


Air freight also allows much more precision when it comes to scheduling your transport logistics.Air travel is rarely delayed meaning your goods will mostly arrive when they are scheduled to.Furthermore, with the higher frequency of flights, you have a much wider choice when it comes to shipping at your convenience.


Another reason for favouring air freight is that it could mean lower insurance premiums as the transportation time is quicker than other methods and thus there is less overall risk of goods being damaged. A final benefit is that with air freight you don’t need to package the goods as thoroughly as you would have to with sea freight.

How is chargeable weight calculated when shipping goods from China to Morocco?


Air travel is a sophisticated means of transportation but it also costs a lot to maintain, thus the costs of air freight are high compared to ground and ocean transport. When transporting goods by air, you need to be aware of two concepts: Actual Weight and Volumetric weight. 


The price of air freight is calculated based on either the actual/natural weight or the volumetric weight. Actual weight of your product is calculated from the gross and net weight. This is then compared to the volumetric weight to determine the fees. The charge is by whichever one is greater.


The reason for this is that if you have something that is large but relatively light, the transportation companies would want to charge you by the space it takes up rather than the weight, otherwise they would end up not being able to make sustainable income.


It pays to understand the difference between actual weight and volume weight, as it may be a shock if you get charged by volumetric weight if you aren’t aware that this is a possibility.


To find out the volumetric weight, the ratio is normally around 1:167 for air and 1:200 for express delivery.This means that a cubic meter is calculated to be equivalent to around 167 kilograms for air freight and 200 kilograms for express delivery.


In short, if you are shipping something large and bulky then it is likely that it will be charged according to the size not the weight. If you would like a more in-depth explanation of this with added detail and calculations, we will be happy to help you.


Just get in contact with our expert team and we’ll talk you through the process and make some estimates as to whether your goods will be charged according to volume or actual weight.

How much does air freight shipping from China to Morocco cost?


Regular air freight is usually a little cheaper than express delivery freight by air and more expensive than sea freight. The costs of air freight encompass the speed of the service as well as the relative safety of the goods that are being shipped.


As mentioned above, air freight will be calculated according to whichever is larger: the actual weight or the volumetric weight. As we mentioned above too, the prices of air freight are very variable according to many factors such as: courier company, carrier, season, and even time of day.


Volume also plays a part, as in general, if you’re shipping many goods at once, you may be able to get cheaper deals with the service.Therefore, the best way to calculate the expected cost of shipping your goods via air freight is to consult with your freight forwarder.


Your freight forwarding company has the expertise and resources not only to provide you with an accurate price valuation for transport, but also to use its knowledge and networks to get you the best possible price. Sino Shipping offers many options for your transportation needs from China to Morocco. Your success is our success.

How long do goods take to be transported from China to Morocco?


Air freight is one of the quickest means of transportation from China to Morocco. With Express delivery services, your goods can arrive at your address in around 5 days from order. With priority air freight, it may take around 7 to 8 days.


With an economy service forwarding, the time could be around 14 to 15 days. Of course, these times are general estimates and transportation can often be quicker.

What are the size limits when shipping from China to Morocco?


Airlines have regulations when it comes to shipping and when you’re shipping from China to Morocco, you have to be aware of these. Similarly, Different countries have different rules when it comes to shipping.


When it comes to transporting goods between China and Morocco, you should be able to import up to 164 cm with pallets.If you need to transport more than this, then you could ship more than one box. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding this.

What items are prohibited from being imported from China to Morocco?


Every country has its own rules and regulations about what can and cannot be imported. When you’re importing from China to Morocco, you will need to be aware of both Chinese and Moroccan laws as well as the regulations of the transportation companies.


The international Air Transport Association has prohibited many items from all flights.These items include most importantly, bottles or containers with gas, flammable items, items that include toxic or corrosive elements or chemicals, items with strong magnets. Oxidizers and biochemical products, and anything that could put passengers’ health at risk.

How much does it cost to ship goods from China to Morocco by sea?


Ocean shipping is the cheapest option for importing goods. However, there are many factors to take into account when shipping by sea that will affect the final price. As with other methods of shipping, this includes the volume and amount of goods you are transporting.


Shipping by sea is generally done by container ships. And there are two standard sizes of container used by most shipping companies.These are 20 feet and 40 feet containers. The cost of a 40 feet container from China to Morocco is around $9500 dollars.


There are also different options for different goods. If you’re transporting items that are very bulky, such as large machinery, then there are specialised options for sea freight. Contact your logistics company who will be best placed to advise you on your options in this regard. 

sea freight from china to morocco

How long does shipping by sea freight take from China to Morocco?


Compared to air freight, the time it takes to transport goods by sea is not as precise. There are many variables and factors that affect the time it takes to ship from China to Morocco.


The distance between China and Morocco is 10,500 nautical miles and if you are transporting your goods by sea, it will take around 34-37 days. Due to the time it takes to unload goods, FCL shipping will be quicker than LCL shipping.


What are the main differences between air and sea freight?


The first major difference is the time it takes for transportation. Air freight takes around one third to one quarter of the time it takes sea freight, with around 8 days for air freight compared to up to and over a month for sea freight.


Secondly, the price difference. Air freight is more expensive than sea freight. Air freight can cost up to $70 per kg for priority packages, whereas a 40 foot container will cost around $10,000. Your overall price and viability will depend on many factors.


If you’re shipping things in bulk, then sea freight is likely to be more economical. However, if you’re only shipping small things, air freight or express services could be a better option for you, even though they are priced higher according to weight. This is because the speed of air transport means your business can provide a quicker service, which may end up being a better value proposition. 


A third major difference is insurance premiums, which relate, among other things, to the time taken for transportation. As air freight takes a shorter time and thus there is less risk of damage, consequently, insurance premiums are lower.


Sea freight can also be more environmentally friendly than air freight.Between air and sea freight, there is also a middle way, which is shipping goods via rail. Railway freight is becoming an interesting and innovative way to send goods.


While traditionally sea freight has been the most popular way to ship goods from Asia, now we are seeing a rise in Railway shipping which many are seeing as a great alternative to historical modes of shipping.


We can see railway freight as being a ‘middle ground’ between air and sea freight in terms of pricing and delivery time.Railway freight is quicker than sea freight, but also cheaper than air freight in terms of the cost to weight ratio.


If you’re looking to ship frequently but not extremely urgently, then train-based freight shipping may be the perfect solution for you. With train-based freight you’ll be able to ship small to medium consignments fairly quickly across the continent, meaning your business may be able to tailor itself to your clients requests.


Railway shipping is also much more versatile when it comes to the type of goods and cargo that can be shipped. Pallets, cartons, crates, as well as perishable items such as food can be shipped via rail. Railways services can also handle special items that need to be transported at specially controlled temperatures.


Railway shipping also is able to handle more complex and bulky goods that might have trouble fitting into either planes or ships. However, do be aware that not everything can be shipped by rail and there are limitations on certain items such as dangerous items, it is also not recommended to ship small and high value items via rail so please research before you decide on this option.

When shipping from China to Morocco, which is the cheapest method?


The two main modes of shipping transportation between China and Morocco are sea and air. The cheapest option when it comes to the price of shipping is sea freight. Sea freight containers come to around $10,000 for a 40 foot container, which may sound like a lot but in bulk this could come to as little as 33-36 cents per KG. 


If you are shipping via LCL container, also known as groupage, the cost will be a little higher, as your goods will need to be packed together before departure and separate at the port of arrival.This also means that with LCL you cannot have a full container delivered to your address, so if that is important to you, it might be useful to investigate using FCL instead, even if you can’t fill a full container it could still be the most economical option.

Is there any way for me to reduce shipping cost to Morocco from China?


Your shipping logistics are much more than just the choice of the mode of transport. There are many other factors to consider if you are looking to reduce costs. Make sure to research thoroughly when it comes to this as being armed with knowledge can bring you big savings in the long term.


Choosing a reliable freight forwarder is one way to reduce costs. Freight forwarders with experience and great customer service can make a big difference. The best freight forwarders will be able to consult with you to find a strategy that makes sense for your business needs.


They bring not only a wealth of experience but valuable networks that can lead to savings on both an ad-hoc and established basis.Sea freight is generally the cheapest option. Within this option it is useful to understand the difference between FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL Less than Container Load) shipping and establish which is better for your needs.


FCL is when you hire a whole container for your own use. LCL is when your goods are transported in a container with goods from other importers and companies.If you aren’t transporting a lot of goods then LCL is cheaper, but because you are sharing with other businesses, it can also add time to the process.


FCL could prove a better option even if you don’t have a full container.A standard 40 foot container can accommodate 22 standard pallets, with a 20 foot container holding 10 pallets.If you’re shipping large volumes and can fill a container, it makes sense to choose FCL (Full Container Load).


FCL shipping brings many advantages when it comes to logistics as if everything inside the container belongs to one company, then generally this makes things run a lot more smoothly, which can have a cost benefit too.


On the other hand, LCL (Less than a Container Load) refers to shipping where your goods share space within a container with other goods. If you’re okay with that, then LCL shipping (also known as groupage) offers a more economical way to ship smaller quantities that make up less than half of the volume of a full container.


However LCL can also mean that your goods can take longer to arrive as the process of loading and unloading takes longer.Also keep in mind that certain types of freight may require specialised tools when in transit, we’ll be able to provide you with these to ensure your goods remain in perfect condition!


Also make sure to package and label your goods correctly. Failure to do so may result in fines and so it pays to be careful when it comes to this.

How do I deal with customs clearance in Morocco?


All cargo, goods and packages coming from China to Morocco must go through customs. Customs ensure that goods being imported into the country are permitted and that the means of importing them is legal. This means that businesses must be prepared and have the correct documents in order when importing.


Common documents you will need include:

  • Bill of Entry
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Purchase Letter/Letter of Credit
  • Bill of Lading/Airway Bill
  • Import License
  • Insurance Certificate


Yes, there are a lot of documents you need to be aware of. Make sure that you work with a trusted logistics company/freight forwarder who knows exactly which documents you need to provide and how they should be completed.


When you work with a trusted logistics company such as ourselves we endeavour to make sure that your goods pass through customs as smoothly as possible.The time it takes for goods to pass through customs can vary from one shipment to the next and can also depend on certain times of year which may be more busy than usual.

What are the charges for customs duty for shipping from China to Morocco?


When importing from China to Morocco, you may need to pay certain taxes and duties. These can vary from 2.5 to 35%. There may also be a Value Added Tax (VAT) which ranges from 0 to 20%. 


Every item has a different code and thus a different charge. However, some items may be exempt from customs duty. Nevertheless, in those cases, you will still need to supply the relevant importing documents as noted above.

Do I need to pay the customs duty or the supplier in China?


Typically when importing into Morocco, it will be your responsibility to pay the customs charges on entry.

How long does customs clearance for goods from China to Morocco take?


The time it takes for customs clearance should be part of your business’ shipping plans and in general it will take one or two days to pass through the customs in Morocco.


However if there are suspicions about your package and the goods that are being imported then this could hold up the process and it may take weeks for it to be processed. Because of this, it’s always important for your goods to be clearly labelled and for all the correct documents to be filled in.

What are the consequences for providing incorrect information about my shipment from China to Morocco?


Falsifying customs declarations is a serious offence in any country and in Morocco it is taken seriously too. People may try to do this to save on taxes and duties, however, if you are caught doing this, you could face a large fine or even, in severe cases, imprisonment.

Different Shipping options between China and Morocco


Your choice of shipping mode will often depend on the type of goods you are transporting. Please let us know if you have specific requirements and we’ll be happy to craft a bespoke solution for you.


 – Pallet shipping from China to Morocco


When it comes to large items or lots of items, then palletised shipping from China to Morocco may make a lot of sense. Take a look at our website where we’ll be able to give you an estimate on the cost of shipping pallets from one country to another.


We at Sino Shipping also provide warehousing solutions for pallets, where your goods can be kept safely as they await transportation. Get in contact with us now to explore all your options and find the solution that best suits you.


– Luggage shipping from China to Morocco


Sino Shipping can give you an immediate price for shipping your luggage anywhere in the world, including from China to Morocco. When it comes to luggage shipping be aware that packaging your items correctly is essential and suitcases are not seen as an appropriate means of packaging.


The standard package is a cardboard box, which you may put your other bags into if needed. If in any doubt then please contact us about the best means of packaging, so we can ensure that your shipping is not refused by the carrier.


– Door to Door Shipping from China to Morocco


Door to Door shipping means that you can place an order for a package to be delivered and it will be picked up in China and delivered all the way to your home or business address in Morocco.


With door to door shipping you don’t need to pick up items at the port. Door to door shipping is suitable for all sorts of goods, from consumer items to business cargo.  


– Shipping packages from China to Morocco


If you’re shipping a package from China to Morocco, then Sino Shipping can use our years of experience and networks to match you with the best carrier who will ship your packages for the quickest time at the best price.


Our website can give you a quick price quote for this service. Please get in contact with any questions you may have about this service.


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