When it comes to operating a cold storage warehouse, the issue is to maintain the right cold storage temperature for the product inside while keeping personnel and equipment warm enough to perform well and function at optimal capacity. Refrigerated and frozen food accounts for the majority of the product being stored in cold storage facilities but it is also important to other industries such including pharmaceuticals for example. Given that the need for cold storage keeps on growing, we are, at SINO Shipping, able to adapt to all your needs when it comes to controlling temperature of your products during the storage and the transports thanks to our flexibility.

General information about Cold Chain Management and our services

What is the cold supply chain?

*It consists in how you distribute goods in a particular controlled temperature, including the transport and the storage.  

In case of international supply chains, there are different possible transport conditions, which secure the good protection of the cargo. The cold chain concerns the transport of food, pharmaceutical, or chemical products. Indeed, these products have to be stored and transported in strictly specified ranges of temperature.

Cold chain management and logistics use temperature’s control transportation and storage to ensure the product remains within its recommended conditions.

What we offer at SINO Shipping – Our services

At SINO Shipping, the services we offer when it comes to cold supply chain in order to facilitate the shipping of your goods are the following:

  • Ensure the handling conditions are maintained throughout the cold chain.
  • Ensure the appropriate storage conditions throughout the cold chain.
  • Maintain the product safety and integrity throughout the cold chain during all the shipping.

The cold chain infrastructure gathers suppliers, transport system, warehouses, and the end customers.

When it comes to the transport system, we can ship your goods by airplanes, boats and trains thanks to different options such as refrigerated trucks, refrigerated railway wagons and refrigerated cargo containers.

The fresh cargo has introduced a low-cost solution that protects fresh perishable products and is sensitive to transit temperature, while ensuring a lower overall cost for shipping.

This service combines good logistics practice, cold chain control, pre-conditioning and delivery to the ramp using specially insulated thermal protection trolleys for protection of tarmacs before loading them into the aircraft or reefer container.

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About storage services

In order to meet all of your demands, here, at SINO Shipping, we have the capacity to offer you warehouses that are adapted to each of your goods: refrigerated warehouse, dry warehouse and dedicated and shared warehouse.

Refrigerated Warehouse – Temperature Controlled

The issue of this type of warehouse is to ensure both the temperature and the integrity of your products. We offer diverse refrigerated warehouse options and transportations for your temperature-sensitive goods.

We provide state-of-the-art cold storage and freezer warehousing facilities and services. Our experts have an important knowledge regarding the cold chain. Our process is focused on giving you visibility through integrated systems, temperature monitoring and offering your product the right place on time while maintaining the product’s integrity.

Dry Warehouse / Ambient

This kind of warehouse is the most adapted option for dry storage products that do not have strict and specific temperature requirements. Our dry and ambient facilities are strategically placed in the main cities of China (please refer to the part “our warehouse location”). Our ambient warehouses are well kept, clean, certified and cost efficient.

Our warehouse location

In order to provide you the best services and to respond to all of your needs, our warehouses are situated in the four Chinese towns that exceeds 10 millions of inhabitants including Shenzhen/Guanghzou, Beijing, Hong Kong, Changging and Shanghai.


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Why choose us ?

We believe that the professionalism and skills of our experts combined with state-of-the-art refrigerated warehouse facilities in every temperature range make us the best for the cold chain management. Moreover, we think that flexibility is the key word for keeping on improving our capacity to meet all your expectations regarding your shipments’ specificities.

In a few words, here are the main points why you should choose us for the cold chain management of your products:

  • First of all, thanks to our experts and capacity to have an overview on the situation, you will be able to have a perfect visibility regarding where your product is – stored or being shipped – and the temperature levels of its storing or shipment, and this until it reaches the delivery place. Moreover, you will be able to contact us when you want in order to have information because our experts are dedicated to you.
  • Furthermore, given that we have different types of warehouses and that thanks to our ability to be flexible, we are able to provide you with the adapted services. Indeed, we offer right warehousing, cold packaging or refrigerated transport – rail freight, sea freight, airfreight – and we take responsibility of the handling of your goods so that you have nothing to worry about. We commit to maintaining the temperature integrity of your product throughout the entire process.
  • Finally, thanks to our cold supply logistics, we undertake to deliver your goods on time, whether you are dealing with orders involving next day deliveries or any temperature controlled product, everything will be good thanks to our state-of-the-art facilities. We are here to accompany you products from point A to point B.

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