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Our Preparation Services For Amazon FBA Sellers

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Pick Up Your Goods

If your products are from suppliers in GuangzhouNingbo, Shenzhen, Dalian and Tianjin we pick-up it up for free. If not please reach us for further information.

Packaging Inspection​

We will inspect and verify your boxes and all your packaging and we keep you informed in real time.

30 days free storage​

If you have more than one supplier and need to ship the goods together. We can consolidate goods from different suppliers and send it through the same shipment to save cost and time for you.

FNSKU Labeling

We will print and stick FNSKU labeling for every product and also your boxes if needed.


Amazon product bundling allows sellers to create their own brand with products that compliment each other. We can do that for you.


We can put together your product with your customized packaging to make it unique and ready for sale.

Warning and Other Labels

We will print and insert China Product Warning Labels manufacturers to every item or polybag in your order.

Marketing materials​

Open each of your packages, Include whatever marketing material suits to promote your brand and amazon will have no say in this.

Poly Bagging

We will put each product into an FBA-approved polybag. Poly bags must meet the following requirements: Poly bags with a 5″ opening or larger (measured flat) must have a suffocation warning, either printed on the bag or attached as a label.

Price list of consumables

TypesItem No.Model(cm)USD/PCS
Co-extruded film bubble packs114*16+40.03
PE packaging bags922*34+50.05
Federal Pack Bags1543*53+40.33
DHL Pack Bags1637*47+50.33
Cardboard boxes1736*28*250.83
Consumables used include but are not limited to the above types and models, if others are used they will be quoted according to the actual price.

Fulfillment Operation Fee

Service CategoryService ItemDescriptionUOMUSD PriceRemark
Operation fee (SZN/GZN Warehouse)Operation Feedischarge cargoCBM/KG3.501CBM=200KG,The large one is the unit of calculation, single box over 35KG is regarded as heavy goods, heavy goods will be charged
1.5 times more.
Operation FeeInventory checkingCBM/KG1.60If the product does not meet the packaging requirements, we will charge you when sorting.
Inspetion Feeramdom check goods conditionPCS0.05 
Data InputScan the product IMEI code to enter systemPCS0.03 
Labeling FeeLabelling on the outside of the box or inside the productCTN/PCS0.06Material costs are additional
Pick and PackMain product plus complimentary category packaged as a gift packPCS/BOX0.60Material costs are additional
RepackingReplacement of outer box packaging or product packagingBOX/CTN0.60Material costs are additional
Pick and PackMain Products come in booklets, trial packs etc.PCS0.08 
Operation Feeoutbound cost for full cartonCTN0.45Collected on dispatch
Operation Feeoutbound cost for bulk goodsPCS0.08Min. charges: USD0.24/CTN if required to pack in carton/bag etc., materials are additional
Operation Feeoutbound cost for parcelorder0.85Normally three PCS per order, extra USD0.03 per PCS beyond that, packaging materials are extra
Data RemovelOccurs when products are outbound or destroyed (small
 Operation Feeloading of vehicles/containerCBM/KG3.501CBM=200KG,The large one is the unit of calculation, single box over 35KG is regarded as heavy goods, heavy goods will be charged
1.5 times more.
Rental Fee0-30 Canleda daysCBMFreeStorage insurance is charged at three ten thousandths of the value of the goods in stock (adjusted according to the actual insurance rate)
31-90 Canleda daysCBM/Month20.00If the number of deliveries in the warehouse for 90 days is less than
30% of the total inventory, the warehouse rental fee will be charged
at USD35/CBM/Month from the 31rd day.
90-180 Canleda daysCBM/Month35.00 
over 180 Canleda daysCBM/Month68.00 
OT FeeDuring pubilic holidayPerson/Day55.00Overtime for customer requests on holidays, subject to a minimum of one day
OT FeeNon-working hoursPerson/Hour6.00Minimum 1 hour charge for non-working time shipments due to customer requests
1、All services include but are not limited to the above, if the customer has other operational requirements quotation will be negotiated separately.
2、Insurance is not included in this quotation, if you require in-warehouse insurance please purchase at 3/10,000th of the value of the goods.

How Do We Prep?

We follow 4 major step to prep your Amazon Shipment

  • Set up an Assistance Account
    By providing access to your seller central accountWe can get access to print FNSKU labels, provide box details such as weight, dimension, content and print box labels to complete your work. 
  • Create A Shipping Plan
    We can either Create a new shipping plan or Add to an existing shipping plan. List your products and quantities. Very easy ! Amazon automatically saves your plan. And we will take it from there.
  • Request a free quote
    Fill out the form to get a quote for prep service. You can ask for a door to door shipping quote from China to anywhere in the world. We will be back to you very shortly.
  • We Prep Your Products
    We do the prepping based on your requests as soon as the goods reach our warehouse. Once we are done with your prepping, we will ship it directly to Amazon warehouse or wait for your further instructions.

Do you need a FBA freight forwarder in China ?​

No matter your industry or business size. SINO Shipping can help. We have teams of experts dedicated to our customers like you.

Most frequent questions and answers

It is an indispensable service for those who buy products in China to ship them to the Amazon fba warehouse. Without this service you risk not following Amazon’s guidelines and losing money.

The price depends on the quantity and what you want. Ask Sino Shipping for a quote and you will get a price in less than 24 hours.

Choose a specialized and professional company. Amazon has strict requirements, so take the time to choose your partner.


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