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What Sino Shipping does is help you ship your cargo from China to Oman. Do you also want to ship your cargo to Muscat, Sohar and Salalah? We will help you with that, and at an attractive price. Our freight forwarder system is available for customers planning on shipping their cargo from China to Oman.


We have many years of experience in shipping all kinds of cargo from China to Oman.

Door-to-door delivery service is also available, from the time the order was placed to the time of final delivery. Ensuring safe delivery of shipments and customer satisfaction is our top priority!

economy relationship between china oman

The Relationship Between China and Oman’s Economy

“China and Oman have been big business partners in recent years. Their partnership began from January to June, 2020. The volume of sales within China and Oman holds $9.15 billion, of which China accounts for $1.27 billion, and imports account for $7.88 billion.

The majority of shipping between China and Oman occurs by sea freightair freight and other freight services. The following article presents the details of shipping from China to Oman.


DDP shipping from China to Oman


Sino Shipping is a professional freight forwarder that provides shipping services from China to Oman, sea or air freight shipping using LCL ensures that price is not exorbitant, and also, shipment is delivered safely and timely.

Door-to-door delivery service by Amazon FBA warehouse is available, provided business and private addresses are given. Air freight shipping takes 15-20 days and that of sea freight, 30-35 days.

About DDP shipping from China to Oman


Description: DDP shipping from China to Oman can be done via two (2) routes: DDP air freight and DDP sea freight. We receive goods that are sent to our warehouse in Shenzhen, China. Or we pick them up directly from your factory.

DDP air freight from China to Oman

  • First Leg: Air shipping
  • Shipping Type: LCL Shipping by Default
  • Shipping Time: 15-20 days
  • Export Declaration: Your Factory Will Not Be Declared Exporter
  • Destination: Amazon FBA Warehouse, Business Address and Private Address.


DDP Sea freight from China to Oman

  • First Leg: Sea shipping
  • Shipping Type: LCL shipping by Default
  • Shipping Time: 30-35 days
  • Export Declaration: Your Factory Will Not Be Declared Exporter
  • Destination: Amazon FBA Warehouse, Business Address and Private Address.


Item Requirements

  • Items That Do Not Infringe Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Items That are Legal and Not Controlled Items such as drugs, arms, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.


Outer Carton Requirements

  • Outer Carton Should Be New and Sturdy. Do Not Use  Logos or  Info that is counter related to the goods.
  • The carton must be sealed properly with opp gum tape.
  • A “Made in China” label or print must be attached to the carton
  • Outer Carton dimensions should be smaller than 320cm * 210cm * 158cm.


Weight Requirements

  • Minimum chargeable weight for air freight shipping is 11kg/DDP, that of sea freight shipping is 167kg/DDP.


Amazon FBA Items Requirements

  • Each item must have a unique FNSKU label.
  • Each Services  outer carton must have two(2) Amazon shipment labels attached, one on the front and the other on the back. Then, the clear opp gum tape or clear sticker can be used to cover the label.


Final Delivery

  • Door-to-door Delivery by our business partner is available.


air freight from china to oman


Air Freight shipping from China to Oman


Sino Shipping provides air freight services from China to Oman and vice versa. There is a delay of 2 days when shipping by air freight from China to Oman, compared to sea freight which takes 30 – 35 days.


Sino Shipping’s network of expert partners permits us to properly handle your freight minutely and at the best stops.


All kinds of items can be shipped by air freight. Air freight regulations are strict, that’s why we focus on carefully examining your demands. After a careful analysis of your demands has been done, our team will ensure you a successful freight service from China to Oman, while taking your expectations, requirements, and the quality of your shipment into consideration.


Sino Shipping Notes: For an exact quote, contact our experts. They will give you an update on price beforehand.

Sino Shipping – Has a physical establishment in major airports in China


The cost of air freight from China to Oman is calculated by using two separate systems.


(1) the cost per kilogram multiplied by the weight of the shipment.

Since an Airbus, or a Boeing has a restricted loading space, weight isn’t the only parameter for calculating cost of air freight. For low-density freight (meaning a small weight, with a significant volume), you will be invoiced based on shipment volume from China to Oman rather than the weight.


(2) It is called the “volumetric weight” and is straightforward to calculate:

Volumetric weight or average freight) = Volume (CBM) x 167


Should the dimensions of your shipment be provided, you can also calculate the volumetric weight by yourself.

For air freight shipment weight, we use the highest real weight (measured using a standard weighing scale).

Air freight from China to Oman


Air freight is the fastest method of shipping from China to Oman. By the way, you will learn about the air freight costs, Customs procedure, freight restrictions, and insurance choices for your import from China.

Express Service from China to Oman: Air freight is undisputedly the most excellent way to ship items.. For air freight from China to Oman, the trip only needs a few hours.


In addition, many other steps take more time, and that process cannot be reversed. The Paperwork: It involves the Custom clearance and importing/exporting from China to Oman, also, the pickup, the treatment, and the delivery of the shipment at the final address in Oman, is obligatory and significantly affects delay time.


(Volumetric weight or Express freight) = Volume (CBM) x 200

Sino Shipping, we assist you with the final delivery of your shipment between 3-6 days, and also, your door-to-door requests within China and Oman.

For more articles on this topic or air freight quote for shipments from China to Oman, you can contact Sino Shipping specialists, they are quick to respond.


Air freight is more valuable than sea freight, because it can accommodate shipments with volume greater than 1.5 Cubic Meters and higher weight of more than 167 kg (200 kg for express). However, it is quite expensive. Therefore, air freight is more beneficial with regards to the time it would take to ship from China to Oman.

Costs will be cut by choosing the fastest freight method . Also, the most reliable shipping method is air freight. The risks (damage, theft) of shipping your products will also be taken into consideration. This makes you feel calm because you’re aware that your goods are undergoing safe and fast shipping.


For example: Door-to-door delivery from China to Oman shipping takes 3-6 days by air freight vs  30-35 days by sea freight.Air freights are processed with immediate effect. The same procedures are followed, and this facilitates tracking of your shipment. Your shipments are monitored live. You will be updated throughout the process of your shipment being conveyed.


Air freight can be a worthy option for shipments with high combined value, high frequency or short volume.

This system has been modified for all high-value or breakable goods. Strict safety requirements limit the opportunities for theft.

Air freight is also preferable when there are time constraints and that your shipment must be delivered as soon as possible.


Shipment procedures for air freight from China to Oman:

  1. Your items are picked up at your supplier’s address in China, and then sent to Oman.
  2. Your shipment can be delivered at the nearest international airport in Oman.
  3. Customs Declaration for shipping from China to Oman.
  4. Custom clearance (VAT and other taxes) for shipping from China to Oman.
  5. Delivery of shipment to your address in Oman.


Door to Door Service from China to Oman


Door-to-door delivery service is rendered when shipment is delivered by the sender in China, to the customer’s home address in Oman..


Door-to-door service from China to Oman is a shipping service that conveys the customer’s items to their given address in Oman, from China. Depending on the transaction outcomes, prices could be quoted on either EXWFCACPTCIP, DP, or DDP Incoterms connected with  house-to-house transportation services from China to Oman.

The shipper in China must make sure that the transportation service answers to the contractual duties of Incoterms. Door-to-door delivery is sometimes done synonymously with house-to-house delivery.

Express Service from China to Oman


The most active kind of shipping from China to Oman is by Express Service. Although this would incur more costs, this system of delivery could take 24- 72 hours to ship from China to Oman.

Express delivery is the most active delivery system. That means the shipment leaves the warehouse or pick-up site almost immediately, and is transported through the quickest courier route (usually by air freight, especially if it’s international shipping).


Sino Shipping offers active mail services at their Post Office. It guarantees a 1-2 Day expedited service, and at 3 p.m. A $100 insurance coverage is included for mailable items from China to Oman. Priority Mail Express delivery is rendered 365 days, and in many locations.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Air Freight from China to Oman:

The most accepted method of shipping from China to Oman is Air freight as it has many benefits.

  • Advantages of Air Freight from China to Oman


Below are the benefits of air freight from China to Oman:


  • High Speed of Shipping

It is the fastest means of shipping. Therefore, it ensures proper carriage of shipments over a long distance.
And It saves time.

  • Quick Service for Shipping from China to Oman

Air freight is easy, efficient and fast. It is regarded as the best method of conveying your shipments.
(especially perishable ones)

  • No Infrastructure Investment for Shipping from China to Oman

Air freight does not include the construction of routes like railways. As no capital investment in the route of
choice is required, it costs less.

  • Easy Access for Shipping from China to Oman

Air freight is regarded as the only shipping method that ships items to areas that are not easily accessible, as compared to other shipping methods. It is therefore accessible to all sites.

  • No Physical Barrier for Shipping from China to Oman

Air freight is not prone to natural barriers like changes in weather, because it follows the most direct routes.

  • Natural Route for Shipping from China to Oman

Aircraft goes to any place without any hassles, because the custom rules are compiled as soon as possible. Also it is not affected and avoids delays in obtaining clearance from Customs.

  • National defence for shipping from China to Oman

It plays an essential role in the country’s national defense because modern wars are conducted with airplanes.


The Disadvantage of air freight from China to Oman

Despite many benefits, air freight has some disadvantages:


  • Risky for Shipping from China to Oman

Air freight poses high risk on shipping from China to Oman, because minor accidents may damage the shipment, subject the passengers and crew to injuries. The chances of these events are more significant in comparison to other methods of shipping.

  • Very Costly for Shipping from China to Oman

Air freight is costly compared to other methods of shipping. The cost of shipping by airplane is higher, which involves investment in construction of airports and aircraft. Having pinpointed these, the cost of air free is so high that it can’t be afforded by ordinary people.

  • Small Carrying Capacity for Shipping from China to Oman

The aircraft has a small carrying capacity, therefore air freight is not an ideal method of shipping items in bulk. The carrying capacity cannot be increased.

  • Unreliable for Shipping from China to Oman

The outcome of air freight could be unreliable as it depends on the predictions of weather conditions. Flights may be paused if weather conditions are unfavourable.

  • Massive Investment for Shipping from China to Oman

Huge investment is required for the construction and maintenance of airports. Qualified and skilled personnel are also required. Also, which involves a substantial property.

Airports of China and Oman


China has many airports that are used for shipping internationally.

We hereby point out some of the busiest ones that operate air freight from China to Oman and also the airport of Oman for any imports from China to Oman.

China Main Airports for air freight to Oman 
Hangzhou Xiaoshan International AirportTaiyuan Wusu International Airport
Kunming Changshui International AirportBeijing Capital International Airport
Shanghai Pudong International AirportChengdu Shuangliu International Airport
Hong Kong International AirportXian Xianyang International Airport
Shenzhen Bao’an International AirportXiamen Gaoqi International Airport
Guangzhou Baiyun International AirportChangsha Huanghua International Airport
Qingdao Liuting International AirportWuhan Tianhe International Airport
Haikou Meilan International AirportÜrümqiDiwopu International Airport
Shijiazhuang Zhengding International AirportTianjin Binhai International Airport
Phoenix International AirportHarbin Taiping International Airport
Guiyang Longdongbao International AirportLanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport
Dalian Zhoushuizi International AirportXishuangbannaGasa Airport
Oman Airport for import shipments from China 
Salalah AirportMuscat International Airport


Transit time for air freight from China to Oman


The time it takes to ship from China to Oman depends on your service of choice.

It could be air freight or sea freight, the time required will change depending on which freight is selected.


DDP service and DDU service from China to Oman


For local consumers, it is better to ship with DDP Incoterms, as it performs a quiet and error-free delivery.

Not overlooking DDU service for shipping from China to Oman, the transportation, including import and export businesses that work under license and typically handle many shipments fancy DDU shipping from China to Oman.


What you pick should depend on the market model you follow and your customer’s savviness.

DDP service from China to Oman means that the sender would pay the taxes. Often, the e-commerce retailer combines these fees directly after receiving the payment from the client.

DDU service from China to Oman (Delivery Duty Unpaid) is an indication that the buyer is qualified for paying the taxes and duties. Customs will contact them once their purchase arrives to settle any shipping charges.


 In 2010, DDU service was transferred from Incoterms and returned with DAP service.


 The sender does not pay for unloading in DDP service. That’s why the exact destination must be named.

sea freight from china to oman


Sea freight from China to Oman


Anyone who believes that Oman and the other emirates are all about dryness and sands is partially right. Because the oil nations are all easily accessible by ship, and because they have more and more to contribute economically, they are also valuable to administrators. It is not without cause that we always set up sea freight to Oman from China for our customers.


Do you want to ship a sea container from China to Oman or ship a box differently? Then, we will be glad to work for you because we will a great, fast and cheap service to you,

which include:

  • Moderately priced sea freight from China to Oman.
  • All types of shipments can be delivered from China to Oman.
  • Experience and international networks promote low shipment rates from China to Oman.
  • FCL(Full Container Load), LCL(Less than Full Container Load) service from China to Oman, and grouping of the sea vessels from China to Oman.
  • Sino Shipping delivers your shipment within a few hours to your given address.


It’s easy to transport Sea Freight from China to Oman


Do you need sea freight shipments from China to Oman? If yes, it needs to be regulated. You’d experience many difficulties if you want to go through the whole process yourself. Our experts are available to take on all the work.. For example, we don’t only send shipments from China to Oman, we also take complete logistics of the shipments.


Are you in need of unique customs papers for your sea container to Oman from China? Our customs administration will have them in its territory in the quickest possible time. Also, if you have a little load, which needs to be combined with other shipments? Thanks to our extensive network, we can always make groupage shipments, which significantly reduces the cost for you. However, an FCL shipment from China to Oman can also be handled.



LCL and FCL from China to Oman


FCL (Full Container Load) service from China to Oman: The client’s shipment is carried in a sealed container. LCL (Less than Full Container Load) service from China to Oman, or grouped shipment: the customer’s shipments are not diverse enough to fill a container, the freight of several customers are put into the same one container.


FCL stands for “Full Container Load” and LCL, “Less than Full Container Load.”

The definition above implies that:

An FCL/LCL arrangement is a shipment mode by ocean freight from China to Oman. The mount takes the packages from the container and carries them to their respective owners. Once the shipments arrive at the port address, the boxes are separated. They are later sorted according to their respective owners or directly delivered to them.


The FCL/LCL contract shipping from China to Oman uses two kinds of containerization:

  • FCL term (Full Container Load): the client’s shipments are carried in a filled and sealed container;
  • LCL term (Less than Full Container Load) or grouped freight: the customers’ shipment is not diverse enough to fill a box; the shipment of several customers are put into one container.

Other than FCL/LCL, there are different modes of shipment from China to Oman:

  • FCL/FCL tagged item from China to Oman: the expediter’s parcel goes in a container, then it is delivered to the recipient.
  • LCL/FCL term from China to Oman: the boxes of several expediters are classified in a single container to be given to one recipient.
  • LCL/LCL term from China to Oman: Several shipments of expediters are classified into one container then departed at the address to be delivered to several receivers.

The selection FCL or LCL of mode


Selecting the method of shipping is essential with respect to shipping costs. The expediter aims to reduce shipping cost. For example, shipping your goods in groups from China to Oman allows for saving money on costs, the load does not completely occupy a container (less than 15 cubic meters). By frequently shipping smaller volumes, the LCL (Less than Full Container Load) shipment will ensure protection in the area.


However, shipping from China to Oman has security factors that must be considered. With classified shipment, loading/unloading procedures (breaking bulk) are higher in number, thus creating damage, loss, or theft of cargo. There is a shortage of safe and secure shipping using single containers or FCL for shipping from China to Oman.

This shipping method excludes breaking bulk, the container is sealed after initial delivery, which is also quicker since there is no grouping or division of goods, which may lead to delays in delivery. The price of FCL shipping changes fast, especially if it functions to occupy available space on the cargo ship.


It is advisable that the customer reaches out to the freight forwarder for the commencement of shipping their items. The freight forwarder is liable for finding the most efficient shipping method. He takes the different modes of transport, executes compression (grouping and separating), and also manages all the rules.


The Different Steps Involved in Full Container Load (FCL)/Less than Full Container Load (LCL) Shipment from China to Oman:

  • The shipment is conveyed by truck to the port of removal.
  • The cargo must be cleared at the Customs.
  • The packages are unloaded from the truck and then filled into a container.
  • The container is placed onto the cargo ship.
  • The cargo ship reaches the destination port in Oman.
  • The container is unloaded at the port.
  • The container is cleared of all its contents and are separated according to the various recipients.


Ports of China and Oman


China main Sea ports for shipping to Oman   
Fang ChenggangWeihaiQingdaoRizhao
Taizhou (North of Wenzhou)WenzhouChangleQuanzhou
YingkouJinzhouTaizhou (South of Wenzhou)Qinhuangdao
TianjinYantai HaikouBasuoZhenjiang

8 Major Ports of Oman for Import from China by Sea Freight

– Port Sultan Qaboos – for shipping from China to Oman

– Port of Salalah – for shipping from China to Oman

– PTFSH Port of Soharr – for shipping from China to Oman

– Port of Khasab- for shipping from China to Oman

– Port of Shinas – for shipping from China to Oman

– Port of Duqm – for shipping from China to Oman

– Mina Al Fahal – for shipping from China to Oman

– Qalhat LNG – for shipping from China to Oman


Advantages and Disadvantages of Sea Freight from China to Oman.

For many centuries, global sea freight has been one of the most beneficial methods of shipping various loads across continents.

Shipping by Sea From China To Oman Has Many Benefits.

  • In comparison to other shipping methods, fuel consumption is less in terms of the unit of the cargo shipped.
  • Very high load-carrying capability (one ship can take a considerable amount of shipments in one shipping,
    this also include the large-sized ones);
  • In order to upload the goods quickly, proper containers must be used (special containers that can maintain optimal temperature for the items).


Limitations of sea freight from China to Oman:


Sea freight shipping from China to Oman has one significant drawback; and that is ‘Time’. Delivery of shipments takes a little longer than any other freight method. Also, it’s pretty challenging to determine the exact time of transition.

Delays could be experienced during transportation, other factors such as weather conditions ( storms etc.) which affect the ship’s course. At times, shipping time can increase to a few more weeks.

You could have difficulties with customs clearance. Should there be errors in the documentation, it could lead to the indefinite suspension of your shipment.

Moreover, your shipment can be withdrawn should the documents have problems. To avoid such problems, it’s necessary to do all the documentation carefully, better yet, make use of the services of specialized professionals in this sphere.


Sea freight shipping from China to Oman is not the best option if the time factor is to be taken into consideration. Therefore, sea freight shipping would be especially relevant under the following circumstances:

  • The shipping cost is more valuable than time it would take to for ship items from China to Oman.
  • There is a need of shipping large-scale load and large-sized cargo from China to Oman.

We used waters to connect the regions. We have made vast discoveries of foreign lands surrounded by sea, and these have become a route of choice to ship from one continent to another. There have been upscale in our business deals as our shipping methods have improved.

Air freight is much faster than sea freight in shipping from China to Oman. Sea freight from China to Oman has advantages and disadvantages that should be considered. The main constituents that must be notice are:

  • Durability
  • Volume of Freight
  • Shipping Charges
  • The Point of Delivery


 Advantages of Ocean Freight from China to Oman


    • The cost of sea freight is relatively lower than that of air freight and other freight methods. If you’re shipping heavy loads, you can save a substantial amount of money on your intercontinental transportation. This is the most obvious benefit of sea freight shipping over other freight shipping methods.


    • The cost of water resources for transportation is lower than those of other methods of shipping from China to Oman. Presumably, that is why the cost of sea freight is lower. The maintenance cost of rail and air transportation systems is much higher and puts pressure on the client’s pockets.


    • Air freight is not suitable for heavy shipments such as automobile components, machinery and industrial equipment. Air freight is costly, and it would take more trips to transport your shipment from China to Oman. With sea freight, you can convey large quantities of shipments and at a relatively lower price.


    • Climate change is the least factor to worry about. Sea freight is preferred over air freight because of the minimal carbon footprint. Fuel consumption by sea freight is more economical compared to that of air freight.


    • Sea freight is also useful for conveying harmful and hazardous materials. It ensures the safety of your shipment. Sealed containers are also used to provide extra protection to your goods.
    • The size of the shipment does not matter. Smaller shipments can be conveyed in bulk.


Items That Are Prohibited from Shipping to Oman

Several items are prohibited from shipping from China to Oman because they pose a risk to safety. If you’re in doubt whether an item is prohibited from shipping or not, you can check with your air freight forwarder. You will be asked to leave behind any prohibited items before you board a flight from China to Oman.

Airports and airlines are not under obligations to store or return seized items. The table below shows a list of items that are prohibited from shipping to Oman from China by sea or air freight.


Oman Import Prohibitions from China by sea freight or air freight 
AcidsHerbal Tea
Ball BearingsIce, Blue
Batteries, HazIce, Dry
Bearer DocumentsIce, Wet
Bio Products, HazInfectious Substances
Checks, CashierItems offensive to Muslim culture
Chemicals, HazKnives
Clocks/watchesLaser disc
CoffeeLiquids, Haz and Non-Haz
Communications equipmentLiquor, Haz and Non-Haz
Compact discsMagnetized Materials
Computer components & partsMedical samples
Computer softwareMineral Products
Cosmetics, HazPaints, Haz
Credit Card BlanksParts, machine & electronic
Credit CardsPerfume, Haz
Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA.Phones/modems
Drugs, Prescription and Non-PrescriptionPoisons (Toxics)
Electronic equipmentPowders
Electronic gamesRadar equipment
Film, DevelopedRadio equipment
Films: 8mm, 16mm & 35mmRadioactives
Films: promotional, trainingRadios or parts thereof
FursSynthetic Marijuana (K2)
GasesTapes, audio cassettes
Graphite ProductsTapes, video cassettes
Herbal ProductsTelecommunications equipment
Walkie TalkiesToiletries, Haz

Custom Clearance documents in Oman 

One way to define the Importation of Shipments from China to Oman is: The shipping of goods to the Sultanate through Customs offices by ground, sea, or air according to the defined laws in this regard.


For any shipment imported from China to Oman to be released, the following records are needed:

  • An accredited copy of a registered commercial and an activity form
  • A valid copy of the connection certificate to the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • A valid certificate from the manufacturer in China.
  • A valid quotation list for shipping from China to Oman.
  • Packing lists of shipments.
  • Bill of Lading (B.L.)
  • A manifest for the list of shipments.
  • A permit to deliver shipment from the shipping agent is required.
  • For custom clearance, a comprehensive, available written authorization from the person in charge is required.
  • According to Customs procedure, import notification and form must be filled for clearing and classifying the goods.
  • If a valid purchase invoice or valid certificate from the factory in China is not provided, the clearance will cost R.O. 20, which is to be paid in cash.
  • A confirmation must be provided from the authority in charge of receiving goods
    (this applies to restricted goods only).
  • We cover the taxes and customs fees of the shipment’s total value. This also includes cargo and insurance fees (CIF).



Whatever the shipment or DG is, that you want to be shipped from China to Oman, don’t worry, Sino Shipping’s team of experts is here to help and provide you with the best quotation and advice on which shipping service is suitable for your needs of shipping from China to Oman.

Contact us via phone or email for the best shipping services from China to Oman.



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