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SINO Shipping offices are situated as well in Shenzhen, a big city in Guangdong Province. It forms part of the Pearl River Delta megalopolis.

We decided to settle our premises in Shenzhen city due to its economic dynamism and proximity with the city of Hong Kong. Shenzhen city manufactures a third of the Mobile phone world output and the BMW, Maserati & Mercedes cars production. Furthermore, its industrial activity is extremely developed, especially in the electronics sector (example with Foxconn, an International electronic component manufacturer, Huawei…)

In addition, Shenzhen is a financial hub, in which it is settled a multitude of Banks and Insurances headquarters. As well, Shenzhen has its own stock exchange which is the third most important in the country after Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Nowadays, taxation and slight administrative procedure are an economic factor for countries such as China which want to turn its economy towards exportation.

The special economic zone (SEZ) of Shenzhen has helped the policy of « reform and opening » in China and the Industrialization, urbanization and modernization upturn.  It is a kind of market economy and capitalism experiment. This city is regarded as the Chinese Silicon Valley.

30 years ago, only 30,000 inhabitants leaved there, today they are more than 14 million.

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Port of Shenzhen


The port of Shenzhen attracts many flaws and has a major growth, one of the fastest in China. By passing Pearl River Delta, the port which is situated in Guangdong Province, it is connected with the cities like Hong Kong in Pearl River Delta networks, it extends all ports both at home and abroad which makes China more noticeable in the sector.

In total, there are 39 maritime companies managing 131 lines of international containers, roughly 560 cruise ships every month, and 21 lines of connectivity for the transfer towards other ports of Pearl River Delta.

In 2015, the traffic has been valued to 205 MT and 22,57 million of EPV. It occupied the 15th global rank (9th Port in China).

In order to better integrate the Hong Kong structure, it is necessary to build 6 other ports connected by overland, Maritime and rail routes with Shenzhen and Honk Kong

  • Port of Liantang
  • Rail Port of Longhua
  • Passenger Port of Fujian
  • Port of Dachan
  • Tourism Port of Nan’ao
  • Underwater tunnel Port between the airport of Shenzhen and The airport of Hong Kong

For having a better flew of goods and transient populations between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Shenzhen wants to create and develop 20 other ports.

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