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International moving services from China | 2022

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If you want to leave your country to settle in China, it is necessary to choose solutions that are adapted to your specific needs. The first question you have to wonder is the quantity and the nature of what you want to bring with you: furniture, cars, animals etc. because those items are subject to different rules. This article was created to help you understand the pros and cons of different type of transport and all the services we can offer.

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Two ways to move your belongings from China

There are two ways to bring your personal effects from China. Choosing one way or another depends on different things: the volume, the weight, the price and the time.

In all the cases, your personal effects will have to clear customs, which is free in the majority of countries for changes in residency. For this, you will have to prove that you have lived in China for a certain time period (more than a year) and the following documents will be required:

  • Consular unregistration document
  • Record of your new residence and if you are moving to a country different from your own, a residency permit for more than 6 months
  • Sworn declaration that you are not planning to sell the imported articles

Warning SINO: One very common error for expats is to leave the country without unregistering at their consulate. Even though sometimes it is possible to process your unregistration by email, we recommend you to do it before leaving, as this document will be required for many future procedures.

Air transport

The air transport is the best option if you are in a hurry but it is more expensive. Let us show you the pros and cons of air transport.
There are two advantages that can make you to choose air transport: it is time saving and you can move an important volume:
  • Time saving: You will receive your effects in three days to one week depending on the type of service you will have chosen – DAT or door-to-door –.
  • The volume: You can send large volumes even though there will normally be weight and volume restrictions and the sea transport is more advantageous on this point.
When it comes to the cons, we can identify the price and the restrictions regarding the items you can bring:
  • The price: The air transport is the most expensive way to relocate to China.
  • Restrictions: This is the most restrictive way when it comes to specific goods such as electronic devices, food etc.

Sea transport

The sea transport is the most frequently used way thanks to its lower cost and it is recommended for large volumes or special items such as vehicles.
When it comes to the advantages of the sea transport:
  • The price: This is the cheapest way.
  • Quantity: There are no weight or volume limits. You are free to send what you want.
  • Restrictions: The inspection is usually less strict even though some items remain prohibited or restricted.
And the disadvantages:
  • Time: This is the biggest con of the sea transport. It can take between one and three months to arrive.
  • The treatment of your items: Your belongings will suffer from the effects of weather, as they won’t be treated with much care. However, you can be sure that they will be well protected from humidity.

About the legal requirements in your destination country

In order to move to a particular country, you will have to provide some documentation. We recommend you to read carefully the country’s embassy or consulate websites of your destination country to prepare in the best way your arrival.

Contact SINO: If you have any questions, please ask and our experts in immigration, customs rules and regulations will answer you as soon as possible.

Sino shipping Moving services

We can help you prepare your move in the best way: solutions adapted to your place of residence, packaging that meets the needs of your items, in-depth advice on customs regulations, or a network of long-time professionals.

Packing your items

Depending on the personal effects you want to transport, we can offer different packaging services. The mode of transport used will also strongly influence the packaging of the goods.
  • When shipping by sea, specially designed moisture-proof packaging will be required. For specific cases and product categories, wooden vacuum boxes will be more adapted in order to protect your goods against any risk of oxidation.
  • When shipping by sea, specially designed moisture-proof packaging will be required. For specific cases and product categories, wooden vacuum boxes will be more adapted in order to protect your goods against any risk of oxidation.

Transport of personal effects from China

Our broad range of services includes providing every possible transportation method as well as safe and secure facilities for the smooth delivery of your items: road transport, sea transport and air transport.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

At Sino Relocation, we make every effort to ensure your items arrive in good condition. However, sometimes accidents and damages are unavoidable. 

As a result, we offer a comprehensive door-to-door insurance plan that provides maximum protection to your items against potential risks associated during road, rail, ship and air shipments. Should there be any form of damages to your items, the plan will provide replacement cost coverage.

When do you have to contact us?

Firstly, decide as to when you would like to move. Once you have made up your mind, make sure to contact us at least 3 months in advance and we will provide a quotation and advices adapted to your needs. During this duration, you can make the decision to sell or give away anything you no longer need or decide not to bring along during the moving process.


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