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SINO Shipping has offices in the city of Dalian in Liaoning province. It is a rich city because attracts many investors from Korea and Japan who own factories and businesses. Today SINO shipping has a presence in this port because its economy is diversified and prosperous and also foreign companies are becoming more and more numerous as well as professional opportunities. Dalian’s GDP recorded a GDP of 700 billion yuan in 2012. It is the richest city in China. Its economy is based on industry, petrochemicals and refineries, metallurgy, distribution, electronics and high technologies. Agriculture also plays an important role.There are many Japanese companies. The city is characterized by an economic and technological development zone, a production and export zone, a commercial zone and a high-tech production zone.



The port of Dalian

The port is located in China, in Liaoning province and in the city of Dalian on the Gulf of Korea. It is an important industrial city, its port is the third port of China. It is considered as the first port for hydrocarbons.

Its traffic amounted to 222 million tonnes of goods and 3.212 million VPE in 2007. It is a commercial port. In 2011 its traffic is 211.06 Mt and 6.4 million EPV.

This Chinese city was under Russian and Japanese occupation, hence its western architecture. It is a rich city that attracts many investors from Korea and Japan. Today this port has become the 3rd largest seaport in China after Shanghai and Qingdao.

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