Trucking services from/to China at Low Costs


We are providing our customers with the most reliable and flexible inland trucking services. As an effective freight forwarder based in China, SINO Shipping understands how important it is to adapt our offer to your budget! We are truly committed to offer services in compliance with your expectations and your budget: This is why provide you with flexible options.


Here Are Some of the Domestic Shipping Services We Provide:


road freight map


Less Than Truckload Shipping (LTL)

This kind of shipment is made for you if you don’t have enough goods to fill a full truckload, we will ensure a safe consolidation to ship your products alongside others. It is the same process as for sea freight. This is a decent cost-effective option to get your goods delivery quickly and at low costs to the agreed final destination.


Full Truck Load Shipping (FTL)

As opposed to LTL, this kind of shipment is made for you if you have enough goods to fill a full truckload, or if you don’t want your goods to travel alongside others. We will transport your cargo directly from point A to point B. This option is faster, and more efficient, as we don’t have to sort your products from other customer’s cargoes.


Smallest shipments in Cargo Vans

For the smallest parcels, we have set up a new service: if you need to get your small goods transported across the country, or if you need some goods from large shipments quickly delivered to any city in China, our cargo vans are a perfect match!


Rail & Intermodal shipping

We also ensure railway freight within China or to neighboring countries. This kind of shipment requires intermodal shipping services, to transport your goods to the loading dock. This is why road freight is also involved in there. SINO Shipping is specialized is this kind of pre-carriage services in China.


Reefer Trucks

We can even handle any challenging shipment you may have. If your goods need to be shipped in refrigerated trucks, contact us now! Whether you need it to be shipped below freezing, at a cool temperature or at a specific humidity level, we have a solution for you.


Flatbed & Heavy Haul Trucking

Another type of challenging shipment that we are used to handle is Heavy Trucking service. Whether you need to ship oversized products, heavy items, or machinery, our flatbed and heavy haul trucks are made for this kind of shipments. We are experts in this kind of shipments, relying on the expertise of our dedicated Project Cargo staff. We will find the best logistics solution for your specific requests.


Save money for your delivery: Less than a truck


As mentioned before, it is exactly the same process as for the LCL in sea freight shipments, but for road freight. Your goods may not fill a full truckload: in this case, they will be shipped with other products, from other customers, to the agreed final destination.

This is the cheapest option, as it allows you not to hire a full truck just for a few goods. You pay for the space you use! The parcels will be transported to the same destination, before being sorted out and delivered to their own destination.

SINO Shipping is able to handle this kind of shipments on a weekly basis. First of all, we have to find other customers that are willing to share a truckload and need to ship to the same destination area. This is where our strong network makes a huge a difference.

Thanks to this network, we are able to decide for you which one of the carriers is the most appropriate to manage this process. We adapt our services to your budget and your expectations. Every single box of your parcel will be tracked with its own serial number, to enable an efficient and transparent tracking.

Truly dedicated to offer the safest and most efficient services, SINO Shipping has undertaken to notify immediately any delay or interruption of road traffic, unforeseen event… We maintain a permanent contact with our staff, that keep us on the loop at every stage of the logistic chain. 


China  ASEAN : Crossborder trucking


SINO Shipping: ASEAN Cross-border trucking

SINO was one of the pioneers when it comes to cross-border shipments from China to neighboring ASEAN countries. We’ve been offering this service for more than a decade.

The strong network we’ve been able to build, as well as our modern fleet of trucks allow us to offer high-quality service to our customers. We can ensure weekly transportation services from China to Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore along the continent.


Highly-efficient trucking options

With many years of experience in handling cross-border truck shipments, we ensure full safety and efficiency for your cargo, by ensuring modern equipment, dedicated staff, and permanent follow up during the process. Our drivers have been doing that for many years, giving them a strong expertise to manage in the best way possible any problem that may occur during the process. We have also integrated data-based solution in our logistic chain to ensure a full transparency of the process, keeping you on the loop at any time.

Our strong cross-border network is connecting China to the main ASEAN countries, offering cost-effective long-haul trucking and door-to-door delivery services to any destination. We are proud to offer you the best services available on the market thanks to this unique network.

Cross-border & door-to-door services


We ensure weekly door-to-door services to the main destinations all over South-East Asia. Here are the main destinations we are used to ship to:

Cross-border services from China to Malaysia

We go through Laos and Thailand to get to Malaysia, depending on the city of departure. A departure to Kuala Lumpur is schedules every week.


Cross-border services from China to Singapore

For Singapore, it is the same as for Malaysia. We cross Laos and Thailand in most cases, and then get down to Kuala Lumpur before crossing the border to reach Singapore.


Cross-border services from China to Laos

The two main routes when crossing border from China to Laos are:

  • Boten – Mohan (Luang Namtha Prov. Laos – Yunnan Prov. China)
  • Sobboun (Phongsaly Prov. Laos – Yunnan Prov. China

The growing importance of Laos in intra-Asean trade flows made us schedule regular traffic from China to Laos.


Cross-border services from China to Vietnam

The China – Vietnam trade route offers a decent and prompt alternative to the usual sea freight solution. At SINO Shipping, we make sure to provide an easy and quick customs clearance process during the transportation process, at the China/Vietnam border. We connect the biggest cities of China to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, or everywhere else in the country.


Cross-border services from China to Cambodia

For Cambodia: we go through Vietnam, get down the country to reach the Cambodia/Vietnam border.


Cross-border services from China to Indonesia

Indonesia might be the most challenging country to be delivered by road from China. Contact us now, we will find the best logistic solution for your shipment from China to Jakarta, or to other cities in Indonesia.


Trucking from/to China – The Southeast Asia map


Sino Shipping vs. Other Freight Forwarders: Why choose us?


If you are looking for high-quality trucking service for your transportation needs in China and in South-East Asia, SINO Shipping is the best choice for you. We are an experienced, flexible, and customer-oriented freight forwarder based in China, dedicated to fulfilling your requirements. Long-term business relationships are also one of our main concerns. We try to close down regular traffics with our customers. It will help you grow your business knowing that you can rely on an efficient logistics partner.

Get a prompt trucking quotation


First things first, the very first step for us is to gather as many information as possible as regards the volume you need to ship, the type of products, the volume, etc. In this way, the more information we gather, the more accurate the quotation will be. You can contact us at your convenience for any questions or doubts you may have!

We will examine your request and come up with the most-suitable option for you. We can communicate in Thai, English, French, and Italian.

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