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International Freight agent based at Qingdao

SINO Shipping settles down its own offices in Qingdao (pronounced Tsingtao), a small city located in the Yellow River basin in eastern China’s Shandong Province. In China, Qingdao is renowned as the forth most important international (transshipment) commercial port after Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin.

Fishing activity is really significant as well, and creates regular foreign investments for the port of Qingdao. Most of these investments come from the Korean, Japanese and German business customers.

This port intends to continue its growth by developing¬†technology and tourism hubs¬†(These projects are still in progress). Furthermore, Qingdao city is famous in the world for its ¬ę¬†Tsingtao¬†¬Ľ beer, created by the German during the colonization. In following this idea of economic and business dynamism desired by the city, International companies such as Haier, the first manufacturer of¬†domestic/home¬†appliances (refrigerator, air conditioner‚Ķ) has based its headquarters in Qingdao. In addition, there is a nautical center which welcomed the¬†swimming competitions¬†for the Olympic game in 2008.

This city shows us an unquestionable economic dynamism, and is seen as a town of the future according to UbiFrance economic mission and the French chamber of commerce and Industry in China. These cites, also known as secondary cities, are essentials for boosting and developing foreign companies in China

These secondary towns have many advantages:

  • Lots of cheap skilled workers
  • Logistic activities and well-developed transport infrastructures
  • It generates high revenues thanks to its economic dynamism which produces a high consumption
  • Less competition than others cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Shenzhen.

Qingdao is characterized by :

  • An economic center
  • A commercial harbor
  • A renowned Nautical centre which welcomed the Olympic Games in 2008
  • A significant economic growth (+12,2% in 2009)
  • An important¬†presence¬†of foreign companies (mostly French and German)
  • Major sectors such as fishing, shipping,¬†shipbuilding, tourism and household appliances with Haier

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The Port of Qingdao

In 1892, the port of Qingdao has started its activities. Nowadays, it occupies a central position among the north eastern Asian ports. It is one of the most complete port in the world with the seventh global rank. In addition, it is an important centre for international business and transport forward the Pacific West, which opens up its maritime routes to more than 700 ports in roughly 180 countries and regions around the world.

Qingdao Port international Co.Ltd is the first operator of the port and covers four regions: Dagang, Qianwan, Huangdao Oil and Dongjiakou ports. The operator offers various services of cargos, containers, ore, coal, oil, cereal, steel, cars and other liquids. With such a range of goods, it has developed skills in the processing of various demands and in the flow management of transport which constitutes a key factor of growth for the regional economy.

This operator has 75 mooring berths at the port of Qingdao, including 49 postes for one unique type of cargo and 26 mooring berths for metal, coal, etc.

Furthermore, the port is connected to different types of transport : Rail transport, motorways, see-ways and pipeline. The main purpose is to take advantage of the central position of the port in the goods flow, the information, and extend the offer service as well.

By the way, the port of Qingdao signed a partnership agreement with an International Transport hub in Canada, in order to promote the cooperation with China for the importation/exportation of farm products of high quality. As well,  it signed an agreement with the port of St Petersburg to promote the cooperation between this big Russian city and Qingdao, particularly in the economic, airport and finance fields etc.

Besides, the port of Qingdao is a major asset for the growth of the Chinese economy. These various connectivities guarantee a constant flow and a significant variety of goods which meets customers needs.

Nowadays, importation and exportation sectors represent a flow of permanent transport in the port, also the regular maintain of these activities intensifies and boosts the regional economy.

SINO Tips: To find further information about this port, we invite you to visit the official website : Port of Qingda

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