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Shipping Excess Baggage from China: Optimized Solutions

Unaccompanied baggage – What to do ?


When you organise a trip abroad, different things may stress you and in particular unpredictable events, such as excess baggage that might lead to very high airline excess baggage fees. That is why shipping baggages with our company may be the solution for you.

Thanks to our professional and experienced luggage shipping teamcost-effective services and swift delivery times, Sino Shipping is now one of China’s leading baggage companies for sending luggages. Our experts have acquired through the years the capacity to ship baggages of any size, types and forms

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Why choosing SINO Shipping for international baggage freight?

Do you need to ship abroad belongings? We are here!

Whether you unfortunately find that your suitcase exceeds the permitted airline weight or you just have bulky effects such as musical instruments or sporting items, SINO Shipping can help you.

We take pride in assuring you economical services. We tailor baggage-shipping quotes to each of our customers that is to say that you will only pay for the space your baggage occupies in a shared shipping container

SINO Tips: Our company is specialized in shipping bags. As you may have understood, no consignment is too big or small and no country is too far and that is one of the reasons why you can have full confidence in our services

Door-to-door shipping baggage

Whether you send bags from China to Europe, Africa, Asia or America, you have not to be stressed when shipping baggage because we handle everything from door-to-door.

Here are the services that are included in the baggage forwarding fees:

  • The services of a move co-ordinator to plan and oversee your baggage shipping from end to end.
  • The best boxes and packing materials so that your goods are well protected when being shipped.
  • The collection of your baggage in your pick up address and their loading onto shipping containers.
  • The delivery and unloading of your baggage in your destination country.
  • Shipping, customs clearance and terminal fees.

How does it works? Step by step explanations

f you are travelling away, whether you are on holidays, studying abroad or taking an extended break in a country, it is possible that you may have excess or oversized baggage that will need to be shipped to your destination.

Here, at SINO Shipping, we will get your unaccompanied baggage from point A to point B safe and sound. We have written a step-by-step guide to show you just how easily the process runs

excess baggage step by step 1

Step 1 – Get a quick quote

Once you have decided to use our services for your excess baggage shipping, you can contact us in order to get a price for your delivery, you will have the answer within 24h. You just have to provide us with the following information:

  • The pick up country
  • The destination country
  • The date you would like to send your items

Then, we will give you our best rate as well as an estimated date for delivery

Step 2 – Book online

After having agreed with the price of the quote, you will have to book your unaccompanied luggage online thanks to our booking system, it will only take you 5 minutes. All you will have to do is to choose a collection day, which can be any working day of the week

SINO Advice: We recommend you to book at least 24 hours in advance for domestic shipments, 48 hours in advance for non-EU collections and 72 hours in very remote areas.

Step 3 – Prepare your bag

You can find in our pages dedicated to different countries the information when it comes to which items can and cannot be transported to certain destinations.

Remark SINO: As a general rule, you should never pack aerosols, flammable liquids, or glass and you generally have to be sure that you have well packed for transit and that all cardboard boxes used are secure

The things to keep in mind at this step:

  • The days before your collection (roughly 5 days before), you will receive an email that confirms your booking and that gives you a tracking number and links where you can download your labels.
  • You will have to print the labels and attach them to your bags.
  • If you book a week or more in advance, during checkout, we will let you choose between printing by your own the labels and receiving them printed at your home.
  • We recommend you to put another copy inside each bag

Info SINO: Bags that are outside the EU will need customs clearance information. You will get this information by email, including forms for you to complete.

Step 4 – Collection

As a general rule, SINO Shipping collections are done between 9am and 6pm. Then, we work by time slot for pick up. The sender has not to hand the baggage over to the driver – that is to say that your neighbour can do it for you –. If this is the case, let us know in advance.

Please remind that items have to be collected at the main point of access, and that they have to be brought to the ground floor or reception

Step 5 – Track your bag

You just have to log into your account and select your delivery to see its advance. You can track it whether through our local or international couriers.

SINO Tips: If you have trouble tracking your parcel, feel free to contact us in order that we give you all information.

Step 6 – Delivery

We are happy to assess you that our service is good at rating on delivery estimation. However, we recommend you to anticipate the possibility that unexpected events occurred.

*We guarantee to deliver your effects on time!

Remark SINO: When it comes to collection, the recipient or the sender does not have to sign by himself, anyone can be at the delivery address – that is to say that the reception desk at your hotel can receive it for you, but ensure that you have previously notified them.

How to choose this or that freight option for your excess baggage ?

We offer a series of transportation in order to accommodate to your needs.  

With our online tracking system, you have now the possibility to track the status of your items during when being shipped:

  • Trucking: We guarantee to deliver your items safely thanks to our extensive fleet of trucks, specially designed for short and long distances.
  • Sea freightShipping your items by sea is the cheapest way, in particular with our different container-shipping services.
  • Airfreight: If you are on a rush and want to move your items quickly, we recommend you to use airfreight

When it comes to your storage needs

As an international company, we offer a wide series of secure storage options to our clients.

If you search for a place to store your effects for a short or long duration, our team is here to provide you with the most adapted solution.

Indeed, our storage facilities are known for their advanced equipment and for the well-qualified security personnel. Therefore, be sure that your items will remain in security 24 hours a day.

Door-to-door exhaustive protection plan

Even if we try to ensure the safe and sound arrival of your baggages, unpredictable events may cause damage of some of your personal effects. 

Although our experts are known for being able to deal with various shipping items, there will always be risks, in particular when transiting and storing.

To minimize this kind of risks, we offer an exhaustive door-to-door protection to all our clients. This protection includes the costs due to the damages caused by trucking, rail freight, sea freight and airfreight.

The principal Airlines of China and their charges in term of excess baggage

As you may have understood, each airline has its own fees for excess baggage. That is why we have decided to facilitate you the task by listing the three most important Chinese airlines and giving you a good vision of their tariffs. 

As a reminder, a baggage is considered to be an excess baggage if it is oversized or overweight regarding the total baggage allowance.

The fees that are charged depend on the final destination of your flight, on whether you have a business class or an economy class plane ticket, and on what extent your baggage oversized the baggage allowance. You can find further information on the official website:

  1. Air China
  2. China Eastern Airlines
  3. China Southern Airlines

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