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Shipping From China to Ghana: Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping from China to Ghana is becoming more and more popular as businesses in Ghana seek to import goods for the Ghanaian market. However, if you’re a new importer or just someone who wants to know more, it pays to keep yourself informed so you can know exactly what you need to do to make your business economically viable.


China is the world’s leading exporters and it’s global exports account for well over 10% of all global trade. Ghana’s imports from China total over 200 million each year, meaning that if you are planning on importing, then importing from China is one of your strongest options.


What do I need to do first when starting an importing business from China to Ghana?


All successful businesses, no matter where they are in the world, need to be aware of the market they are selling in. If you’re looking to sell your goods then you need to know what you’re selling. Furthermore, you need to be aware of the level of demand. You may have found a product that you like, but is it sustainable as a business, and are there enough people who want it?


Market research also helps you to understand the demographics of who the buyers are for certain products; when you start an importing business you need to be sure that you can connect to those populations. You also need to consider the variations and modes of the goods you are importing.

If you’re importing bicycles for instance, then you need to consider that bicycles come in many different ranges, brand names and qualities.


By doing sufficient market research, you’ll be able to properly assess which type of the chosen good you want to import. This will also help you choose the factory/retailer in China that can best serve your needs too.


You’ll also need to devise a strategy to sell the product in a time that makes sense for your overheads. You don’t want to import a product that sells too slowly.


How do I source a product from China?


Sourcing products in China:


Once you’ve decided on the type of product you want to import, the next step is to locate the supplier of your goods in China. This can be an exciting process as you’ll be able to explore what’s on offer. When you’re looking, keep in mind prices and what you need to buy in order to make a profit in Ghana. Take into account both the sales price and the estimated price of shipping. Remember, in general, heavier things cost more to ship.


Keep in mind too that even when you’ve found the right supplier for you, you’ll need to make sure they can supply the goods you need in sufficient quantities. It’s not good having a supplier if they can keep up with your demand.


You may also want to consult with your logistics company. Many of these companies have a deep network of contacts and they may be able to point you in the right direction or even introduce you to trusted suppliers they’ve worked with before.


You can also check some of the most popular online portals for goods from China such as Canton Fair, Alibaba, Hong Kong Fair,


When you talk to suppliers, you’ll need to keep a checklist of all the things that can affect the final price: The price per unit, the factory of origin, relevant customs fees, transportation and logistics costs. You may also want to ask if there are any discounts available too.


When you’re making a sales contract you’ll need to get certain pieces of information from the factory such as name and address of the manufacturer, Seller’s name and address, business license number, and product specification.


As well as online sourcing, trade fairs can be a very useful way to source products. The obvious advantage to trade fairs is that you get to see the products close up and in-person. This allows you to get your hands on the goods you will be selling and assess them for quality.


Of course you could do the same by requesting a sample to be sent to you, but trade fairs also bring the advantage of in-person interaction and the potential to make better personal connections with suppliers. You may even be able to use your experience at the trade fair to visit the factory where the goods are made.


Trade fairs of course take a bit more planning, as they’ll generally involve a trip to China, but can pay off in the long run when sourcing products. Many industries host their own specific trade fairs or you can find larger general events with each industry assigned an area. While the past few years have been slow due to global events, things are picking up again.

shipping from china to ghana

Is shipping permitted between China and Ghana?


Yes, millions of dollars of goods are traded between China and Ghana each day and the two countries enjoy a stable trading relationship. Imports from China into Ghana have contributed to the growth in the Ghanaian economy.

How long does it take to ship products from China to Ghana?


Shipping duration depends on the method of shipping. Express courier from China to Ghana takes 2-5 days to transport the products. An advantage of express couriers is that, it’s a door-to-door service, meaning you won’t have to deal with Customs clearance, and your products will reach your address at the given time. 


Though express courier service is flexible and less time-consuming, it’s costlier than other methods of shipping.


Air-freight is an alternative to express courier, and you will get your products in 5-10 days. Sea-freight takes 40-60 days to transport products from China to Ghana and delivery-time depends on the distance between China and Ghana seaports.

What is the cost of shipping from China to Ghana?


Shipping cost depends on the distance between two ports and number of goods to be shipped.


Moreover, terminal fees and fueling also impact the shipping cost from China to Ghana.


For express shipping from China to Ghana, courier services charge $15-$35 per kg.


Sea-freight is the cheapest method of shipping from China to Ghana. Sea-freight from China to Ghana could cost $3500-$4000 per 40ft container.


Air-freight costs around $5-$15 per kg.

What is the best Express Courier Service from China to Ghana?


There are several express courier services in Ghana.


Few of the best are: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.


In Ghana, DHL has a fantastic track record and is the overall best.


DHL provides door-to-door delivery service in Ghana.


With DHL, you can order products weighing between 1kg to 30,000kg and transport them from China to Ghana.


Hart Logistics has a special contract with DHL and offer attractive discount prices when you use DHL express courier service.


NOTE: You should not use an express courier service if you want to ship products weighing more than 150kg from China to Ghana as that would increase cost.

Do I have to go to China in order to ship products to Ghana?

When you’re deciding on your product you may want to visit China in order to see trade fairs to decide on your product. Of course you could also browse the internet and see the choice of products there too. When you’re ready to start importing you don’t need to go to China each time though. In Ghana, you can book an order online with a good shipping company. Sino Shipping is a leading shipping company in China, and has vast experience in shipping products to Ghana. They will pick up your product from the Chinese suppliers and ship it to Ghana. They  also provide a bespoke Customs-clearance service with our expert team and take support from local Customs brokers in Ghana. You can book door-to-door shipping from China to Ghana to receive your product(s) in Ghana. You also can book Air or Sea-freight from China to Ghana via Sino Shipping. Thus, there’d no longer be the need to go to China. We bring expert business and cultural knowledge meaning that we’ll take care of the details to allow you to focus on your core business functions. air-Freight-from-china-to-ghana

What are the advantages of Air Cargo-shipping from China to Ghana?


Air Cargo from China to Ghana has many benefits:


  • Air Cargo is the quickest way to ship products to Ghana from any part of the world. Even if you miss a flight, you will receive your product quickly, as air-freights have many schedules.


  • Air Cargo is a convenient way to ship from China to Ghana. And not only are they quick, but are also trustworthy. Anything can be shipped from China by Air Cargo.


Some crucial advantages of Air Cargo from China to Ghana are:


  • Shipment doesn’t require much packaging. Less packaging means less costs.


By Air Cargo, you won’t have to rent a local warehousing facility. In addition, there’s less insurance premiums by Air Cargo shipment from China to Ghana. Thus, you can save a significant amount on additional packaging, warehousing, and insurance and enjoy fast delivery.


Several big airlines like Aerogem Aviation, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa Cargo China Airlines, and Cargolux Airlines, offer Air Cargo services to Ghana.


Hart Logistics has special contracts with the aforementioned airlines and ensure fast and secure delivery of shipments.

How Is Air-freight cost calculated when shipping from China to Ghana?


The price of air freight is calculated based on either the actual/natural weight or the volumetric weight. Actual weight of your product is calculated from the gross and net weight. This is then compared to the volumetric weight to determine the fees. The charge is by whichever one is greater.


The reason for this is that if you have something that is large but relatively light, the transportation companies would want to charge you by the space it takes up rather than the weight, otherwise they would end up not being able to make sustainable income.


It pays to understand the difference between actual weight and volume weight, as it may be a shock if you get charged by volumetric weight if you aren’t aware that this is a possibility.


How can the Chargeable Weight be calculated?


The process is relatively simple. Just memorize this easy formula, 1:167.


Let’s say your package weighs 1 cubic meter.


If the actual weight of the package weighs lower than 167kg, you will be charged 167kg. If the actual weight is more than 167kg, then you will be charged for the actual weight.


For express delivery, the formula becomes 1:200.

How much is Air-freight from China to Ghana?


Cost of air-freight from China to Ghana depends on many factors:


  • The amount of your product and the destination airport.


  • How fast you want your shipment from China to Ghana.


Typically, air-freight from China to Ghana costs $10-$15 per kg. Price variations also depend on the transit time and insurance policy.

 How long does Air-freight shipping take from China to Ghana?


Air-freight from China to Ghana takes 5-10 business days. It would be better if you added 5 extra days to the transit time. The delivery time changes from company to company. Thus, pick your freight forwarder wisely.


Hart  Logistics has contracts with all the famous airlines that import to Ghana from China. With their solid connections and expert transport team, they will deliver your shipment from China to Ghana at the fastest possible time.

Can I use door-to-door shipping from China To Ghana?


Yes, door-to-door shipping from China to Ghana  is available. It is a convenient method of shipping products.


Hart Logistics offers door-to-door shipping for our clients in Ghana.


Our team will pick up your product from the supplier in China and send the shipment straight to your given address in Ghana.


We will deal with the Customs clearance procedure and you get your product without hassles.

How much does It cost to ship a 20ft container from China to Ghana?


Sea-freight is the cheapest shipping method. A 20ft container is a comparatively small container and shipping with it will cost you less. A 20ft container occupies less space and weigh less than a 40ft container.


The cost of shipping a 20ft container ranges from $500-$2000. This cost also depends on one factor:


  • The Destination Port: If the distance between the two ports is great, the cost increases automatically. Moreover, the cost can change as price of fueling fluctuates. Terminal fees and the season can affect the cost of shipping a 20ft container. In addition, shipping of 20ft containers cost less.

How long does it take to Cargo-ship products from China to Ghana?


Cargo-shipping is the cheapest method of shipping, but it takes a longer time. Typically, you will get your shipment within 40-50 days. Time depends on the distance between the two shipping ports. As shipping by sea cargo takes much time, you should pick your freight forwarder agency wisely.

What are the main seaports in Ghana?


Ghana has five seaports. They are: Tema port, Takoradi port, Saltpond port, Sekondi port and Elmina port. The two main ports are Tema and Takoradi.


  • Tema  Port sees around 12 million tonnes of cargo pass through every year. Tema port is located in Southeast Ghana. Tema is also the largest seaport in Ghana. You can import goods like petroleum, food products, cement, iron, steel, aluminum and textiles through Tema port. 

Tema Seaport Ghana: The good news is, Ghana’s government has taken several projects to upgrade this port’s infrastructure to import even more goods from around the world.


  • Takoradi Port is the 2nd biggest seaport in Ghana, and is located in the western part of the country close to the industrial district of Sekondi. This port is suitable for importing shipbuilding and railway repair materials, as well as cocoa processing, plywood, and timber because of the surrounding industrial area.

What is the cheapest shipping route from China to Ghana?


If you are looking for the cheapest shipping route from China to Ghana, sea route is the best choice. 


How container shipping works:


A 20ft container costs $1500-$2000 to ship from China to Ghana. If you don’t need a full container (FCL), you can go for LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping. Sea-freight is the cheapest shipping method. LCL shipping cost varies from company to company, and depends on the type of product and the distance between the ports.


Whether FCL or LCL, sea-freight is always the cheapest method of shipping 

How can I reduce shipping costs from China to Ghana?


Your shipping logistics are much more than just the choice of the mode of transport. There are many other factors to consider if you are looking to reduce costs. Make sure to research thoroughly when it comes to this as being armed with knowledge can bring you big savings in the long term.


Choosing a reliable freight forwarder is one way to reduce costs. Freight forwarders with experience and great customer service can make a big difference. The best freight forwarders will be able to consult with you to find a strategy that makes sense for your business needs. They bring not only a wealth of experience but valuable networks that can lead to savings on both an ad-hoc and established basis.


Reducing the cost of shipping from China to Ghana depends on many factors.


  • Firstly, you have to choose the best shipping method that suits your product.


Some products can be shipped by sea-freight, others by air-freight.


  • Secondly, the shipping cost depends on the quickness of your shipment. For fast shipping, you can use air-freight.


Air-freight is cheaper than express courier service, and you will get your product faster. It is important to note that the cost of shipping from China to Ghana largely depends on the freight forwarder you are hiring. Don’t hire the first one you contact. Before hiring, ask for a quote from the shipping agency.


After getting your quote, choose that freight forwarder who maintains the highest quality at the cheapest shipping rate. The last suggestion is maintaining a good relationship with your freight forwarder. Regular customers of a shipping company always get a reasonable price.

Do all packages shipped from China to Ghana go through Customs?


All cargo, goods and packages coming from China to Ghana must go through customs. Customs ensure that goods being imported into the country are permitted and that the means of importing them is legal. This means that businesses must be prepared and have the correct documents in order when importing.


When you work with a trusted logistics company such as ourselves we endeavour to make sure that your goods pass through customs as smoothly as possible.


The time it takes for goods to pass through customs can vary from one shipment to the next and can also depend on certain times of year which may be more busy than usual.


You have to provide the following documents after your shipment from China arrives in Ghana.

  • Bill of Lading
  • Industrial License if needed
  • Letter of Credit
  • Import Declaration form
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Bill of Entry
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List.


Without these documents, you can’t clear your shipment from Ghana’s Customs Department. You can take professional help from a customs broker to help you clear all procedures in Ghana’s Customs Department. Hart Logistics has a dedicated team in Ghana to help you in the Customs Department. 

How much does Customs Clearance cost in Ghana for Shipping From China? 


The import-duty of Ghana is calculated according to the weight, package dimension, or value of the product. The import duty changes yearly, and rates range from 0%, 5%, 10%, and 20%, and the Ghana Customs Division collects the duty. The Ghana customs uses a harmonized system to classify all imports that enter Ghana.


After importing your shipment to Ghana, the Customs Department determines the code of the product..


Ghana Customs:

Seeing the code, the Customs Department of Ghana determines the customs duty. The duty depends on the product value, freight cost, and insurance. Therefore, the cost is calculated this way: CIF(Cost Insurance Freight) = Cargo Value + Sea Freight/Transport + FOB. Some products are exempt from Customs duty. To know more, please visit the official page of Ghana trade.

What happens if Customs withhold my package when I ship goods From China to Ghana?


 When you ship your product from China to Ghana, it is your civil right to take your shipment from the Customs Department after paying Customs duties, and showing proper documents. But the Customs Department can confiscate the shipment if you fail to show proper documentation, and pay all the bills.


If the shipping product from China is restricted in Ghana, the Customs will cease your shipment. It is better to get professional help in the Customs Department if you find yourself in this kind of situation.

How can I receive my shipment from China, in Ghana?


There are many ways to receive your shipment in Ghana.


You can receive your shipment by yourself, showing all the necessary documentation and paying all the Customs duties.


Or, you can pay the freight forwarder to complete all the procedures in the Customs Department and clear your shipment from China to Ghana. Again, you can tell your Chinese supplier to take all the responsibilities to deliver your product from China to Ghana. This option could be expensive.


So, it’d be better to pay the freight forwarder to clear your products from the Customs Department.


Cheapest Courier Service from China to Ghana:


If you are looking for the Cheapest Courier Service from China to Ghana, we are here to help you. We provide the cheapest way to send a parcel to Ghana from China. People need a secure and reliable shipping service for courier to Ghana. We provide free pickup & free packaging in China with proper documentation including secure transit during shipping to Ghana.


We provide online parcel tracking system after your shipment from China to Ghana.


With pleasure, we introduce Sino Shipping– An online parcel booking portal for courier service from China to Ghana which is conceptualized in providing express delivery for your courier to Ghana from China. You are just a click away from shipping your parcel from China to Ghana.


Breakdown of Shipping Cost from China to Ghana:

  • 1 – 2kg | Minimum invoice | $15
  • 3 – 5kg | Freight & Clearing | $7.0
  • 6 – 45kg | Freight & Clearing | $6.8
  • 46 – 100kg | Freight & Clearing $6.4
  • 101 – 300kg | Freight & Clearing | $6.3
  • 301 – 500kg | Freight & Clearing | $5.7
  • 501 – 1000kg | Freight & Clearing | $5.5
  • 1000 – 3000kg | Freight & Clearing | $5.2/kg

Overall, the steps involved in shipping from China to Ghana have been highlighted above.




Ghana has all the facilities for importation business. Shipping from China to Ghana is not a challenging task. Also, the shipping cost is affordable. But without proper research and good freight forwarder service, you can find yourself in a complicated situation.


Hart Logistics has been shipping to Ghana for many years with their dedicated team in Ghana. We are always here to provide the cheapest shipping services.


Contact us now, and we will help you with your importation business.


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