Combination of air and sea freight: Multi Modal freight


SINO-Shipping is based in Hong Kong and offers multi-modal freight service.

Multi-modal freight is a combination of sea freight and air freight. This freight consists of mixing these modes of transport to meet our customers’ requirements.


Advantages of multi modal transport


Multi modal transport is carried out using different modes of transport such as rail, road, sea and air. One common point, a single operator organizes all transports.

Multi modal transport is a strictly defined legal concept in the United Nations Convention on International Carriage of Goods, where the operator’s specific liability regime differs from that applicable to modal operations.

The main advantages of multi modal transport are as follows:

  • Minimizes time wasted at transshipment points

The multi modal transport operator makes full use of its network in order to optimize time during freight transits. Transshipment is fast and efficient, especially at administrative level.

  • Less distance to goods, therefore faster

Multi modal transport has the advantage of having no geographical limits: the logistics solution can exploit all possible niches (ship, plane, train, truck).

  • Reduces the burden of administrative tasks

A single operator manages the transport from A to Z to provide a complete solution from start to finish.

  • Transport savings

Multi modal freight also reduces costs by using the most competitive routes. Thanks to our network and experience, we offer highly competitive logistics solutions.

  • Only one intermediary

The shipper deals only with the multi modal transport operator in all matters relating to goods or delay in delivery.

Difference between inter modal and multi modal transport


Intermodal and Multimodal – These two terms are often used interchangeably, without many people understanding the true meaning of the words.

Here we will discuss what they mean and what they represent in the freight environment.


Multi modal


As we have seen previously and contrary to inter modal, the movement of cargo from origin to destination by several modes of transport but there is only one transport provider or entity responsible, therefore under a single contract. A single carrier contracted to make a single journey.

In other words, the key functions of the two terminologies are the same, but the differentiation lies in the contract and the responsibility of the movement.

explaining multi modal freight

Inter modal


Is the movement of cargo from origin to destination and several modes of transport are used each time. A specific transport provider or responsible entity, each with its own independent contract? Several carriers have contracted to make a single trip.


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