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Shipping from China to Greece : Air & Sea Freight

How to ship a package from China to Greece


Getting your crate or even half-a-crate safely from China to Greece in record-time is no Greek to us at Sino Shipping.

As a top freight forwarder and customs broker based in China, the Sino Shipping team of experts is fluent in English, French and Chinese and well-versed in delivering world-class shipping solutions across a wide range of goods.

Whether it is by rail, air or sea, a dedicated expert will be assigned to provide 24/7 real-time updates on the status of your cargo, fully supported by our extensive network of reliable and trusted shipping agents, ensuring a smooth operational flow of your cargo.


How long will I have to wait?


Naturally, you’d like your cargo delivered yesterday – and Sino Shipping promises you the shortest delivery times:

  • Air freight will take about 10-15 days;
  • By rail expect to wait between 30 and 35 days; 
  • By sea 35-40 days;
  • But don’t despair, we have express shipping too, at just a fraction more of the total cost, cutting delivery times dramatically; and
  • Remember, we deliver from China directly to your doorstep, wherever it is in Greece.


How much does it cost ?


Of course you expect to pay an arm and a leg for this excellent service, but we, at Sino Shipping, care for our customers and keep your wallet safe by getting you the best service at a reasonable price.

If you are looking for cheap shipping from China to Greece with a short delivery time and if your parcel’s weight is under 2kg, then Sino Shipping is the answer. 

We will typically, with express shipping, deliver your parcel in 8 days. Bad weather and peak times of the year, such as Christmas or Easter, can delay delivery by a day or two. But Sino Shipping’s team works hand-in-hand with Greece’s border control and can even reduce the average shipping time to 6 days.

With its regular service “Ship from China”, the company proposes 4 different prices, based on your parcel’s weight:

● Up to 500g, the shipping cost from China to Greece is ¥99 (approximately US$14,50).

● Up to 1kg, the shipping price from China to Greece is ¥149 (approximately US$21,80).

● Up to 1,5kg, the shipping from China to Greece costs ¥199 (approximately US$29,10).

● Up to 2kg, the shipping from China to Greece price is ¥249 (approximately US$36,40).

With these fixed prices, you won’t have any surprises related to the shipping cost from China to Greece.

Sino Shipping is up front with its prices and tells you from the start how much you will have to pay for your parcel or crate.

Speaking of crates, you can either choose a container to Greece in FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than a Container Load) shipment – again at the best rate.

Just a word of warning: you will have to pay import tax once your parcel lands in Greece.

But the good news is you only need to pay this tax if the total value of your parcel exceeds the threshold fixed by the European authorities.

For all European countries, Greece included, the threshold is fixed at 22 euros, as agreed between countries members of the European Union.

Sino Shipping recommends that you check the threshold fixed by Europe before sending your parcel to avoid any additional costs that the receiver of the package might have to cover.

Keep in mind that the type of cargo can also influence the price: does your product require specific needs, for example – is it perishable?

Does it have to be shipped in a cool compartment?

The size and the weight of the product also influence the price.

But you can rely on the Sino Shipping team to get you the best deal.

That is our promise.


How do I order?


Is it your first time? Sino Shipping couldn’t have made it easier for you…

You can order your delivery from China to Greece online, by just following these easy steps:

● Go on to Sino Shipping’s homepage

● In the top menu second left of the homepage, click on “Shipping to” and then choose Europe and then Greece

● Check the “Free Quote” box on the page and just fill in all your details and requirements.

● Our team will contact you within hours to get the ball rolling for your parcel or container.

Payment is just as easy as Sino Shipping accepts all major credit cards.

So let’s work together to get your precious cargo to Greece in no time.

Contact us through our website or e-mail 

Please note: 

  • Sino Shipping does not accept items that infringe intellectual property rights;
  • We do not accept illegal and controlled items (drugs, arms, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.)
  • All packaging and SKU labels need to have “Made in China” marks.