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SINO Shipping is based in the city of Ningbo, a city located in the northeast of Zhejiang province in China. This city encompasses major economic issues and attracts a significant number of workers from other Chinese provinces.

Since May 2008, a transatlantic bridge has been in place. It connects Ningbo to Shanghai. In 2013, the industrial sector grew strongly with growth of 8.4% per year. The sectors with the wind in their sails are the petrochemical or chemical, electronics, telecom equipment production and IT sectors.

Beyond these few economic data, Ningbo is also a tourist city. The city has attracted many foreign investors, including multinationals such as Schneider and Akzo Nobel.

Trade with foreign countries has played a major role in the city’s economic development. The animation and cartoon industry has also grown with a contract with Walt Disney that could lead the city to become an animation production hub.

SINO Tips : Ningbo is an important port regarding the exportation of textiles, food, industrial equipment and electrical products. Its economic growth is mainly due to private companies.

Ningbo container Ports

Ningbo Harbour – Zhoushan

The port of Ningbo-Zhoushan is a Chinese port which was created in 2006 and which unites two neighbouring ports under the same authority, the port of Ningbo and the port of Zhoushan. It is a commercial port located in the city of Ningbo. Its location is strategic because it is at the heart of the Asian zone, at the crossroads of South Asia and Asia Pacific. The port is located in Zhejiang province at China Sea level and to the south of Hangzhou Bay, facing Jiaxing and about 150 km from Shanghai.

In 2013, container traffic reached 17.3 million Container and total cargo traffic of 399 million tonnes. Iron ore and crude oil represent more than 100 Mt. The port is ranked fifth Chinese port and seventh worldwide.

In 2014, container traffic is on the rise, enabling Zhoushan Ningbo port to become fifth in the world ahead of Busan.

It possesses 223 km of quay, deep waters and has a strong similarity with other ports such as Beilun, Zhenhai, Daxie, Chuanshan, Yongjiang, or Meishan.

It serves several countries, up to six hundred regions of the world. Cargo ships can use 217 lines (113 main shipping lines). The port also has an air and land transport network (rail and motorway). FS China is the official partner of SINO Shipping in Ningbo.

SINO Tips : To find further information about Ningbo, we invite you to visit the official website : Port of Ningbo

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