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International shipping in Guangzhou

SINO Shipping possesses many branches in famous economic hub, where freight activities are intense. Guangzhou is the third Chinese city in terms of population (13 million of inhabitants), after Shanghai and Beijing. Surrounded by Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau, Guangzhou is part of a major economic area of China, but moreover of the world.

The city is attracting worldwide visitors every year, mostly for its world-famous Canton fair. Guangzhou’s port’s activities are increasing every year, mostly because of all the trade and business events that are settling in the city. The Canton fairs are organised by China’s Ministry of Trade and requires a major logistic plan in the region to support them. Thereby, Guangzhou is a world reputed trade place and also a hotspot for all the manufactured goods.

Since the Chinese economic reform, Guangzhou represents a strategic point for trade, industry and transports in China. This area has been deeply impregnated with trades, by reason of Deng Xiaoping’s design. Its geographical position, boarding the South Chinese Sea and facing the SEA countries is an unneglectable advantage. Hong Kong, which is the world’s third most important economic pole is only at 200 km south. This explains why both cities developed strong economic links.

For all these reasons, it was a priority for us to increase our presence in this strategic area of China. Needs in transports are huge in Guangzhou, and to face this challenge, SINO Shipping will assist and advise you in your procedure.

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Guangzhou’s port

Guangzhou and its port are located in the Guangdong Province, in South China. It’s mainly a commercial port. It enables the region to be very active economically, especially in exportations.

Its proximity with the cities around (Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, Foshan, Dongguan) gives an incredible vantage and a greater opening to the world. Guangzhou port is collaborating nowadays with more than a hundred Chinese ports and 350 ports overseas.

To sum up: In 2010, its traffic was evaluated at 201 million tons of goods and 4.8 million of TEU. In 2017, the port reached 431 million of tons and 14,3 million of TEU. It is now ranked as the third Chinese port and the fifth port in the world.

The Canton fair: a pillar of the Chinese economy

The Canton fair was inaugurated in 1957. This event is very appreciated by worldwide visitors that are crossing the world to attend it. For the importers between China and other countries, this event, who takes place twice a year, one time during Fall and the other time during Spring, is an ideal occasion to identify good deals. As the « world’s factory », Guangzhou is attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. They are all searching for new products and ideas for their business.

Planning to buy there ? Check directly the official website to get further & updated information : Canton Fair

The Ministry of Trade and the PRC government are sponsoring this event to attract more national and foreign investments. However, the principal organiser is China’s Foreign Trade Centre.

For the Chinese government, this fair is extremely important because it is attended by numerous foreign visitors (165000 for 22000 exhibitors).

Since its creation, the Canton fair developed tremendously to gain a huge notoriety throughout the world. This event gathers various entrepreneurs and investors, but also strengthens economic cooperation between China and foreign countries. This positive trade relationship with its partners, participates in China’s development and empowerment in today’s world.

By developing considerably its foreign exchanges, the Chinese reputation improved incredibly on the international scene.

There is a gigantic diversity of products exposed to visitors during the Canton fair. To organize it, the fair is divided in three sessions

  1. The first session is dedicated to industrial machinery and products, home appliances, electronics, vehicles and construction products.
  2. The second session is reserved to gift objects, decorations and home accessories.
  3. The third session is made for textiles, sports equipment and fashion.

The Canton fair takes place in Pazhou. The Pazhou site has been widened, and now enables the organisation of all the visits at the same place. The Canton fair is the ideal place to plebiscite Chinese foreign exchange and is legitimately one of the major global import-export event. Every year, new products at the cutting edge of technology are exhibited. Most of the Guangdong Province, and more largely most of the Chinese enterprises must grant the foreign exchanges as the principal reason of their growth and success.

To sum up: the Canton fair is organised two times per year and each session lasts 5 days on average. There is 1,100,000 square meters of space that are welcoming 165000 visitors and 22000 exhibitors each time. The average turn over generated the last years is about 260 million of USD.

Various services

Throughout time, Canton fair perfectioned and developed innovative services to always attract further investors. The aim is to create a global buying platform, encouraging and permitting people to buy and sell.

Previously, it was only a basic platform, gathering simple concepts and products only designated to exportation. Nowadays, there’s a lot of great services and events like networking, demonstration stages and negotiations, to only quote them. This can be explained because the organisers are really stressing on better coordination between the different parties involved, better communication to promote the products and the activities.

Canton fair trade and how to choose a shipping company ?

Investors in Chinese products are very manifold. Most of them go to Guangzhou to buy goods that will be sold in foreign countries. Needs and purchases made by them are very diverse, but the question remains the same: How to fluidly and efficiently transport the goods from China to oversea?

To assist you in this topic, SINO Shipping’s expertise in China and international freight, will back you to import Chinese goods to your country.

The SINO experts are here and will guide you in your purchase as well as your transport. Together, we will find the solution that fits your project perfectly.

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