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đŸ„‡Shipping from China to Canada | Air & Sea Freight | 2022

How much does it cost to ship to Canada from China?

Many elements relate to shipping from China to Canada, along with location, size, and shipping mode: sea FCL, sea LCL, air, or express. This guide will give you estimates of prices for each mode of shipping from famous Chinese ports to popular Canada ports.



Sea Freight from China to Canada

Ocean/Sea Freight FCL

Container shipping rates from China to Canada: 20’ container

The quotations on this table are daily shipping rates for port-to-port high season FCL

Container shipping rates from China to Canada: 40’ container

The quotations on this table are daily shipping rates for port-to-port high season FCL

Average price per month: FCL from China to Canada


Price data from 2018

Ocean/Sea Freight LCL

Freight Rates from China to Canada: LCL

These rates are door-to-door freight averages for a load of 200 kg/1 cbm

Conseil SINO : Lorsque vous comparez les prix de plusieurs transporteurs, assurez-vous que les devis soient basĂ©s sur les mĂȘmes incoterms.

Air freight from China to Canada

Air Freight

Ship rates from China to Canada: Air Freight

These rates are door-to-door shipping averages for a load of 200 kg/1 cbm

Air Freight price per KG

If you ship air, the cost per kg will reduce the higher the weight of your shipment:

Air freight from China to Canada


Air cargo is indeed very quick and under five days you’re sure to get your shipment.
Sea freight is rather slow compared to air transport and in one month you are expected to carry your cargo.
The scheduled time is often significant unless it is very unusual that there are delays.


Charging more to transport your goods coincides with some kind of level of transparency
that will guarantee that your cargo arrives safely and in good time.


There are hardly any incidences where air load planes vanish because of theft.
This is an issue that influences sea shipping although this has been on the decrease in the ongoing past.

Express Shipping from China to Canada

Ship rates from China to Canada: Express

Average door-to-door ship price for a set of 50 kg/0.2 cbm shipping cargo from China to Canada below 100 kg is more affordable and quicker by express.
Air transport becomes the better option round the 100k mark:


China to Canada Delivery and transit time

The transit time of your shipment will depend on location, cargo size and season.
Use the table underneath to calculate duration for every form of shipping from China to Canada.
Ocean/Sea, Air, and Express freight time from China to Canada

Ocean/Sea, Air, and Express freight time from China to Canada

* Express freight is always door to door

Freight from China to Canada: Where you can get the cheapest and best approach shipment

When carrying from China to Mexico, you can select any of the four modes:
LCL maritime freight, FCL maritime freight, air freight or express freight.

FCL Sea Freight from China to Canada

FCL, or full load of containers, means that your products fill a whole crate, either 20 ‘ or 40 ‘ wide.

If you’re shipping at a large volume, shipping FCL will save you both time and money.
FCL charging is conducted as a flat rate, regardless of whether your container is full or not.

LCL Sea Freight from China to Canada

LCL, or lower than a holder load, implies your products don’t fill a whole compartment, and will be dispatched alongside different boxes or beds.

Note that when you shipped LCL, your merchandise should be solidified at the cause port and deconsolidated at the terminal port.
That is the reason LCL freight take a few days longer than FCL.

Air Freight from China to Canada

Generally, air shipping is quicker but more costly than sea shipping.

Express from China to Canada

When you have a little shipment and need it conveyed as fast as to be expected, you should mull over express.

When are the cheapest times to ship from China to Canada?

Seasonal factors affect freight costs, in particular the FCL sea freight and air freight levels.
Recall taking into account high season in both China and Canada while moving shipping.

Peak seasons for shipping from China to Canada


Chinese Canada: For several weeks of festivities, the industries and services remained shut down, triggering price rises
and delays
=> Late January/early February (exact dates follow the lunar calendar)

Golden Week: This week-long fest worsens price increases and disruptions in holiday period
=> October 1st and the week following


Dragon Boat Festival: Companies generally close for three days, which could cause major delays
=> June (exact dates follow the lunar calendar)


Holiday Shopping Season: Prices will rise slowly throughout a period of months, as industries prep for holiday purchases
=> October-December(air), July-October (sea

How incoterm influence shipment costs from China to Canada?

Remember the level of service the freight forwarder provides when evaluating the shipment quotes.

For instance, in case you’re sailing from Shanghai, China to Willington, Canada, you’re going to need to get some information about the price distinction between transportation from the provider’s distribution center in Shanghai meaning adopting EXW incoterm and transporting from the Shanghai port (CNSHA) meaning adopting FOB incoterm.

FOB prices are usually cheaper, but FOB delivery doesn’t necessarily mean that your overall expenses will be reasonable.

Paying your distributor to carry your products to port may make up the cost. Bearing in mind all of the costs when evaluating prices.

Remember that several incoterms are only used for shipping by sea, like FOB.

Learn all about incoterms here

What do I owe in customs duties and taxes when sailing China to Canada?

You will be required to pay customs duty and GST when importing from China to Canada before your products are published into the nation. Those costs may be substantial.
Investigating your expenses early can prevent you from getting caught by accident.

Should I get insurance for shipping to Canada from China?

When calculating your shipping costs, don’t forget to protect yourself in case your goods are damaged or lost. You can do this through your freight forwarder or a third party insurance agent generally, insurance costs are about 0.3 per cent – 0.5 per cent of your Commercial Invoice Price, and that is the sum you pay for the items.

What kind of documentation will I have to send to Canada from China?

When delivery cargo from China to Canada, make a point to get all your administrative work, for example, the Commercial Invoice and Bill of Lading, all together.

How do I ship from China to an Amazon FBA Warehouse in Canada?

As China’s Amazon freight forwarder to Canada, you will need to address scheduling and handling problems, as well as select the best forwarder.

Transportation ports in China

Your industrial facility, provider, or cargo forwarder will probably exhort you which is the best port for your fare from China, in view of area, simplicity of customs freedom, travel time, size, port, and any connections or understandings between the production line and the port.

In case you’re picking a port by yourself, crucial aspect to consider incorporate area, price, and travel time

Port Name: Shanghai

Port code: CNSHA

Port Name: Ningbo

Port code: CNNGB

Port Name: Shenzhen

Port code: CNSZX

Shipping ports in Canada

These are the best ports to import to Canada:

Port Name: Vancouver  

Port code: CAVAN

Port Name: Winnipeg

Port code: CAWNP

Main Information for Freight Shipping from China to Canada

Average price for an FCL container from China- Canada (high season): $765

Average price for sea LCL (load of 200 kg/1 cbm): $706

Average price for air freight (load of 200 kg/1 cbm): $1.411

Average price for express (load of 50 kg/0.2 cbm): $860

What is China’s relation with Canada?

Canada’s partnership with China is long-standing, and dates far before diplomatic relations were established in 1970.

Canada is represented in Beijing by an embassy and the general consulates in Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai. All such diplomatic missions are assisted by a secondary network of 10 trading offices, spread across the country, run by an agreement with the Canadian Commercial Corporation

The friendship between Canada and China is supported by the existence of major bilateral structures.

  • Annual dialog between the prime minister of Canada and the prime minister of China
  • Strategic economic and financial dialog
  • Dialog between ministers of foreign affairs
  • Climate change ministerial dialog
  • Environmental ministerial dialog
  • National security and the rule of law


The Foreign Investment Protection Agreement among Canada and China is a Bilateral Investment Treaty which came into power on 1 October 2014, referred to in the DFAIT as the Canada-China Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments Agreement (CCPRPIA). It gives significant securities to Chinese and Canadians putting resources into the other nation, and is a foundation of China’s remote combination strategy.

Partners and organizations

All nations also enjoy successful working relationships in international organisations, like the G20, the United Nations, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and the World Trade Organization, in pursuit of world peace, security and prosperity.

Customs contact in China

Official name: General Administration of Customs of China

Official Website: Chinese Customs Website

Customs contact in Canada

Official name: General department of Canada Customs

Official Website: Canada Customs Website

How the Customs Process Works

At the point when products land at port, traditions authorities will initially check to ensure all your administrative work is all together, and afterward figure the measure of obligations owed and gather installment. After installment, products will be discharged.


To deal with customs leeway, you can procure your own representative, or utilize the financier gave by your cargo forwarder. On the off chance that you book on Sino-Shipping, you can utilize our financier benefits also.


Prohibited & restricted items

Remark SINO : If you have one of the following item, you should check directly with our SINO Experts.

 Some of those items are restricted or even totally prohibited, it is important to anticipate such shipment to avoid any problem.

Drug Contraband
Counterfeit Notes

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Recurrent questions regarding the shipping from China to the Canada

LCL: 70 USD /cbm FCL: 1300 USD /20’: 1500 /40’ Express shipping door to door (10kg): 450 USD

Average transit time by sea: 30 days Average transit time by airfreight: 8 days (daily direct flight) Express shipping door to door (10kg): 3 days

There are only 2 options, by sea or by air, it depends on how big the volume and the weight are, and then you will decide which shipping methods is more adequate. You must calculate the ration time/cost.

When entering the Canada territory, the goods are not officially considered as entered as long as they haven’t been permitted by CBP (Customs & Border Protection), and duties haven’t been paid. The products have to be declared within 15 days prior to arrival within the country of before leaving the bonded warehouse. As an importer, you’ll have to declare the transaction value of your products, as well as the country of origin (and other documents: please see below). CBP will then be able to calculate duties.

No, they don’t immediately open your package without any reason. … They will only instantly check what’s inside of your package if: Your package has been damaged when it reached the Customs office or desk. The damages can include broken seals or plastic or any cover of your package.

When you make a shipping request, you’ll have to declare the value of your shipment. The value you enter on your request form is the value that will be declared at customs, so it is important that you declare accurately. If you declare too high a value, you may be assessed more taxes than you want to pay! If you declare too low a value, your declared value may be considered unreasonable and adjusted upward.

-Negotiate with multiple carriers -Get suppliers to use your shipping account number -Use packaging provided by your carrier -Consider a regional carrier -Use online shipping -Invest in prepaid shipping -Buy insurance from a third party -Factor in all shipping fees before billing customers -Consider hybrid services -Ask about association discounts

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