Warehousing services


Storage in China 

Our company is proud to offer storage solutions conveniently located around the world, with a multitude of storage options suited to the needs of our customers.

One of the key points of a supply chain is warehousing – choosing the right location and the best infrastructures according to the needs of your business improves operations as well as lead times. In order to meet the seasonal demand, our facilities are multi-users which allows a great flexibility. There is also the possibility of choosing customized and unique warehouses specially made for your company using appropriate equipment and technologies.

Whether you need a maximum level of storage security for precious goods, or need refrigerated storage services, we offer full warehouses services monitored by our skilled staff, ensuring successful business operations for your company.


Order fulfillment and delivery

To enable you to increase your performance, Sino Shipping now offers a complete range of warehousing and delivery services regardless of your sector of activity. We will meet your expectations with delivery solutions and logistics operations within the country.


Simplified inventory management

We use a powerful online storage software that allows you to optimize your business by giving you an clear overview of your ongoing projects – from the number of stocks available in different locations to the analysis of the efficiency of the supply chain.

This system allows you to match your logistics needs and meet the expectations in terms of delivery.


Delivery expert

No matter what kind of services you need, Sino Shipping has a solution for you, offering a full range of services to answer all your needs throughout China:

  • Storage and delivery: pallets, crating and packaging
  • E-commerce: making orders
  • Print and label
  • Sort and pack


6 reasons why you should store your goods 


Choose the right space

It’s essential to know what’s important before choosing storage as a key strategic solution for your business. The purpose of this article is to highlight the benefits of this solution.

There are many things to consider when deciding to store your goods in a warehouse. It implies choosing a secured storage unit with alarms and CCTV, choosing a warehouse with enough space to meet your storage needs, choosing a storage that suits your business, deciding if you will need a loading dock, etc.

A lot of factors are to be considered when it comes to storing goods. They vary according to the level of security (CCTV, alarms), the space that corresponds to your expectations, the need for a loading platform, the location etc.

It therefore seems essential to first establish a list of your needs so that there can be a match between you storage needs and the warehousing solutions that are being offered.


Storage: the best choice?

Storing your inventory can be a waste of space, productivity and profitability. Managing a private warehouse can be a real headache, due to uncertainties about seasons, human resources, maintenance, handling…

Development opportunities

One of your product may become trendy as it has never been. In case of a sudden and unexpected success, you will have to find a suitable storage space to match the growing demand. In this case, you know you can rely on SINO Shipping to find an immediate and cost-effective solution.

It is always better to forecast your inventory, but our dedicated staff is here to find urgent solutions, if necessary.

Stay focused on your business goals

Storage issues can become such a burden for your business. By outsourcing this key part of the logistic chain, you can make sure to stay focused only on what really matters in the process of growing your business.

Choose the peace of mind, choose SINO Shipping to take care of your goods!



Choosing a warehouse located near your end-customer allows you to save a lot of money on the transportation of goods within the national territory. The customer will also be most likely to trust a company that can ensure a quick and efficient delivery when making an order.

In this way, SINO Shipping is providing a unique flexibility that can put you in a good position on your market.

Store your goods, but not only

Other services are also offered in addition to warehousing that will help you meet your logistics needs :

  • Competitive storage rates
  • Receive stocks
  • Ship goods on pallet
  • Track stored products
  • CCTV Security 24/7
  • Value gain

The implementation of an efficient logistics system allows you to reduce the overall inventory time, costs and optimizes customer service through availability of desired goods when necessary.


Economic benefit of warehousing services

Our perfectly-managed warehouses can be a significant economic benefit for your company, thanks to the efficiency of our operations, storage capacity and various locations. The best option for you is to store goods that are already packed and that you will need to deliver all at the same time. This solution avoids additional costs and thus is more cost-effective than having products delivered individually.

Anyway, no matter what kind of volume you need to store or deliver, and no matter what kind of products, SINO Shipping always makes sure to provide the most cost-effective and convenient option for your storage needs.


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